ref crush

I’ve decided to hop onto the bandwagon and make a mayor ref!! 

♡ Mayor Citrine ♡

  • Loves plants!! She owns a plant shop and cares v much for her flowers!
  • Her town is her garden, she loves planting trees and bushes.
  • She likes to plant mushrooms and clovers everywhere.
  • Very neat, makes sure everything inside and outside is organized!
  • Her best friends are Stella and Baabara! She loves to read with them.
  • Likes to wear sweaters/cardigans and skirts!
  • She’s an early bird. Loves doing house/yard work between 5-6 a.m.
  • Likes to visit her twin sister’s boutique!!
  • Very kind mayor! She does many favors for everyone and makes sure Isabelle gets many breaks as she deserves. She loves all of her villagers and makes sure they’re happy and comfortable in her town of Nodrya! 

♡ Appearance ♡

  • Lottie’s bun - plays with her hair constantly, messy bun, undershave
  • Round glasses
  • Denim skirt 
  • Freckles! She’s always out in the sun! 
  • Birthmark on forehead - her twin has one on her chin! 
  • White socks + Brown pumps

I wanted to draw angst but not a super cool idea I got from a friendo, not yet so here, Ara a week or more after the bad thing happensss

I say a week or so bc earlier he is bed ridden man, and a bit later would spoil something pretty huuuge soo ye

you already have ‘someone’.
you have someone that you can rely on.
but baby i could be so much more.
loving like this is like
asking to burn, but baby
we could make this work.
we could do anything.
i don’t want to be just 'someone’, baby.
i want to be your person.
—  j.e.b. ((about both of you being in relationships but wanting to date.))
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