How to make a paypal link and paypal button

amaimons-candy-store u got it buddy! (omg sorry this took so long) basically I’m gonna run through how my stuff’s set up. You can tweak as needed on your own time, like making your own cart and subscription button, but this is my simple and easy way of setting it up.

Do dis thing

Click “Paypal Buttons”

Make a new button

And here you’ll get all this stuff. Make a “Buy Now” button. (if you make a donations button, you have to go through a whole ton of hassle. This is a commission button post, so commission button it is.)

Name your item. (“Commissions” works fine for me.)

My preference is to leave the price blank, with no drop down menus or text field.

Its insanely helpful for when you need flexibility with payments and stuff, and can’t be bothered with confusing yourself OR your customers. Customize this junk as needed. It also curbs all the annoying confusion about Paypal withholding funds for certain comments on commissions and other stuff that’s been going around tumblr. If you scroll down further, you can add taxes and shipping fees. I prefer not to.

If you have physical items you ship, you can customize this stuff, or make an “add to cart” button. Again, this is concerning digital art commissions, so I’m not concerned with this stuff.

You can customize the checkout page your customers see. Again, I’m not concerned with this.

Save the button, love the button

If you want to insert your button with html, you can do this junk, HOWEVER the other way is my favorite way and works just as well with less clutter:


You can copy and paste the “e-mail” link to your button as a hyperlink in a business e-mail, OR on ANY image, text, or whatever else you want. And when customers click on this link, they have the option of signing into Paypal, or they can pay without an account with a credit or debit card, or e-check. Paypal won’t take out a fee if a paypal user signs in to pay though!

The benefit of making a button this way is that the customer can type in the amount they owe you manually.
If you’ve made solid terms and conditions for your commissions, and have a business e-mail or other messaging system set up properly, your discussions are legally binding. So they can’t skimp on paying you as agreed.

TL;DR Maximum utility and customization comes from making a mostly blank button with no fuss and with the e-mail link. Love it.


There is this AMAZING anti-cat-calling mural in my neighborhood (bed-stuy brooklyn), painted entirely by young women. If you’re ever near the myrtle stop off the m-train please please please check it out, it’s not only breathtaking but has such an important message.

If you wanna read a little about the organization that created this or the mural itself check the links below:


Sunny Iris part 3 by esperoart