Writing ‘Shippable’ Romances

Anonymous asked: “How do I make a pair ‘shippable’? Like, how do I make their relationship into one that readers will support, and not just wrinkle their nose at?” 

Writers and “shipping” don’t always seem to go together. As readers, we can feel free to cheer on any relationship in series or book we read, but from the writer’s vantage point, there really aren’t usually as many options. It’s kind of hard to explain, but if you, as the writer, can see two characters getting together, you might not even be able to imagine other possible relationships. 

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There’s so many things going on with this omf I’m in love.

Katlyn almost running into the pillar is so relatable lol

anonymous asked:

Ways to describe a smile? Other than the generic smirk or smug expression.

Describing A Smile

Smiles are unique to the individual and the dependent perspective. If you’re speaking from the first person about someone you love, you might describe their smile as one that lights up the room and brings joy to the world. However, if you’re writing about a particularly villainous character, you may describe their thin lips twisting into something that only resembles a smile.


A beautiful smile
- “her eyes shone as her lips curled into a widespread grin”
- “a chuckle escaped his throat and he beamed at her”
- “the second she lay eyes on her her cheeks reddened and an involuntary smile settled on her face”

A malicious smile
- “a shallow smile was his most notable feature”
- “her vicious grin was enough to make her uncomfortable”
- “something sinister was hidden behind his seemingly innocent smile”


How I imagine the business days of Sarge and Fillmore’s Casa Della Tires haha

The dialogue in the bottom doodle of the 2nd photo was @disrespectful-junk ’s idea. I imagine Fillmore at one point becoming so bored he modifies old tires to resemble peace signs because that’s him, and Sarge scolds him for it because that’s him.

The last photo is my favorite 😆


Figure in Abrahamical lore who became the first human male created by God, in the Garden of Eden. According to ‘Genesis’ God created Adam by gathering dust or clay, moulding it into a human shape, and then breathing life into the new figure’s nostrils. This may have taken up to forty days or happened instantly.

When Adam came to life, he placed the first man into the Garden of Eden, instructing him not to eat from the tree of knowledge. When God realised Adam was alone, He gathered all the animals and had Adam name them. When that was done, He put Adam into a deep sleep and took out one of the man’s ribs. With that rib, God formed the first woman, Eve, who became Adam’s wife.

Adam was cast out from the Garden of Eden, after he ate a piece of the forbidden fruit that had been offered to him by his wife, who had been tempted by the Serpent. Upon swallowing the fruit, he became aware of his naked state and made a loincloth of fig leaves. As punishment for eating the fruit, Adam and Eve were taken away from the Garden of Eden and stripped of their immortality.

Adam and Eve survived and went on to have many sons and daughters, including Cain, Abel and Seth until Adam died at the age of nine hundred and thirty. In the ‘Book of Jubilees,’ he was said to have a daughter named Awan, who married her brother, Cain and a daughter named Azura, who married Seth. In Islamic tradition, he had two other daughters, Aclima and Lusia, who Cain and Abel fought over.

In some variations of Judaic lore, it is said that Adam was born a hermaphrodite, before the creation of Eve. Other texts state that Eve may have been his second wife, the first being a woman named Lilith. The pair are believed to have been buried in the Cave of Machpelah, located in the city of Hebron.

The angel, Raziel, would reveal a series of texts, known as ‘Sefer Raziel HaMalakh’ to Adam, which taught him about the world and how to speak.

Islamic tradition states that the Garden of Eden may have existed within Jannah and Adam and Hawa were sent to the physical world after eating the fruit. Adam himself sat upon the peak of Al-Safa and wept for forty days until he repented. Afterwards, Allah sent down a black stone that showed the pair were to build an altar to worship Him and taught the pair about the Hajj pilgrimage. When Adam and Hawa reunited near Mecca, they had two twin sons, Qabil and Habil and a third son named Rocail.

Those of the Ahmadiyyaian faith, consider that Adam was not the first human in the world, but the first human God spoke to, making him the first prophet.

Some Gnostics theorise that Adam and Eve may have been created to help fight against Satan and were freed from the Demiurge’s grasp by the heroic Serpent.

Adam was also seen as a manifestation of God Himself in the Bahá'í Faith and those of the Druze faith, see him as the universal mind, similar to how Eve was the universal soul.


Naruto, reading from a postcard - “‘I’ve been thinking of a nickname for Kakashi Sensei. I think Pervy Hedgehog fits, what do you think?’”

Kakashi - “There goes my dignity.”

Naruto, reading from a different card - “‘Why aren’t you married yet? And, how come your always way late when your team’s supposed to meet? That’s SO rude. AND stop reading your indecent books in front of everyone. That’s sexual harassment, you know?!’”

Naruto - “Will you come back Kakashi Sensei?”

Kakashi - “NO! Never again!”

(From episode 50, Naruto Shippuden)