Was chatting with my boyfriend the other night and at the same time he was raiding on WoW and I was making color palettes. We have a nice relationship.

So, here you go, VLD fandom. Lotor’s is still my favorite, and Allura’s is pretty cute too, but I felt the need to complete the basic set. I forgot Coran but that’s okay. His palette exists in my heart. 

Hex color codes included. Feel free to use!

The Great Storm: RidgeClan

The Clans of the Cape could only watch with growing dread as the clouds grew darker with each passing day. StarClan was silent; at the last medicine cat meeting, the Clan’s healers had only been warned to prepare for the worst and brace for impact. Impact from what, they knew not. Mothers held their kits close, warriors hunkered in their nests, and the three Clans watched as the storm grew ever closer. The storm lasted four harrowing days, the third being worst of all. It affected each differently, but all with dire consequences…

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Quick Reasons Not To Trust Moira in Retribution

1) The wording in her Hero Profile is just vague enough to imply she is a Talon agent at the time of the Retribution mission.

“The shadowy Talon organization had already been supporting her for years, aiding her experiments in exchange for utilizing the results for their own purposes.”

2) Moira’s interactions with Reyes during the Retribution point to her egging him on, pressuring him, or attempting to “get under his skin”. The most notable one involves Moira saying she wishes she could go to rhe masquerade (of Venetian Carnival). Reyes says he is surprised because she doesn’t seem like the kind of person to enjoy that.

Moira replies, “There are a lot of things you don’t know about me.”

3) The major bosses utilize technology or “enhancements” that are originally from Overwatch agents.

  • The Heavy Assault Tank: uses Rocket Charge. Originally from the Crusaders. Canonically used by Reinhardt in animated shorts and comics.
  • The Assassin: uses what appears to be Blink and/or Recall. The chronal accelerator technology was specifically made for Tracer by Winston. If this is true about the Assassin, it also severely limited the time range of Retribution. Canonically appears in multiple shorts and comics (by Tracer).
  • The Sniper: uses a form of Shadowstep and/or Wraith. Canonically appears in multiple shorts and comics by Reaper.

The last one is the most interesting because it is unique to Reyes and his biotic “enhancements” that he accrued during SEP.

However -

There is one other person who has access to Reyes’ biodata - and the technical knowledge and ability to manipulate and recreate that in other ways (Biotic Grasp, Fade) - to make new technologies, enhancements, and abilities out of that.


4) Related to Point 3, Moira has canonically stolen technology from Mercy. We are also told by Geoff Goodman during Moira’s Blizzcon panel that she took Wraith from “Reaper” and “improved” it. Moira has no qualms about taking other people’s research, property, or abilities and then redesigning or reworking them for her own purposes.

5) Moira is the only person who appears HAPPY during the intro video. The later statements she makes where she tells Reyes that he did the right thing by killing Antonio are shady as all hell.

Both of these appeared to be “coincidentally” tied to the sudden rise of Vialli and Maximilien, and Akande overthrowing Akinjide in the wake of Antonio’s death. This becomes significantly less “coincidental” if you consider that Moira may be a Talon agent, or be getting financial support from one (or all) of them.

6) During Reyes’ debriefing with Morrison, Amari, and Lacroix, there are images of two Talon operatives - a Trooper and a Heavy Assault tank.

The third image is of Moira.

(Comparison image)

Remember, Blackwatch continues to operate while suspended. Whatever occurs between Gabe, Jack, Ana, and Gérard during Gabe’s Retribution debriefing isn’t enough to make him leave, nor enough to make McCree leave in the immediate aftermath. Both Gabriel Reyes and Jesse McCree go on to help the Overwatch Strike Team by recovering intel on Null Sector during Null Sector’s Uprising. Genji stays on the team as well, and eventually helps arrest Akande Ogundimu, who is now the third Doomfist.

However, we do not know what happens to Moira after Retribution.

Speculation/Guess: in my opinion, the entire Retribution mission - and Gabriel’s motivations - make considerably more sense if you look at it like this:

The mission WAS intended to grab Antonio, run, and interrogate him later. It does not seem like Gabriel was lying here. In fact, MCCREE originally wanted to kill Antonio, but is told by Gabriel that they’re not going to do that.

However, Antonio reveals: 1) that he was anticipating this move by Blackwatch, 2) that he expected his “friends” to help him walk free from Blackwatch a week later, and 3) that he expected to hurt Blackwatch/Overwatch again.

This is the moment when Gabriel realizes -

He’s been betrayed by one of the three Blackwatch agents in the room with him.

(Note who else is “in frame” but out of focus during this moment).

This is not a sudden turn-about in motivations by Gabriel Reyes -

But instead, the clear and distinct realization that he has walked right into Antonio’s (and Talon’s) grasp.

And letting Antonio live is the LEAST of his worries.

The far bigger threat is the person IMMEDIATELY behind him.

And she knows it too.

tips for treating yoself


  • Exfoliate once or twice a week.
  • Let your vagina breathe - don’t wear underwear to bed unless you’re on your period.
  • Change your pad/tampon/etc at least twice a day.
  • Don’t wash up inside your vagina (aka douching) it will tip the pH balance in your vagina and you will end up with an infection, you can wash around your thighs/pubic area but that’s it, same applies with perfumes and other body cosmetics.
  • Use coconut oil its good for so many things!!
  • Use body butters after getting out of the shower.
  • Use tea-tree oil for pimples.
  • Use sunscreen!!!
  • For people with oily skin - use blotting paper around your eyes and in your T - zone.
  • Don’t squeeze/pick at pimples - the bacteria on your hands will only make them worse and will create more redness.
  • Always use moisturiser before applying makeup
  • When washing your vagina, lift up the clitoral hood and softly rub your finger along the hood to wipe away dead skin cells. If you end up masturbating, fuck it.


  • Wash your hair every 2-3 days. Don’t wash every day because it will make your head dry, try dry shampoos instead.
  • Use conditioning treatments weekly in the summer to prevent your hair from losing it’s colour.
  • Brush your curls with your fingers to create a more tousled look.
  • Before blow drying your hair use volumizing spray or gel on your roots for more definition in your hair.
  • Use shampoos that are sulfate free as sulfates dry and damage your hair quicker.
  • If your hair is greasy avoid conditioning the roots, just the ends.
  • Trim your hair every 6-8 weeks so you have healthy hair and no damaged ends.
  • Use avacado oil on your hair in the winter to stop your hair from drying out.
  • Dry shampoo is also very good for volumizing your hair.
  • The best way to get rid of ingrown hair is to exfoliate.
  • Avoid dry shaving your pubes, this will cause redness and spots which are easily treated with hydrocortisone cream or aloe vera.
  • If you are to shave, use conditioner instead of shaving cream - you will get a smoother result - that goes for anywhere you shave.
  • If you have a big ole mess in your pants try trimming your bush before you shave/wax it.
  • Waxing HURTS so if you’re dealing with the burns then place a cold towel in the sore area and leave it for about 15 minutes and then apply aloe.
  • If you experience chest/breast hair the best thing to do is pluck the hairs, it’s painful but rewarding.


  • Clean your makeup brushes, regularly along with any other makeup appliances (beauty blenders, makeup pads) in a mix of warm water and a little bit of soap.
  • Use a blotting tissue and then add a small amout of cream concealer onto your eye makeup to prevent smudging.
  • Matte lipstick goes best with a shimmer eye makeup.
  • Wearing white eyeliner counteracts the redness in your eyes.
  • To make your cheekbones appear higher, use bronzer under the cheekbone and highlighter on the actual cheekbone.
  • In summer if you want to avoid caking yourself with foundation - use tinted moisturiser or BB cream instead.
  • Always wash your makeup off before going to bed, don’t leave it on.
  • Always make sure you blend your foundation so your neck isn’t a different colour to your face.
  • Clean your makeup bag out every once in a while and get rid of any products you don’t use - its cleaner, tidier and more hygienic. 
  • Always make sure you have tape and q-tips handy. Tape is great for a perfect winged eyeliner and q-tips are great for cleaning and tidying up those hard to reach areas.
  • Concealer works great for a base for your eye makeup as the makeup will stick to it. 
  • Using highlighter and illuminators on your cheekbones, browbone and cupid’s bow for a “dewy look”.
  • When using cream products like eyeshadow or blush - use translucent powder to set it in place.
  • Kat Von-D lipstick is blow job proof :)
  • Replace mascara and eyeliners every 3 months or so.
  • Don’t share makeup/appliances for your eyes, it may cause infections like conjunctivitis and maybe a sty.
  • Blot your lips after applying lipstick to avoid getting lipstick teeth. 


  • Change your bra every 5-11 days.
  • Always make sure your feet are dry before putting on socks and shoes to prevent fungal infections.
  • Wash blood stained clothes in cold water with 2 tablespoons of salt.
  • Try your own homemade beauty recipes.
  • If you peel/lick your lips it will damage them, don’t do that.
  • Applying eye cream on the cuticles of your nails will make them stronger and healthier.
  • Always carry tampons/pads even when you’re not on your period, someone else might need them.
  • Clean out your purse!! Get rid of all that junk and you will thank yourself next time you’re looking for something.
  • Masturbate. Whenever you can, it’s rewarding and good for you. (yes girls masturbate too).
  • Always pee after sex/masturbation to help avoid getting a UTI.
  • Bio-oil is good for stretch marks (as well as loving them).
  • Save some nice underwear for yourself and just wear your dead old pants when you’re on your period.
  • Buy yourself some nice underwear/lingerie whenever you can. Make sure it’s 100% cotton though otherwise you can get a yeast infection.
  • Test yourself every once in a while for STDs. It’s necessary.
  • Carry a condom on you, it’s not just the guy’s responsibility.
  • Apply a damp tissue to blotchy, red skin after crying, it will make you look as if you haven’t been crying at all.
  • Don’t let boys ruin your day.
  • Use a paperclip to clip the back of your bra straps together to create a racerback bra.
  • Wrap a maxi pad or pantyliner around any poking underwires in your bra.
  • Wash your pillow case every 1-2 weeks to help prevent acne. 
  • Cucumbers are good for dark circles and puffy eyes just place a slice over your eyes and leave for about 15 minutes.

treat and love yourself and your body will reward you!!! 

The Great Storm: PineClan

The Clans of the Cape could only watch with growing dread as the clouds grew darker with each passing day. StarClan was silent; at the last medicine cat meeting, the Clan’s healers had only been warned to prepare for the worst and brace for impact. Impact from what, they knew not. Mothers held their kits close, warriors hunkered in their nests, and the three Clans watched as the storm grew ever closer. The storm lasted four harrowing days, the third being worst of all. It affected each differently, but all with dire consequences…

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► Buy From Amazon: (The Art of Rick and Morty)

These reference are from this amazing book. Now you can draw Rick and Morty just like they do in the show by following these style guides. There are many more reference images provided by the book but you’ll have to buy it to see the rest. 

Note: The diagram of the Smith’s residence is missing a bathroom because the bathroom was an afterthought. 


And heres my collage of our lovely Rich Goranski! I had no idea he had so many outfits geez…

The 4th one is of his “Mall Rich” character.
Also, he has 2 tattoos. 1 is a drumset, the other says “Rage & Love”
And to all fellow richjake shippers, there’s a pic of the cuties to satisfy lol.
Who to do next?…

dmcanonymous  asked:

So that's how to reference with digital art. Cool. Thanks for sharing it.

It is! I always make sure to try and break the pose into shapes and work from there. I also like to use arrows to show the flow of the pose!!! I then open it next to my picture and draw the shapes scaled up in size as I draw on a 4000px x 4000px canvas usually. You can also use posemaniacs.com for referencing, if you scroll down the right side and click “model” it has hands, a torso, and a head for practicing with.

Here’s 2 examples!!!

Making someone bigger than ref’d person:

Making someone smaller than ref’d person:


Some quick tips for head angles.

The head rotates on an axis, where your spine meets your skull. That axis is where your jaw ends and your ears begin.

Since the head rotates around the ear, the ears actual position will rarely ever change. It will always be at the center of the head, only the face moves. The location of the face vs. the ears is what truly conveys the angle the head is at.

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humans are weird

of course there’s been lots of posts about how humans have pets

dangerous pets. that can kill. that are kept even having injured their human. ugly pets that humans still gush over.

but what if what really makes humans weird is the love we have for our pets? like, aliens can sort of understand pets because not only can they be used to hunt, but also because humans are known throughout the galaxy as a species that will aggressively pack bond and adopt even inanimate objects.

but humans love their pets. humans will cry over their pets. even humans who have been identified by other humans as criminals and dangerous have and love pets. humans that abuse their pets are looked at with disgust and considered criminal. humans will risk their lives for animals that aren’t even theirs. humans will make their pet toys. humans will groom their pet simply because their pet enjoys it.

imagine an alien experiencing a pet’s funeral. and every human crew member is crying. a couple even do a little speech for poor bobby. and the alien crew are just utterly confused? because isn’t this usually reserved for dead humans? not a non-sentient being?!?!

they ask Human-Bee after the funeral- why is your species upset. you ingest poison for fun. you evolved on the planet from hell. you can get another parasite- sorry- I mean pet, can’t you?

yes, crewman t’sk, of course we can get another pet, but we loved bobby

the humans are all noticeably upset for the next week, so the alien crew on the next shore leave sneak away and when they come back present their humans with a new dog called jeff

watching all the humans smile and coo over the new dog, the alien crew think that maybe the universal pamphlets advertising how to care for humans were wrong. maybe these humans and pets aren’t in a parasitical relationship, but a symbiotic one.