notes about erin gilbert from the novelization:

  • she was 8 when the ghost (mrs. barnard) started haunting her and it haunted her every night for a month before her parents took her to therapy. the hauntings lasted an entire year.
  • the therapist told her parents that she was making it up for attention. erin overheard and was upset that her mother didn’t believe her and thought her to be a liar
  • mrs. barnad haunted her because erin’s pet dog corky killed her prized rooster
  • erin was bullied from second grade to end of high school about being ghost girl (and potentially much longer)
  • her secret got out because she confided in someone and that girl spilled her secret to a popular girl to secure her place in the hierarchy
  • said bullying most likely was the cataclyst for her need to be thought well of 
  • they made a rap and accompanying dance to explain all their things for senior year science fair im
  • they recreated said dance and rap for holtz and patty
  • her and abby flushed cherry bombs down toilets
  • years of not finding any ghosts wore at erin bc if they didn’t find anything that meant her therapist as right and she was crazy as a child
  • she went back to seeing a therapist when she went to princeton
  • erin had valid reasons for abandoning the book and the paranormal (doesn’t necessarily make it right that she left her friend hanging but valid all the same)
  • erin cares a lot about what other people think of her (constant need to validate herself)
  • holtz’s first line is “you carry tension in your shoulders.”
  • “burn in hell” line is “fuck you”
  • erin is super jealous over the friendship abby and holtz have
  • holtz offers to teach erin their secret handshake later
  • “kevin was a plug in nightlight in terms of brillance, holtzmann was a certified genius, but both were kind at heart.” just kill me now
  • accurately translates the man’s mumbling at the rock concert as “i have looked into the eyes of the devil.”
  • ends up front page of the paper bc of this. asks holtz to read it – holtz (who pretended not to notice the article) tells her it’s not interesting
  • “erin had let other people take her pride away from her.” my CHIL D

anonymous asked:

I'm wrong because you don't understand what was meant? Scales, that's laughable. MBTI assumes if they can identify a persons thought process they can predict the framework of a persons personality, and vice versa. It's a joke. A novelty. Trash.

Woah dude chill I’m trying to have a civilised discussion here. End of the day, MBTI is a flawed theory (with restriction in the order of cognitive functions [Fe, Fi etc] in relation to the dichotomies [E/I N/S etc]). But you’re the one that’s taking it too seriously buddy. (Also now you’re on anon. Wow. Smart thinking there. Have a go at me but no one can hit back at you). Some people find it helpful to understand other people’s way of viewing things and understand the flaws in themselves. But it should never be used to define yourself. That defeats the objective. There’s multiple reasons for variations within MBTI types. Stereotypes are, more often than not, total bullshit. That unfortunately much of the MBTI community on Tumblr seems to believe. I know an ENFJ who is definitely not a touchy-feely people-loving person. Because MBTI is not that simple. MBTI technically has nothing to do with personality. You are correct, it’s about thought process. MBTI outlines a few basic concepts (the functions) that attempt to explain the process through which someone might make decisions and filter information. This means that even if people have the same type, they might still come to totally different conclusions and act different ways. And yes, scales. Because the dichotomies of MBTI are a scale. Because people are not solely extraverted or introverted or just use sensing or intuition etc. Because human beings are more complicated than letters and do not work like that. MBTI is made to fit the person, not the other way around. It’s not ‘oh you’re an INFP so you must be [blah]’. It’s ‘oh, you value morals over harmony, that could indicate Fi which means you could be XXXX XXXX XXXX or just have a healthily developed lower function and be XXXX. Let’s discuss this more’. MBTI helps people understand their own brain and why some stuff affects them the way it does. It gives people more patience with others when they understand why several people might perceive the same situation differently. 

So no, it doesn’t assume they can predict someone’s personality. Those are stereotypes. Often for people of the same type there are similarities in behaviour, and that’s what a lot of posts are based on. Because it’s fun. It’s a hobby. Let people enjoy stuff jfc. But sometimes people do not fit their stereotype. Some of these people explore the theory further because understanding cognitive functions is still beneficial. Some of these people choose not to get into MBTI because it doesn’t interest them enough and they don’t want to go further than the fun basic posts. That’s fine. No one is forcing it on you. But end of the day it does help some people (I am a lot more patient with people I would otherwise disregard as rude or bossy or judgmental. I aim to understand and educate. Myself included. That is all). And if it’s doing some good then I think that’s validation enough. If you don’t like it, don’t get involved. But there’s no need to be so pissy about it jeez.

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babyyy, hiii. i was wondering if you could recommend me songs, bc i have seen the kind of music you listen to (and the ones you get inspiration from) and i got really attached to your music taste. btw, your stories are my aesthetic. love you💖

omg you’re so sweet! and hmm well i was kind of just going down my spotify playlist that i put those types of songs in and some of them that i think you might like are listed below. some of them are old but i still listen to them quite frequently, especially when i’m writing!

Drive by Glades (sorry i keep recommending this song but i just found it a couple of weeks ago, and i’ve been obsessed lol), 

Mind Over Matter by PVRIS (or just anything from their acoustic mini album bc they’re all amazing)

Please Don’t Go by Joel Adams

Here with me by Susie Suh

Someone New by Banks

I Found by Amber Run

literally any song by Dawn Golden or Vancouver Sleep Clinic

In my Veins by Andrew Belle

Anywhere but Here by Safetysuit 

The Worst of Them (accoustic) by Issues

Boston by Augustana

The River by For the Foxes

i just spent most of the afternoon without internet so i decided to draw, unfortunately without internet i couldnt check my ask blog to know exactly what to draw for that so instead i drew a modpone.

originally when i drew helix he was meant to be a representation of me and a way for me to connect more and be part of the mlp fandom but over time he started to become his own character. i still think helix is part of me but i thought i should make a mod pony to officially represent me so i drew this.

this way if i want to do somethin that i dont think would be like helix to do or if i get asks to the mod i can use my mod pony instead of a pictureless answer or a really bad attempt at drawin a person lol

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hi! do you have a favorite kind of tea? or if you could make a tea based off the characters of the magicians what would they be like?

This is such a cute ask omfg

Okay, so I think my favorite tea is either a blend I get at my local loose leaf shop, being “German Gingerbread” which tastes like gingerbread liquefied, or Wimbledon Blend, or perhaps Scottish Breakfast Tea.

As for the Magicians tea characters!

Quentin: Black tea, with black currant, rose hips and vanilla.  This would feel warm, comforting and pleasant with a darker, richer taste too with a vague English vibe from the currant.  It would be cozy but also feel kind of “Fillory,” which would make me think of Quentin.

Eliot:  Assam black, with lavender and cloves.  Floral and bold and with a hint of spice would give off a glamorous, powerful “Eliot” vibe.  Cloves can be a pun off his smoking habit, and lavender can be a pun off Eliot himself.  Between the flavor and the higher caffeine content, it’ll be fit for a king.

Alice: Green tea, peppermint and raspberry.  This would be a really clean tea, and the peppermint would keep you alert and provide a small amount of snap to it, and the raspberry is there for sweetness.  Together, I think it reminds me of Alice.

Janet/Margo: Rooibos with cardamom and cocoa powder.  This would give her a nice color to start off with, and also a bit of sweetness, and some kick from the cardamom, and it would also just sort of feel lush and glamorous to drink in a way that fits Queenly Margo/Janet.

Penny: Green tea with jasmine & holy basil.  This would be a somewhat bitter green tea, not quite as cozy as a black one, but also with a lot of body, flavor and a certain floralness to it.

Julia: Black tea with rose hips, cardamom & coriander.  I like this, because it could be kind of bitter and have a spicy note to it, but it could also be prepared simply feeling grand and pleasant, and it makes me think of demigoddess Julia.

This was a really fun ask to do and I did a lot of thinking! Thanks!

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what are some of your favorite words and why?

I’ve been sitting on this, because I love it. And when I love something, it’s hard to think to answer.

Proclivity: it just *sounds* pretty, and routine/habit/inclinations are favorites of mine, when they’re good. I crave routine.

Flummoxed: it’s as mixed-up a word as what its definition means.

Admonish: I use this one quite a lot, I think. I like that it’s gentle in its insistence.

Embrace: it is all encompassing and I feel swallowed up in the word itself.

Vexed: another word I like purely for aesthetics, and it’s so rare these days.

Hmm… there’s some more, but I can never think when I’m asked properly. Good question – thank you bunches for asking it, it was fun. x

Little Lucy–err, Lovey doodles.
Never felt very comfortable with my pony art style since the beginning, it always looked so awkward. Plus inconsistent…and Lovey didn’t look exactly as I wanted.
This is somewhat passable I guess.

Next actual update will still look awkward, granted since I started it two months ago and just continued it now.

ghostjumper replied to your post “Bound to Happen”

YES *Yoink! Run off to read*, Question you have any other master post like these? Im in dire need to catch up on whats been going on.

Yes! I’ve compiled several, and they’re in my tag “compiled threads”, and I have put (almost) all the Phoenix related threads in one place. Some are compiled and some aren’t yet (they’re quite long and it takes a bit of work to compile them). @ask-dr-knockout also has put most of them in chronological order on her page. I have a couple Phoenix threads she doesn’t and she has a couple I don’t, if they involve our respective characters more, so check out all the pages just in case.