referee strike

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If I can request Eijun almost getting injured and Kazuya freaking out because of it? :D

Hi ^^ here you are- the first prompt I’ve ever written hehe I hope you like it :)


Sawamura breathes out as the referee announces another strike. He grins. The count now is one ball, two strikes.

„One more!“

„Two outs!“

The yells from the fielders and the cheer of the crowd are loud around him, but all Sawamura sees is the yellow mitt 18,39 m in front of him. Miyuki grins behind his face mask and signals for a pitch outside and low.

Sawamura lets the rosin fall and nods, taking a deep breath. Just one more out.

He lifts his leg before he slams it down, turning his body and letting his arm move forward as fast as a whip. He feels the baseball on his fingertips until he releases it. Sawamura awaits to hear the satisfying sound of the ball hitting leather, but instead he his greeted by a ‚Clang‘.

The batter has hit the ball and before Sawamura is able to realize what happens, the ball flies right back and towards him. His body moves on pure instinct as the southpaw ducks, the ball scraping his head, sending his cap flying. Sawamura stumbles to the ground, blinking owlishly.

„Sawamura!“ Miyuki calls, rushing towards the pitcher. And Sawamura hears his other teammate’s alarmed voices around him. But it is Miyuki, who is there first, crouching down in front of his pitcher. „Sawamura? Did it hit your head? Do you feel nauseous?“

The game is paused and the batter looks over anxiously. They are rivals, but it wasn’t his intention to accidentally hurt someone.

„No. I’m fine“, Sawamura says, grinning brightly at Miyuki. „It just brushed me. I’m all good.“

„Really?“ Miyuki places both hands on Sawamura’s shoulders, eying the latter closely. One of his hands reaches for Sawamura’s head, touching it gently.

„Really“, Sawamura assures, somewhat troubled by Miyuki’s behavior. And his irritation just spikes as the catcher embraces him.

„Damn, Sawamura. Don’t ever scare me like this again“, Miyuki breathes and Sawamura notices the catcher’s body tremble slightly.

„Mi- Miyuki?“ he asks, insecure.

Miyuki lets out a long breath before he gets to his feet again, offering Sawamura a hand. The southpaw grabs it and finds himself being pulled to his feet again. „Then let’s get the last out.“

„Yes!“ Sawamura yells enthusiastically. Their teammates around them sigh in relief as they are sure that their pitcher is alright. „One out!“

They get the last out and the victory for Seido. But even after the game is over a certain catcher fawns around Sawamura, making sure the southpaw has everything he needs. Sawamura couldn’t say he minds that.

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