Hey guys! Gill’s hard at work on the update, but in the meantime, a quick heads up -

As the last bit of mail indicated, MSPFA is under construction atm, and adventures are advised not to update for fear of having it overwritten. So if we get updates completed before it’s all done over there, they may just go up on the tumblr side of things for the time being.

Also, all the adventures’ favorite counts seem to have dropped. I honestly don’t know whether that does anything (do you get notified when your favorited adventures update?) but if that serves any purpose, you might want to go ahead and refavorite any adventures you had marked so you continue getting notifications. Alternatively, you can wait until the site stops changing. 

EDIT: I’ve also seen reports that some people’s custom CSS has been messed up. So far I haven’t noticed any problems with ours, but if you do notice something broken once the site’s finished changing, let us know.

In other news, it looks like you can comment on adventures now? So that’s a thing. Please use your power responsibly. 

over the years, a lot of people have taken issue with the idea of a feminist critique of children’s movies, and so forth

I think at its core, though, and looking at feminism in terms of how it applies to larger concepts than just children’s media, that is the point. Feminism should make you uncomfortable at times. If it’s comfy and fits like an old sweater from the moment you step into it then you’re probably missing something

Feminism isn’t about just taking your favorite characters and seeing how you can-refavoritize them… it’s about (in this context) looking at media and seeing who has been excluded from it. And then taking that, and seeing how certain groups are marginalized all the time, in real life, in ways that affects their experience with poverty, education, the justice system, etc., with the continuous feedback loop from media. And then it’s going from there to see what you can do about it in your everyday life.