20 Free Fonts Bundle!

The last time we share a free font bundle was many months ago, that’s why we are here selecting the best fonts we can find.

This font bundle includes 20 different fonts, from hand-made look to serif and sans serif fonts. The only thing that you have to do is subscriber to our email list and a link to download will be sent to your email. (May take a while, check your spam folder if you don’t see anything)

Download it here:

Banners and Fonts

Hello everyone! I decided to give you a sample of the banners and fonts I like to incorporate into my bullet journal. If you’d like to find more banner ideas, click [here]. If you’d like more font ideas, click [here]. 

(As a side note, I am human and make mistakes. I accidentally got distracted and misspelled “words” once. My apologies.) 


Font Pack 003 by tobiohchan (see one & two).
This time I went with pairs of fonts that look good together rather than just the regular font pack! I use pretty much all these pairs (sometimes mix and match) in my edits. Hope the pairings might help make it easier than having to decide which font looks good with what! This is a thank you for helping me reach my follower goal on my sideblog @resourceanime so thank you very much! Please like/reblog if downloading! (download link)


Textured Fonts by The Branded Quotes

All of these fonts (and more!) are available on The Branded Quotes DaFont page, and are free for personal use! You can also purchase them for commercial use on their Sellfy account, along with other amazing fonts.

Important Note: These fonts are killer on CPU. It’s recommended that you don’t preview them on your computer! Just drag the files directly into your font folder.

Chasing Embers  |  River Drive  |  Haze
Mild Life  |  Surfing Capital  |  Strained