Up-Cycled shirt patchwork quilt

Lauren Moseley shows you how to cut and stitch your squares for this quilt, she made hers out of her hubbies old shirts which had seen better days, but she just couldn’t throw away for one reason or another, we all have items of clothing like that. I know I have some of my hubbies old shirts that I can’t part with because he wore it on our first date or it was one I really liked him in. Of course it doesn’t have to be shirts you use it can be dresses, t'shirts, sheets, skirts anything fabric really and you don’t have to make a quilt, if you’re not ready to commit yourself to something that big yet you can always make some pillows or scatter cushions.It’s a great way to keep the memories of something you can’t throw away,whilst giving it a new lease of life.So go on have a look through your drawers and wardrobes or your old ragbag see what you’ve got and make something new, it makes you feel good and gives you a sense of pride.