ref board

Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Think Bohemian/hipster and add magic
  • can also go very post-apocalyptic/steam-punkish style(mission outfit?)
  • blue eyes and medium blond hair + freckles - always
  • Hopeless romantic through and through, you can almost never go wrong with that
  • NECKLACES! Almost always wearing them, doesn’t matter which one or if you can see them. Assume that they are there.
  • Birds+feathers+gems+crystals
  • MaGick
  • Witch rue is a good example and is very general for a Rue
  • Flirtous, puns, sarcasm, taunting one minute and very loving love the next.
  • beautiful nips-naps, accessories that comes and goes
  • Very few vibrant colors, if any at all, keep it down to earth

SO LAST NIGHT i made a biiig big mistake while doing that gabe/loki thing and to do something i had changed the canvas to a low resolution


and did two pages like that

for some reason it never clicked in my brain that something was wrong until 2AM

SO along with the other members of the household streaming netflix tonight, and me catching up with the lost pages, i think i’m gonna postpone the stream again! but i’ll have one again soon for sure

to make up for it have some topless freshly-vesseled gabe

          like for a modern verse starter !!