After many requests, I’ve made another character tutorial, this time looking at the very basics of shapes. My next tutorial will explain the “Awesome Duo” featured in many shows. Star and Marco, Mable and Dipper…etc.

List of Characters featured: Ralph, Vanellope, Felix, Joy, Anger, Sadness, Jasper, Grenda, Star, Pikachu,The Joker, Dash.

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oh-so-casually I made this prequel “of my last comic” because i dunno @midotakaism​   you know why? Well “kiss on forehead” suggestion done  °ヮ° for you guys all -proud 🔥-


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Location, Location, Location

What the hints of a year mean for past competition locations
+a thought on why a couple locations were changed

I was rewatching episode 7 again and it occurred to me to look something up really quick.

Christophe mentions that he met Victor 10 years ago at the European Championships.

The Palais des Sports de Gerland (Lyon, France) here was the site of the European Championships in 2006 (held January 17-22 for the 2005/06 figure skating season).

Which, by Chris’ comment, would make it 2016 in the anime (except we know that YOI has a mix of years making up the universe).

The year itself isn’t important, so much as this tells us that locations for competitions line up between YOI and real life. We already know that the Grand Prix Series in-universe matches with the real-life 2016/17 season locations, now we know that a past competition matches too. 

Even if the GP Series order and the ISU aesthetics in-universe don’t match with the real-life 2016/17 year, we can at least count on places to be accurate to our real-life history - so, theoretically, if someone wanted to write a fanfic and reference certain competitions that the characters went to in the past, they would be accurate using real-life locations:
i.e. “I really love wandering around new towns, but Yakov made me stop after I got horribly lost 4 years ago in Nice for the World Championships. It was much smaller than Paris, but my phone was dead, and I didn’t have a map, and my French was abysmal!” (in-universe, if Victor brought up “World Championships four years ago” it would line up with the 2012 location)

What Location Differences tell us about the Narrative

If you remember waaay back in episode 1, though, you’ll notice:
The two big inconsistencies with competition locations are the Sochi GPF and Yoyogi Worlds. At this point, I have to wonder if that was more for a poetic purpose than a realistic one: Yuuri competes in Victor’s country when he fails, gets stuck, and decides to put his career on hold; and Victor competes in Yuuri’s country when he gets stuck, is uninspired, and needs to decide on what to do next. Their respective seasons ended in each other’s countries. Perhaps this symbolic ending is why Kubo-sensei changed the location from where the real-life 2015-2016 GPF and Worlds events were (Barcelona and Boston, respectively).

There are two more inconsistencies and one is a particularly small detail…
We’ll see one of those inconsistencies in a couple of weeks: Episode 6 first showed us that this year’s GPF in-universe will be held in Barcelona. I wonder if there is something special about that place in regards to the plot. After all, there’s no real need to switch the GPF location when the other GP Series locations are the same. (Or perhaps it’s as simple as being unable to get a reference for the venue?)

The other location change is in episode 1 in Yuuri’s flashback. And it’s another important Victor competition. 

Victor won the World Junior Championships held at Sofia, Bulgaria. If you look up the past dates, you’ll find that Sofia hosted in 2001, 2008, 2009 and 2014 but that isn’t very relevant here. 10 years ago Victor was a new Senior at the 2006 Lyon European Championships that Chris saw him at. He would have been 17, and since Yuuri said that Victor won the Junior Worlds at 16, that means those Junior Worlds would have been the 2004/05 season immediately prior – which you can see doesn’t match with the dates Sofia hosted.
But there’s something very special about the 2001 Sofia competition.
The person who won the World Junior Championships at Sofia in 2001 was none other than Johnny Weir - the skater whom Victor is an homage to in the episode 7 flashback of the European Championships.

I believe this location decision is just one more subtle homage. The background of the rink isn’t very distinct, so they could have slapped on the name of any place (like Kitchener, Canada to be accurate), but Sofia, Bulgaria would have been more meaningful if Kubo-sensei indeed wanted to make young Victor a nod to Weir. 

We wouldn’t have been able to piece this easter egg together until episode 7.

Of course, that’s not to say that the current year in the anime is actually 2016. It could be 2017 like on Yuuri’s phone, or 2013 like the order and ISU logos suggest (although I’m thinking the logo thing was perhaps done to avoid copyright.). All it means is that the locations in YOI line up to our real-life timeline, and that the discrepancies all have some symbolic meaning.


Hey guys! For anyone that’s taking AP Calculus BC right now, I’m beginning to upload my notes from last year. My teacher prepared his classes really well for the AP exam and I ended up getting a 5 on both the AB subsection and the overall BC exam so I thought my notes could be of some help.

I’ve created a separate page for my calculus notes here (where you can find the notes for the first quarter) and here are the first set of notes from the first quarter.