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I swore I had posted this reference influence sheet thingy for this thing on Tamblr before, but looking through my history it doesn’t really seem to be the case. So yeah, here I am posting this here.

If you’re somehow confused by the text in the sheet, then let me clarify something then: This is not an anthro/Mobian version of Chris from Sonic X. He is not outright physically being one! What I mean by that, is that this is some sort of armor that is technically something of a hologram made by nano bots covering him to make him appear as such. Chris is overall still a human, but concealing his identity via nano bot projections. So I guess you could call it a high tech fursuit or something. So if anyone was thinking of bringing that whole “No humans allowed near mah furries!” crap over here, well they can go shove it.

Been thinking of designing other “armor” of his that are meant to resemble other types of animal species, but I’ll need to gather up reference before I can do that first.

Now that I’m, once more, fully active within FFXIV and can return to screenshot taking and story-building [Damn you, Stormblood!] I went ahead and not only made the OCs I reference more than just my original main [their references referred to in tags], but I went ahead and made an easy to refer to.. link thingy for their tag in my descriptions. Probably going to make a singular post for each character so there’s a face to a name/tag.. once they’re leveled enough for their clothes, of course.

Some self help reference thingy for the human characters of DMFR! o/ (Because same face is a thing I have trouble shaking)

The words are just there to like… Give me something to think about when drawing in case I get stuck.

This is a personal reference for myself, so it’s fairly headcanon-ish (??), but if you wanna use it to draw the characters, I’m totally cool with that! o/

Honestly? My favorite part is the eyebrows… =w=

We had no internet yesterday (blame it on the powercut that made it go nuts) so I decided to draw a proper reference of my fur- and ponysona. So have this mod-reference/meet the artist thingie.

I dunno why but I fucked up the mane on my ponysona. So yeah, the hairstyle is more accurate on my fursona.