ref crush

I wanted to draw angst but not a super cool idea I got from a friendo, not yet so here, Ara a week or more after the bad thing happensss

I say a week or so bc earlier he is bed ridden man, and a bit later would spoil something pretty huuuge soo ye

I’ve been drawing a lot of Roadie/Jamie/self those days (yay i’m finally happy with how i draw the junkers!!) but I’m certainly not brave enough to post self insert on here, but i just wanted to share this with you :

i’ve been laughing a little too much of how small i’d be compared to them

you already have ‘someone’.
you have someone that you can rely on.
but baby i could be so much more.
loving like this is like
asking to burn, but baby
we could make this work.
we could do anything.
i don’t want to be just 'someone’, baby.
i want to be your person.
—  j.e.b. ((about both of you being in relationships but wanting to date.))
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