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whoa hey amazing cosplays!!! just curious, how’d you make your cowl?

The cowl Nicole and I used for Steph was commissioned from ReevzFX! He does AMAZING mold work and I definitely recommend him! Check him out!!
The cowl was the only part of the costume I didn’t work on myself. Reevz work is really fantastic!

Alright guys, I want your opinion! I’m quite pleased with my Classic Catwoman but I want your opinion! I’m only asking because I want to perfect and improve my cosplay! Please give me your opinion, no matter how positive or negative it may be. Just click the Question button and place your rating in the box and submit it to me! I’d really appreciate it! Thanks ya’ll!

Cosplay made by me

Cowl by Reevz FX

I got my batgirl cowl. It’s amazing and perfect in every way. I was so excited to take a picture of it, I didn’t even put on any makeup or change out of my PJ’s. XD I still have a lot to get done for my batgirl cosplay though. I am a huge procrastinator  >_<

(Sorry about the really crappy quality of my phone camera and my naked face.)

Big thanks to Reevzfx for the amazing cowl!!