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hii so i recently got into b1a4 and i want to follow more b1a4 blogs. do you have any blog recommendations? or like i'm also struggling to find videos with eng subs for their latest comeback and it makes me sad bc it's prob cuz there aren't that many fans but i have so much love for b1a4 ahhh

hello!!! yessss get into bipo its some good shit

honestly if u have found my blog you probably already follow all the blogs id recommend but here u go anyway !! these blogs arent all 100% b1a4 but they have a decent amount

im certain theres more but i just woke up lol but thats a good place to start i guess?? as for eng subs of the recent comeback its a little difficult ((for me at least)) 

theyre quite active on vlive recently and they all get eng subs in maybe a day or two ((if thats done by fans or vlive idk)), tho thesuitelife547 on twitter sometimes gives a general idea of what theyre saying before its subbed, they also have some subbed videos here

sproutgirlssubteam have also subbed more recent videos but they havent updated in like, 3 weeks or something

other than that, theres not much eng subbed content from their recent comeback that i know of which is unfortunate :// if anyone else knows where some eng subbed content for this comeback can be found pls add it on!!

One quick pic from today! I’m trying to work on something bigger but got forced to post this in the meanwhile.

I LOVE @toriitorii ‘s design for Mama Agreste and I’ll probably give it a real try soon. ♥ :3c


(And that’s why she left.)

how to High School

  • charger+ earbuds always
  • never share pencils with anyone unless ur cool with not getting them back
  • all black is intimidating. use this to your advantage
  • be friendly with your teachers/get on their good side
  • tell your teachers your prefered/nick name on the first day, otherwise  you’ll go through the year with like three different names and you’ll hate yourself
  • do your fucking homework. you ain’t in middle school anymore
  • I’m serious, try and get in the habit of doing your homework during breaks in classes and directly after you get home
  • put your phone down in class
  • if that club seems cool, do it! that sport seem fun? do it!
  • talk to your counselor
  • coffee
  • keeping your room clean makes homework/focusing 1000% less stressful
  • if you are stressed/ overwhelmed and need an extension on some deadline, talk to your teacher about it, they’ll understand, but might not be so lenient if you wait until the day before its due to ask 
  • let yourself take two or three mental health days a semester
  • on hard days, let yourself come home and just take a nap/ vegg for a while. make sure you only do this every three weeks or so, or else it’ll become habit
  • take art/theater/media classes
  • get a planner
  • get your gym credits done asap
  • coffee
  • if you get close with toxic people, do not be afraid to cut them out of your life and walk away. 
  • if they don’t respect your family, they don’t have much respect for you, either
  • take advantage of a study hall if you have one
  • cheating/copying homework will teach you nothing, but you gotta do what you gotta do. use caution
  • don’t party too hard
  • no one will pressure you to do drugs ever, but they are out there
  • football games are fun, even if you have no idea wtf is going on
  • just breathe. it’s your freshman year, so everything is new, but you’ll adjust quickly
  • if ur lost, ask for directions
  • try to have fun a little bit maybe

I hope my writing wasn’t too hard to read (I promise, it is neater on papers). So I finally got the chance to put together a list of supplies I use for my bullet journal as requested by whatthehallbob! If anyone has further questions about bullet journals, please don’t hesitate to ask! :)







Just a quick reminder that all you really need for a bullet journal is a pen and a notebook. Don’t feel pressured to spend money on popular brands, decorative tapes, or colorful pens because the most important thing is creating a system that works for you. The bullet journal can’t help you no matter how beautiful it looks if you spend most of your time decorating it instead of working on the tasks written in it. However, if you believe that decorating and color-coding your bullet journal will improve your system and your overall experience (I personally find it fun and relaxing), then you should absolutely go for it! :)

Pocky/Pepero game - Lys

“Argh alright I’m giving up, I’ll do it..”

cryptid personalities 

mothman: really cute and jittery, loves everyone and wants to make friends

flatwoods monster: is secretly really sweet but tries to hide it to look tougher, only comfortable with others who are close to her

nessie: nervous and sleepy mama type who takes care of other aquatic cryptids, doesn’t come out often

bigfoot: really loud and friendly to everyone, has squad with other primate cryptids

chupacabra: shaky and flinches a lot like a chihuahua, looks really scary but is really the opposite 

wendigo: really creepy, mutters and complains about being hungry all the time, everyone avoids him 

canvey island monster: doesn’t have an inside voice, is screaming all the time like a child on a sugar rush 

jersey devil: emotional and moody, breaks stuff all the time and whines a lot 

loveland frog man: confused and absent minded, has no idea where he is most of the time, wanders around 

dover demon: very expressive with his face but can’t talk so everyone just tries to interpret when he’s trying to say

hopkinville goblin: mischievous and badly behaved, loves to play pranks on others and has a really high pitched laugh

“Anything can happen in the woods~”

Due to people liking my doodle from the stream, I decided to upgrade it a bit so they can enjoy something at least a little better than a scribbly doodle, so I did single layer coloring for some painterly practice ^_^


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…………..maybe I’ll do one of these for each of the advanced classes as I get them, if I like how they look or they aren’t very difficult…? I don’t want to have to keep the 3DS on while drawing ;;

…….probably will be an amazing waste of time if i ever get the actual design sheets ahahahaahaahhhhhhhhhhhh why am i doing this

next one should be GreatKnight!Silas but

yeahhhhhhhhh no no no not even going to try

Freckles was really the MVP of the latest episode.

Good boy Freckles!!

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