So here are a bunch of resources i’ve gathered. I thought that I’d share them because they’re really helpful. Hope they’ll make your life easier! I’ve never made one of these before, so let me know if any of the links aren’t working. 


makeup and hair 


tumblr-related things

feeling down?



 food to make

photo editing things

art references

sounds n music

learn to do things


other useful things

PART 2 !!!!

hey!! lately i’ve been seeing tons of resource masterposts and i decided that i’d be easier if all of these masterposts were combined into one mega masterpost!! i couldn’t possibly link them all but i also added tons of my own links, this took absolutely forever so please, enjoy! :~)


  • 200 words that describe light
  • how to keep a journal
  • read some slam poetry
  • huge writing masterpost 
  • how to reveal character
  • help with writer’s block
  • find the word that’s on the tip of your tongue
  • find out which author you write like
  • write interactive books  (kind of like choose your own adventure)
  • good brainstorming/ organizing tool
  • zen writing tool
  • word on the tip of your tongue?
  • use big and interesting words
  • Inspiration 1
  • Instead of ‘whispered’
  • Music for writing fight scenes
  • Writing fantasy
  • Emotions vocab sheet
  • How to reveal character
  • Writers block resource
  • Writing a death scene
  • Music to help you write
  • Writing prompt generators
  • Got writers block?
  • How to torture a character
  • Degrees of emotion
  • ULTIMATE writing ref
  • Character names
  • Body language
  • 25 days of fic
  • how to write a good essay
  • Writing people of colour
  • nanowrimo start kit
  • All Authors need to Know
  • Alternatives to ‘said’
  • more writing tips
  • read books online for free
  • read/post fanfiction
  • read/post stories
  • Want to know who you write like?
  • 10 sites to download free audio books
  • character flaws
  • 200 words to describe light
  • Obscure color words
  • Body Language Cheat Sheet
  • Awesome colors to describe eyes
  • download free books
  • download free kindle books


  • how to survive college 
  • Scholarpedia (basically Wikipedia but with reliable sources)
  • solve any math problem
  • how to effectively pull an all-nighter
  • teaches everything
  • An already typed essay at your fingertips(type the subject and press random stuff and an essay forms)
  • bibliography maker
  • Didn’t listen in class?
  • look for your worksheets on here
  • finals survival guide
  • free microsoft word alternative
  • homework help
  • learn geography
  • make flash cards
  • math problem solver (2)
  • Masterpost of writing software
  • online ruler
  • pull an all nighter but do well on your exam
  • Stress Analyst
  • when to go to sleep/wake up
  • how to wake up in the morning
  • learn how to study
  • Masterlist of study tips
  • How to cite
  • Take online college courses
  • How to multiply big numbers


  • sleep calculator (wake up feeling refreshed!)
  • chrome site blocker (use these to block websites so you can finally get work done!!)
  • firefox site blocker
  • mac site blocker
  • have some self control (for macs also)
  • focus playlist (i use this to study all the time!)
  • how to find focus
  • noise generator to help you relax
  • chill playlist
  • concentration playlist
  • study playlist
  • coffee shop blues
  • relaxation 
  • masterpost of sounds of nature
  • get a cute kitten after doing your work!!

beauty (credit for most of these!)

  • how to improve your self-esteem (because you’re beautiful!)
  • flaws to embrace
  • Newspaper nail tutorial
  • fun makeup masterpost
  • filling in eyebrows
  • twin buns
  • how to contour
  • everyday makeup routine
  • how to make any color of lipstick… from crayons
  • natural beauty remedies
  • the trick to liquid eyeliner
  • messy bun tutorial
  • skirt types
  • Black/gold ref 1
  • Cosplay eye makeup
  • Rotting skin halloween makeup
  • cool makeup tips
  • stylish eye makeup 
  • fashion guide/vocabulary
  • makeup hacks
  • gradient lip makeup
  • different ways to braid your hair
  • messy buns tutorial
  • how to make your own temporary tattoo
  • apply eyeliner, mascara, and curl lashes with a spoon
  • 5 of the best foundations 
  • acne foundation routine
  • best powder foundations
  • quick foundation tip
  • how to apply liquid foundation
  • makeup highlights tutorial
  • blush for your skin tone
  • how to apply bronzer
  • how to contour your face
  • apply blush like a pro
  • blush according to your face shape
  • fake freckles with make-up
  • wash your face correctly
  • how to wash your face 101
  • ombre eyeliner
  • d.i.y. gel liner
  • get the perfect winged liner
  • get winged liner using tape
  • awesome eyeliner tricks
  • 9 different eyeliner looks
  • different eyeliner styles
  • guide to applying eyeshadow
  • suit your eyeshadow to your eyes
  • glittery smoky eye
  • get the perfect smoky eye
  • get beautiful lashes
  • how to apply fake lashes
  • best eyebrows for your face shape
  • get the perfect eyebrows 
  • eyebrow solutions
  • make-up tricks for brown eyes
  • get rid of dark circles
  • how to change your eye shape
  • a shade for every occasion
  • kool-aid lip stain
  • best lipsticks for blondes
  • hot red lips
  • how to get gradient lips
  • lipstick shades for fall
  • how to make any lipstick look matte
  • get soft kissable lips
  • make-up brush tutorial 
  • brush tricks
  • clean your makeup brushes
  • make-up brush guide
  • long lasting makeup tricks
  • victoria’s secret model tips
  • saving face
  • beginner’s guide
  • when will it expire?
  • 10 makeup tips from mac
  • best tips from professionals
  • 18 beauty essentials
  • basics you should own


  • tons of resources for textures/psds/and backrounds
  • tons of theme makers
  • theme hunter
  • learn how to make tumblr themes
  • pixels galore
  • more pixels
  • good pixel blog
  • kawaii emoji’s
  • textures galore
  • psds galore
  • tumblr picture sizes
  • mass tag replacer
  • huge theme-related download pack
  • post a bunch of things from a blog’s archive 
  • really good redux edits
  • backgrounds
  • code for ask box 
  • see problems with your blog/website
  • see your old themes (also switch back to a theme!)
  • Check your post limit
  • Photoshop tutorials
  • Find any reaction GIF

Photo Editing

  • punk edit tutorial
  • remove backgrounds without photoshop
  • topaz-like action
  • Photo editing downloads for free
  • glitch tutorial
  • double exposure effect
  • photoshop brushes masterpost
  • this blog has a lot of ps resources
  • so does this one
  • how to download photoshop for mac for free
  • how to download photoshop for pc for free
  • in depth tutorial on how to make a gif
  • pretty much any photoshop tutorial you will ever need
  • photoshop help (2) (3) (4)
  • resources for photoshop


  • convert youtube to mp3
  • find mp3 files for any song
  • Music to help you write
  • avatar soundtrack
  • broadway musical soundtracks (amazing)
  • nirvana’s albums
  • panic! at the disco 
  • ed sheeran
  • amy winehouse
  • paramore
  • blink-182
  • all time low
  • unreleased katy perry
  • punk goes …
  • fall out boy (not the newest album)
  • sleeping with sirens
  • imagine dragons
  • darren criss
  • green day
  • ke$ha


  • how to draw ears
  • how to make an animated film
  • learn how to draw anything
  • turn your paper art into digital
  • skeleton practice drawing tool thingy
  • how to draw semi- realistic eyes
  • how to make pixel art
  • good reference for drawing water
  • free digital sculpting tool
  • silk - interactive generative art
  • Painting tutorial
  • Female/male arms
  • Kneeling + Sitting ref
  • Dragon head view tutorial
  • SAI brushes 86786
  • Drawing expressions
  • Sai Brushes 
  • NGE colour palette 
  • 100+ colour palletes
  • Avoiding same face
  • Face contours/highlighting 
  • free art MyPaint
  • Body anatomy help
  • How to shift images using blur in PS
  • Drawing clothe folding
  • How to draw ice
  • Colour palette 
  • Colour palette 
  • SAI brush settings 
  • SAI/PS pixel brushes
  • Warm/Cool gray
  • Flower crown tutorial
  • Skin colour palette
  • Pink colour sheet
  • How to draw butts&thighs
  • The male torso
  • Drawing glowing stuff in SAI
  • Drawing horse/animal legs on humans
  • Drawing clouds
  • Muscular male with bow stock photos
  • Pastel colours
  • Drawing grass fields in SAI
  • Expressions&Legs
  • All about the human body
  • 20+ colour palettes 
  • Colour conversion
  • Kissing ref
  • Creature design 
  • Colour meanings
  • Creating expression
  • Tutorial masterpost (100+)
  • Lineart
  • Canine
  • How to colour
  • Pose studies
  • Feline comparisons
  • How to draw penis
  • Leaf pressing
  • 100+ anatomy references 
  • How to draw folds
  • SAI brushes 3
  • Sitting poses
  • Colour palette 4
  • Cloud painting
  • How to draw 3D rooms
  • Colour info
  • Colouring ref
  • Hair tutorial
  • Clothing ref
  • Bodies and poses
  • SAI brushes 5
  • Colour scheme designer
  • Folding ref
  • Heads&Angles 
  • Paint tool SAI masterpost
  • Drawing ref masterpost (10+)
  • Hair+Fur
  • How to draw faces
  • SAI brushes 4
  • Anatomy of mutant humans
  • What should I draw?
  • Free art software
  • pastel colour ref
  • Mass art ref
  • Soft SAI brushes
  • ways to draw stuff
  • SAI brush settings
  • baseball cap ref
  • Penis ref
  • Drawing human wings
  • Cool free art software
  • Huge art ref
  • Colour blender
  • 2 SAI brushes
  • Photoshop for free 
  • Colorwheel
  • How to accurately draw arms
  • anatomy and rotation of the head
  • human anatomy for artists
  • speed drawing studies
  • nude references
  • hands
  • arm and wing movement 
  • beer bellies
  • body types
  • noses
  • box and egg/run of the stroke
  • a trick for arm proportions
  • body diversity
  • anatomy of the waist
  • feet
  • hands and forearms


  • Boredom masterpost 
  • really interesting websites
  • cute videos
  • vines
  • free hugs
  • fun sites masterpost
  • useless websites
  • play some dumb games
  • color matching game
  • games you played back in the day
  • really cute online games
  • cards against humanity pdf (a must!!)
  • sushi cat 
  • takes you to a random location and you have to guess where you are
  • akinator, the web genie (like guess who!!)
  • create a fake tweet

Feeling down?

  • cutting
  • suicide
  • talk it out
  • venting
  • alternatives
  • the quiet place
  • need a hug?
  • just breathe.
  • cute yahoo answers
  • emergency compliment
  • draw a stickman
  • coping skills and distractions
  • calming gif
  • givesmehope (so adorable!!)
  • break something
  • cut something (blood) (trigger warning)
  • get a hug
  • play cute games
  • Receive Compliments
  • see something cute
  • how to love yourself 
  • Stuff to do if you’re having a bad day
  • Stuff you can do to help someone smile
  • Alternative to self harm 
  • Basic ED recovery help
  • Alternative to self harm (2)
  • Alternative to self harm (3)
  • Someone to talk to
  • How to deal/talk with bipolar and depressed people
  • If you’re having a bad night
  • Movies to watch when you’re down
  • Confidence


  • watch tons of tv/movies
  • movies for when you can’t sleep
  • movies by genre
  • disney movies (so good omg)
  • harry potter movies
  • johnny depp movies
  • zombie movies
  • movies on youtube!
  • A list of scary movies with recovery
  • A list of teen movies
  • Disney Channel Movies from 1998-2013
  • One of the best movie selections
  • tumblr dedicated to find finding movies
  • when to pee during a movie
  • Hannibal ( back-up link )
  • Adventure Time 
  • Bob’s Burgers (1-3)
  • How I Met Your Mother
  • Who’s Line Is It Anyway
  • Kitchen Nightmares
  • Teen Wolf
  • Bates Motel
  • Game Of Thrones
  • Misfits
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender
  • Ghost Adventures
  • Orphan Black
  • Orange Is The New Black
  • American Horror Story
  • Buffy The Vampire Slayer)
  • Criminal Minds
  • Supernatural (season 1) (season 2) (season 3) (season 4) (season 5) (season 6) (season 7) (season 8)
  • Freaks and Geeks
  • Dexter
  • Bad Girls Club
  • Game Of Thrones
  • Whose Line is It Anyway
  • Breaking Bad


  • thousands of quick and easy snack recipes
  • cheap & healthy snacks
  • quick and easy soup recipes
  • chocolate muffin in a mug tutorial
  • study snacks
  • 40 on-the-go breakfast recipes
  • macaroni cheese / mac&cheese in a cup
  • panera mac n cheese recipe
  • different salad recipes
  • fricking recipes
  • harry potter recipes
  • healthy recipes
  • brownie/cookie
  • s’mores pie
  • nutella hot chocolate
  • peanut butter nutella swirl cookies
  • cookie in a mug
  • starbucks holiday drinks
  • fruit leathers (like fruit roll-ups, only much better)
  • Yummy apple thing
  • Cookie in a cup
  • French bread pizza
  • Egg tacos
  • How to microwave more than one bowl at a time
  • How to make the perfect cup of tea
  • Peach cobbler
  • Healthy lunches
  • Tons of pies
  • Cookie dough you can eat
  • Why you should go vegan
  • Shelf life of food
  • How to make different looking cookies
  • Website for lack of ingredients 
  • Cheeseburger cupcakes
  • Deep-dish cookie for one


  • daily workout 
  • tone your arms without weights
  • pilates workout for a slimmer waist
  • abs all night challenge
  • bye bye muffin top 
  • 1-2-3 ab work out
  • get a flat stomach
  • What Makes You Bootyful Challenge
  • Call Me Maybe Squat Challenge
  • Your Best Butt
  • lean legs pyramid 
  • dancer’s legs workout
  • legs like eleanor calder
  • 8 minute morning work out
  • cardio/strength workout
  • fat blaster workout
  • Burning stomach fat
Reference Masterpost




Things do do when you’re bored:

Blog stuff:

Movies and Shows:

Self Harm, ect:


Animal Crossing:





As I reached 1k like, forever ago, I wanted to do a giveaway. I then realized that I couldn’t do that because I’m like, twelve (at least I look twelve) so after many months of not doing anything, here’s a terribly formed masterpost. Enjoy!

Please tell me if any links aren’t working; I’ll do my best to fix them (by not fixing them) (just kidding I’ll try) (maybe)


Quotev: Stories and Quizzes (My third favorite website ever. It’s kinda like Wattpad, but easier on mobile and it doesn’t have an app. But theres tons of fanfics) (and scene kids so watch out) (follow me here)

10 Words that cannot be translated to English

LGBTQA+ Masterpost

Discover Music!


Suicide Hotline You Type To

Discover Music/Bands/Books/Movies?TVShows!

Every wanted to be a hacker? BAM

Acting Masterpost

Temporary Email


The Scale of the Universe (caution: may make you cry and have an existential crisis)




Fake a Fuckin’ Tweet


3 Ways to Trains Yourself to Be Creative (just don’t use green)

Photoshop MASTER

Inspirational Speeches

KILL YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS (black squares+ impossible gray squares= eh kinda hard kinda easy white squares= lol yeah mate i got u)

100 Handy Tumblr Tips



Music Masterpost for Studying

Organize Papers

Organizing Notes *screams* (BULLET JOURNALS)

How to Tip

idk how to title it but its like, cool

Anxiety over Tests/Exams?

Java Programming

Solve this fuCKING MATH (doesn’t work for story problems rip me)

Taking Notes from a Stupid Textbook

Online Courses

Find hundreds of lessons

How to Get Help With Medical Bills

How to Save Money When Eating Out

Oxford Podcasts

preparing for exams

Credit Score Basics

200 Freshman College Tips

Duolingo (Language)


DIY Studying Places!

Movies and TV Shows

Watch Anime For Free! (yes that was an anime reference) (watch Free! on the website) (its gr9)

African-American movies

LGBTQA+ Movies

Lesbian and Bisexual Movies

Musicals! Wow!!

The Addams Family

Addams Family Values



Corpse Bride 

Don’t Look Under the Bed 


RIP character how-to (how to create a death scene)

How to Write a Kiss

How to Write a Gay Character

Pain Scale for Writers

Editing Your Writing 1

Editing Your Writing 2

Editing Your Writing 3

Editing Your Writing 4

Writing Masterpost

OCD | Anxiety | Depression | Borderline Personality Disorder | Schizophrenia

ZenWriter (Free Trial Avaiable; this thing is literally the best)

I Write Like (apparently I write like Stephen King :0)

Alternatives for “Said”

Emotions to help you write

25 Helpful Websites for Writing

also i lost my sock someone help me


Microwave Chocolate Brownie (in a mug)

Strawberry Lemonade Gummies

Strawberry Chili Grilled Chicken

Fried Plantains with Cinnamon

Oatmeal Cream Pies

Caramel Apple Trifle

Pink Lemonade Ice Box Pie

Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls

Yan Yans (pretty much like Pocky Sticks)

30 Amazing Mug Recipies

Pumpkin Soup (Sounds gross but it’s REALLY GOOD)

Cinnamon Apple Chips

Vegan Waffles Taco

Tofu Omelette

Pie for Dean Winchester

Main Street Magic Kingdom Apple Pie Caramel Apple

Disneyland’s Blue Bayou Monte Cristo Sandwich

Disneyland’s Club 33 Pumpkin BeignetsDisneyland/ WDW Dole Whip

Chunky Peanut Butter Choco Chip Cookies

100 Calorie Snacks

Apple Jelly (no-cook!)



French Twist (Short Hair)

15 Eyeliner Tips

Cool Makeup for Brown Eyes (FINALLY)

100+ Tips for CLEAR SKIN (i need these tips)

Blue Eyes? BAM

Green Eyes????? (here u go jensen ackles)



Fight that frizz!

Make your own dry shampoo

Bad hair day?

Cheap quality products

too faced chocolate car eye shadow


eyeliner turtorials

Calming/Distracting things


Raining Sounds

Draw a Stickman


Pop Balloons

Line 3D 

Rain for Me 

Liquid Particles

Into Time

Noise Machine

Virtual Bubble Wrap 

Fill the Screen with Sand

the thoughts room

Make a Pattern


Draw in Some Peanut Butter


Create a Nebulae

Hugs (the nicest place on the internet)

nevermind i found my sock

Other Masterposts (provided by this one)

Dealing with Mental Illness // Anxiety & Self Help // Back to School // Happy Things // For Bad Days // Self Care //Self Injury Recovery // Distractions and Games // Find the Good // Movies //Hobbies to Learn! // Mental Health Help // Literally Everything //Resources // The Everything Post //Helpful Websites // More Anxiety Things

*Note: None of these links are mine. I got these from searching around the web to find them. Send me an ask (or a chat) if you want me to make another masterpost on something (example: writing masterpost, drawing masterpost, bullet journal masterpost) (please dont ask me to do a bullet journal masterpost they suck why is studyblr so obsessed with them i cant even update fanfiction once a month)

Masterpost of useful/interesting links

The majority of these are from my own personal bookmarked links. Enjoy!

Websites to help you do useful stuff

Explore fun/interesting stuff

Download cool free stuff

Procrastinate without guilt

And last but not least…Learn stuff!

Moonsie’s References  Masterpost

Over the years, I’ve liked and reblogged many references so I decided to organize them into my own little masterpost for reference. Mainly so I can easily find certain references I have reblogged on my own blog.

There’s a good chance I’ve missed some or mistagged something. I still have quite a bit of posts within my own blog to go through and tag each reference; provided they’re up-to-date and still relevant. Will be updated periodically.


Overall references

Art Ref

Writing Ref

Life Hack

Other References


okay literally the easiest instructions on how to bullet journal. (in my opinion of course) 

How to be a College Freshman

It’s almost back-to-school season, and that means college is right around the corner. Here are a few tips from a rising sophomore on how to survive your first semester.

 On packing:

 1.     Bring your clothes. Not just sweatpants and a t-shirt (although those are important too) Bring a few business pieces (even if you’re a freshman, you never know what could happen). Bring a few party formal pieces, and some regular party clothes as well. And don’t forget your workout clothes !

2.     A few things that are easily forgettable but necessary: dishes (TUPPERWARE,) cleaning supplies, rugs, stapler, lint roller, white out, multiple usb drives, sunglasses

3.     Get to know your roommates. If you haven’t already talked to them before moving in, make sure you get to know them when the time comes. You don’t have to be best friends, but you do have to live together. Go out to dinner or something, it’s a nice way to get to know them.

 On classes:

 1.     Try to get to know the majority of your teachers, especially the ones that can help you out with recommendations. Going to office hours is the obvious choice, but whether you’re in a big or small class, sitting towards to the front always catches their attention. All you really have to do is ask/answer questions and you’re on their radar. The front can be a magical place.2

2.     Don’t overwhelm yourself. Look at the syllabus as soon as you get it. Write out all of the dates for projects, papers, midterms and tests down in your planner. It’s also helpful to put a giant calendar above your desk so you can see your month planned out. (It’s even better when you’re counting down the days until winter break.)

3.     Find your study spot. There’s going to be that one spot you study at where you are always productive. Go to it. Go to it every time.

4.     Don’t be afraid to find loopholes in course materials, requirements and such. It could be the difference between an A and a B (trust me, ok).

5.     You don’t have to have friends in every class, but it’s good to know someone (and have their number) in case you’re absent.

6.     Make sure you print out your stuff in advance. If not, something is guaranteed to go wrong.

7.     Check blackboard daily. This is important. Check it for assignments, homework, and details on coursework before you email your professor. Check it for grades, too.

8.     Ok now this tip can be risky depending on the class, but after my first semester, I found that I wasted money on textbooks I barely used! Here’s my tip: take a look at the book requirements, read the course’s daily schedule. Are there readings/ assignments from the readings involved? If not, next, check for e-books. That way you don’t have to buy the textbook, but should you need it at any point during the class, you can purchase the e-book or just fish out the money to get it. But if you buy it from the start and don’t use it, the value depreciates no matter what. You could also rent them, if that helps.

On being in a new place:

 1.     Explore ! Go out around the city (or town) and see what it has to offer. Art museums, plays, concerts and music festivals are always a good idea. So are cool libraries and coffee shops.

 On scheduling:

1.     8 ams are never a good idea. It doesn’t matter if you started high school even earlier. Don’t do it to yourself. But if you are a morning person, 9/10 is always good. Especially if you were studying the night before. You’ll thank yourself later.

2.     Choose classes that you’re interested in, but also make sure you see the bigger picture. Don’t take your easy classes first just to struggle later.

3.     Space it out accordingly. Don’t go for organic chem, political science and physics back to back to back. You WILL have tests on the same day, give yourself a break in between.

 On activities:

1.     Do NOT be in that group that travels in packs. You won’t even talk to 80% of those people by the end of the year anyway. It’s better to make a few good friends than look like a lost freshman in a tour group.

2.     Never go to a party alone. Never go with someone you don’t trust. Or just never go. 90% are gross, anyway

3.     Honestly, you can pretty much do anything you want. Don’t quote me though.

 That’s all for now, folks. Be great. More to come later.  xx

under $5 masterpost

i see yall buying cute stuff with like $$ and i cry bc u can buy the exact same product for like 99 cents. However, these are really hard to find. So, here’s a masterpost of lots of stuff that u can buy for way less than $5! This is also useful if youre living on a tight budget like me but you still want these cute shit like me. or if u wanna move out like me.

+ most of these are free shipping but u should check your country for some.
+ some of these are on sale so if you comeback to it months later the price might change. so hurry up!

Stationery/office supplies/school supplies:

candy & cats (?) 
furry ball 
grass pens 
these are just v cute
giraffe pens
ice cream pens
pastel af
star shaped highlighters?? so cute??
really pretty
i was legit about to buy this for $6 but then i saw this
these just look so fancy idk
bones lmao
a cute pen that is also a fan??

pencil cases/cosmetics bags:
ill just put this pencil case here
this is the cutest omg
c u t e
my pencils case

Sticky notes/sticky bookmarks/stickers:
butterfly bookmark
rabbit sticky notes
hello hello
washi tape (cute +  dolls + colors + dots)
super cute cats
dolphin (?)
very cute much pastel
hilarious fingers
rabbits & cats
v cute
adorable cats
fucking cute man

pencil sharpeners:

these are so aesthetic omg buy it for me
these too
fast food
lipsticks again
cute colors 


drawstring backpacks
id wallets 
bow wallets
why is this bag so cheap??
the cutest coins bags/wallets
adorable wallets (id use these as a pencils case tbh)
cute shirts (this & this & this & this & this)
cute bras
very cute socks
emoticon face masks
literally the cutest pins
chokers!! ( xxx + xxx + xxx + xxx + xxx + xxx)
super cute hair thingies 
i have this necklace its v nice
these socks are cuter than me
Pokemon socks
emoticon underwear
cats underwear lol


peeling lip gloss
cute af lip balms 
these are like $7 in other places
bath salts
face masks!!! (xxx + xxx + xxx + i bough this the other day + xxx + xxx + xxx )
hand masks (?)
nose masks (?)
magic lipsticks
water based lipsticks
kissing lips
color changing nail polishes
etude eye patch 
etude chin masks
v v cute mirrors 
mirror + comb = oreo?
more cute mirrors yes
triple lipsticks
bb creams
yet another set of lipsticks
and another
aaaand another
wtf another??
lmao yes another
yup another 

Home & kitchen:  

heart egg thingy
fancy ass spoons
cloud egg thingy
dumpling thingy
rabbit egg thingy
skull egg thingy
u use these things to make freezies or whatever tf u call them
sandwich thingy
microwavable lunch box
very cute aprons

ok thats about it i guess. damn that took forever. 
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17 Aug 2016 |

Today I’m creating my first masterpost! In my earlier post I mentioned how One Note is one of my favorite desktop app ever so I’ve decided to show you guys how I use it and maybe how it may be effective for you!

So.. what is a One Note?

One Note is basically a notepad or notebook on your desktop so you can write whatever in them. If you guys are familiar with any of these apps, One Note is similar to Evernote, Notability, etc.

How do I use it?

Since One Note is basically a regular plain old journal, just treat it as you would with a notebook lying around on your desk! I mainly use One Note to write short note summaries from school, to-do tasks, bucket and wish lists, and thank you notes. But you can use One Note for whatever. It’s especially useful if you’re one of those people who learn better on the computer.

My Favorite Functions (and how to get them)

  1. Task-check boxes: probably one of my favorite function since I like marking tasks off and seeing my progress. (right-click anywhere on the page and you’ll see checkbox function)
  2. Customizable Pages: If you’re like me and don’t like your pages boring, this function is for you. (click on ‘insert’ and then ‘page templates’)
  3. Creating New Notebooks: This may seem silly, but I didn’t know how to create new Notebooks for my different subjects so.. (click on the notebook icon on the upper left and then click ‘add notebook’)
  4. Adding Date and Time: If you’re lazy like me and don’t remember dates or just simply don’t like writing them, you’ll thank me later (click ‘insert’ and then ‘date and time’)

That’s basically all I use.. there’s also the draw function that I use a lot but it’s self-explanatory when you open up the app.

One Note Ideas

These are some notebook and tab ideas in case you’re stumped!

1. Add A Personal Notebook 

  • add a ‘Notes’ tab, this is where you will write notes from school, work, or just something that you need to know.
  • add a ‘Read’ tab, this is where you will write the summaries of the books that you read
  • add a ‘To-Do’ tab, this is where you’ll keep all the pages of your lists and to-dos.

2. Add A Separate Notebook for Every Subject in School

  • add a ‘Class Notes’ tab, this is where you have all the notes you’ve taken in class
  • add a ‘Notes’ tab, this is where you keep the notes you’ve taken from textbooks and on your own.
  • add a ‘Test Notes’ tab, this is where you’ll keep pages of information you need to absolutely know for tests

3. Add A Family Notebook (and of course invite your family members to that      notebook lol)

  • add a ‘Thank You Note’ tab, this is where each family member has a page and everyday they will write a bullet for what they are thankful for
  • add an ‘Articles’ tab, this is where you guys share news and articles from websites so you can update each other on the world and perhaps it’ll spark some good dinner discussions
  • add a “To-Do’ tab, this is where you can add chores and other things you need to do as a family

So this is One Note basically is. The one thing I like about this is that it’s also available on the app store for iPhone (not sure about other devices, but i think it’s also available there) so you can sync to other devices other than your laptop. It’s great because it’s constantly updating so you don’t have to worry about saving your journals.

Please feel free to ask if you have questions or just want to say hi (: 

fave studyblr: @diplomatsun @tbhstudying @studyablr @etudestial @intellectus @eintsein 


Theo Gautier picspam! 

Top row- portrait and caricature from his wild Jeunes France days
2nd row-  his early-mid 20s I am pretty sure? Kinda killing it in that photo, buddy, A+
3rd & 4th row- rocking his ability to make all his clothes look like he’s slept in them for three days which, frigging Relatable, buddy (ETA: Confusing picture removed, please update your reblogs!:D Also, more pics added under this!) 
5th row- I don’t even know what he’s wearing in the photo but yes that’s def. a fez in the caricature and yes he wore it in public and he is my Fashion Hero

Favorite Series - Master Post

Best friend swallowed by cavernous tunnel under graveyard. Help - A young adult girl attempts to find her friend after blacking out during a rainy day adventure.

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Mold Series - The Start (Jessica) | Next, Alan’s Amnesia in Chicago | Then, Infected Town | Latest Infected Town post - The story of those involved with a strange town and a stranger mold.

The 1% - A plastic surgeon and his patients.

Today my Grandma told me that she has firsthand knowledge in time travel. And I believe her. - A grandson recounts his grandmother’s research position.

I lost my mother today. As well as 6 hours of my day. - An unfinished, but still intriguing account about a house.

M59Gar and the Multiverse - Judging by the message I found, someone, somewhere is lonelier than I am, and I was told that everyone I’d served with in the military died, today I saw one of my old squad mates.

6 people tried to kill me because I didn’t tell my stepmum that my dad was cheating. - The first will be seen through a window, the second will ask for help three times, the third will come with a child in tow, the fourth will be dressed in nines.

My romantic cabin getaway with my fiancee isn’t exactly going as planned - the story of Faye.

Borrasca - “It’s a long story, but one you’ve never heard before,” a story of a town.

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Beauty Masterpost!

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  • Bildiğiniz bütün dilleri unutun.

Bu herhangi bir dili öğrenirken geçerli, sadece Almanca için değil. Bildiğiniz dillerle öğrendiğiniz dilleri kıyaslama hatasına düşmeyin, ben ettim siz etmeyin. İlk başlarda öğrenirken kendi anadilinde düşünüp çevirmek kolay olabiliyor ama sonraki seviyelerde çevrilemeyecek kalıplarla karşılaşınca mal gibi kalıyor insan. En iyisi hedef dilinizde düşünmek, mis.

  • Almanya’ya gidin.

Çok komik olduğunun farkındayım ama gerçekten çok önemli. Almanca öğrenme sürenizi ne kadar kısalttığını tahmin bile edemezsiniz. Herhangi bir dil için geçerli bu madde ama Umgangssprache öğrenmek için ayrıca önemli. Herkes için mümkün olmadığını biliyorum ama eğer imkanınız varsa Almanya’da bir dil kursuna gitmenizi kesinlikle öneririm. Sürekli Almanca duymakla sadece ders çalışırken ya da kurstayken duymak arasındaki fark inanılmaz büyük.

  • Utanmayın.

Kafa göz yara yara konuşmaya alışın. Almanlar zaten konuşurken hiçbir şekilde dil bilgisi kurallarına ve artikellere dikkat etmedikleri gibi, siz bir yanlış yaparsanız da asla yüzünüze vurmuyorlar. En kötü ihtimalle bildiğiniz bütün kelimeleri sıralayın ve anlamalarını bekleyin. Kurduğunuz cümlelerin dil bilgisi açısından mükemmel olmasını beklemeyin, düşünerek yavaş yavaş konuşun ama çok da takmayın. Dediğim gibi kimsenin umrunda değil.

  • Dizi izleyin.

Diğer dil kurslarında durum nasıl bilmiyorum ama benim dil kursum üniversite bünyesinde olduğundan Umgangssprache dediğimiz günlük konuşma dilini öğretmiyorlar. Umgangssprache normal Almanca’dan çok farklı olduğundan anlamakta zorluk çekebilirsiniz. (Ben çekiyorum.) Dolayısıyla mutlaka Almanca dizi seyretmenizi öneririm. Almanlar dublaj işinde gerçekten çok iyiler dolayısıyla keyif alacağınızı düşünüyorum.

  • Okuyun.

Elinize ne geçerse okuyun. Ama sesli. Kendinizi duymanın telaffuzunuzu geliştirmek için ne kadar önemli olduğunu anlatamam. Gazete, dergi, kitap… Aklınıza ne gelirse.

  • Dinleyin.

Bir şeylerle uğraşırken arka planda ses olmasını severim, dolayısıyla Almanca radyo dinlemeye çalıştım bir süre ama ÇOK SIKILDIM. O yüzden çözümü uyurken radyo dinlemekte buldum. Dinlediğim kanal geceleri bir önceki günün yayınını tekrarlıyor. Ben de sıkılmadan Almanca duymuş oluyorum. Win win.

  • Sevin.

Bu da yine bütün diller için geçerli olan ama bence Almanca için özellikle önemli olan bir madde. Eğer keyiften öğreniyorsanız zaten seviyorsunuz demektir, sorun yok. Ama zorunluluktan öğreniyorsanız sevmeye bakın. Almanca her gün söve söve, nefret edilerek öğrenilecek bir dil değil. İnsanı çileden çıkartma potansiyeli çok yüksek. (Bu kadar kurallara bağlı bir milletin dilinde bu kadar çok istisna nasıl olur aklım almıyor arada ben de sövüyorum ama bazen öyle bir yerden vuruyor ki, gel de sevme.)

  • Sabırlı olun.

Hiçbir dili 3 günde öğrenemezsiniz. Sabırlı olun. Bir de yanınızda minnak minnak bebeler bıdı bıdı Almanca konuşunca sinirlenmeyin, kendinize yazık etmeyin. Derin bir nefes alıp mümkünse ortamdan uzaklaşın.

Dil bilgisi




Umarım yardımcı olabilmişimdir. Unuttuğum bir şey varsa lütfen hatırlatın, sorularınız varsa seve seve yardımcı olurum. Viel Spaß!

The Masterpost of Answers to Tough Interview Questions

Everyone trips up in a job interview; it happens. It’s normal, but it can be prevented by knowing how to answer certain questions. Here are some of the toughest. 

Q: Tell me about yourself. 

A: Keep it short and sweet. It’s basically a one or two minute elevator pitch. Don’t ramble on about personal history. Instead, keep it positive with accomplishments in your previous jobs, and talk about how you can contribute to the company with your background and past experiences. 

Q: What do you know about the company? 

A: The only way to answer this is to do the research before the interview. Google the company; go to their website and look at their “about” tab or whatever. Learn about where the company started and how. Evaluate the company’s values and what they look for in employees. 

Q: Why do you want to work for this company? 

A: Once again, do your research! Learn the company’s goals and figure out what makes them different, what makes them stand out from other companies. Reflect their values in your answer by making connections between yourself and their goals. 

Q: Where do you see yourself in five years? 

A: Focus on how you can move forward in the position you’re eyeing. Know the natural career track of someone starting in the position and stick to professional examples. 

Q: What would you do to benefit the company? 

A: Think about how you’ve helped the companies you have previously worked for. How were you an asset to the company? What did you do that positively impacted that business? Simply tell the interviewer that you would bring those skills to the job. 

Q: Why do you want to leave / why did you leave your last / current job? 

A: If you were laid off, it’s perfectly okay and acceptable to tell the interviewer that. It was beyond your control. If you left due to a situation or anything like that, do NOT badmouth your previous employers or coworkers. Focus on the fact that you’re looking for growth. 

Q: When did you come across conflict in the workplace, and how did you resolve it? 

A: Be careful here. Make sure your answer is in no way bitter or negative. Stay positive, always. Talk about a problem you faced (but one you didn’t create) and outline the steps you took to solve the problem. 

Q: How would your past coworkers / employers describe you? 

A: Talk yourself up here. Mention your positive traits and leave out your flaws. Think about what past employers or coworkers have said about you. 

Q: What are some of your strengths? 

A: Tie your strengths in with the skills needed in this position. Some examples of strengths are confidence, the ability to meet deadlines, a positive attitude, a client-focused approach to business, respect for others, and an eagerness to learn. 

Q: What are your biggest weaknesses? 

A: Don’t take the cop-out answer here; don’t say you’re a workaholic or a perfectionist. That’s an answer interviewers have heard so many times before. Instead, really think about this question before the interview. Some weaknesses could be being too critical of yourself, attempting to please everyone, or being unfamiliar with one specific aspect of the job. Be honest, but also talk about your attempts to overcome these weaknesses. Stay positive. 

Q: Do you have any questions for me? 

A: This is such a make-or-break question! You always want to ask one or two questions. It shows your interest in the position and the company itself. Some good questions are: Can you describe a typical day in this role? How long have you been with this company and what makes you stay? What are some of the company’s long-term goals? What types of opportunities would arise for someone excelling in this position? 

Good luck, loves! Go get that job!

anonymous asked:

Hello, sorry to bother you but I was wondering if you had a post where you have the detailed physical description of most characters in the Fae Tales universe? I don't think I've seen one and if you already made a post like that I apologize. Thank you in advance and have a nice day!

I thought I had something, but I’ve been tag surfing and I can’t find it. I don’t actually have a contained description of all of the character appearances outside of the canon.

But I do have character appearance notes for many characters barring Augus, Gwyn and Ash (who have been described so many times and in so many ways in the canon, in the end I just didn’t really feel it necessary to write character appearance files for appearances I sort of mentally know off by heart - which might not be super helpful to you, I apologise). Anyway, because those character appearance notes are long, I’m hesitant to put all of those notes (it would amount to several thousand words, Gulvi’s character appearance/fashion notes alone is 600~ words) in a single post - especially when it might not even be the characters you’re interested in knowing more about visually?

Because my characters are written characters and not immediately say…roleplay characters or PaintBerri/illustrated OCs or similar, I don’t have a visual masterpost like a lot of those sorts of situations often have. I don’t know many writers that do, actually, outside of character information files, which are usually kept private (and sometimes too long/messy for public consumption). And as I don’t cast my characters onto real world people, I don’t have any actors/models etc. in mind when I’m writing almost all of them.

I do have some visual references for the characters over at @faetalesresearch - you can tag surf things like Gwyn ap Nudd / costume reference / Augus Each Uisge etc. there. But otherwise all the information is generally within the canon itself. You’re welcome to email me at notpoignant at where I can give a longer answer and not have to worry about spamming everyone lol if I actually do have the references / detailed descriptions you’re looking for? :) Because if you are interested in knowing about characters like Gulvi / Julvia etc., that I can definitely help with. :)

(UPDATED) Moving Out Masterpost
little games

this is for my own reference, i have some masterposts on my blog with little flash games and such but i wanted to make a record of ones i know i like or want to try:

i might add to this in the future if I find more that I like… but yeah check out my tag “things to play” on my blog for posts which include more little games like these! (those posts are also where i got most of these games from so shoutout to them!)