DYKA: Yu-Gi-Oh! 01

As Yu-Gi-Oh! The movie: The Pyramid of Light was being released in America,

Beckett’s unofficial Yu-Gi-Oh guide asked its fans to vote for who they would want in a live-action movie. 

The top results included Jim Carrey as Joey, Johnny Depp as Marik, and Keanu Reeves as Kaiba.



OBSSESIVE BECOMING | Daniel Reeves [1995]

on one hand, the matrix is ridiulous, keanu reeves is my favourite person, it’s so fucking funny, the oracle goes off, as does the spoon-bending kid. the underground rave scene bit looks like the rawest night ever 

on the other, fast and furious gets more and more ridiculous with every movie and vin diesel is in it. so is ludacris. vin diesel stomps on a building and merks jason statham in the latest one.

I just got back from seeing John Wick, which was amazing. I’ve had a crush on Keanu Reeves since seeing Bill and Ted when I was a kid, and seeing him kill a bunch of people just did things to me. God knows what that says about me, but that man is damn sexy.