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 My final submission for my concept art class, character assignment. 3 characters -each representing a different body type- from The Mortal Engines novel by Philip Reeve. My favourite by far to design was Anna Fang, though I did love attempting to recreate Hester’s scar. 

(L-R) Chudleigh Pomeroy, Anna Fang, Hester Shaw.

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I love every design for jerm-boi's squip but are we just going to ignore the fact that the squip is keanu reeves

there r multiple posts abt jeremy’s squip looking & sounding like keanu reeves?? the fan squip designs r artistic licence and headcanons and taking a creative spin on the concept of it

You know, you never realize how vague the source material is until you start writing a fanfic and you have to describe where stuff is and how the characters got there.

Like FFVII. ShinRa HQ. Giant building, the wiki covers less than a quarter of it. My top six issues are:

1.) Where the hell does everyone live? Do SOLDIERS, Turks, and employees live in the building? Or do they have to get outside apartments? (I use the headcanon that military is in the building, everyone else is outside, and Turks go wherever. Or they just live in their offices.)

2.) Uh, infirmary? Hello? Does everyone have keycards that reach the Science Department floor? I’m betting not, so why is the infirmary never mentioned (that I can find)?

3.) Infantry. Infantry. Infantry. Are they in the building? Are they in barracks outside the building? Where do they train? Do they have a floor? Why are they never mentioned?

4.) Cadets. They aren’t SOLDIERS, but they’re in training. Or do they even exist? They aren’t mentioned anywhere, so is it just a test you have to pass, with no preparation from the company? If they do exist, where are they trained? What do their uniforms look like? Do they go on missions, or is strictly boot camp?

5.) Food. The cafeteria. You can’t tell me the building doesn’t have a cafeteria. It’s a business office and military base all in one. It has hundreds, thousands of employees. It probably has several cafeterias. Hell, with Mako, SOLDIER probably has it’s very own damn cafeteria just to keep up with their metabolism. So where is it?

6.) Transportation. They have trucks, motorcycles, helicopters, bombers, and airships. What floor is air transportation landing pad on? Are there multiple? Where are the vehicles stored? The building’s big, but it’s not big enough to hold an entire bomber, much less several. Is it on the plate, in the plate?

Also, does each department have several floors? Where does Scarlet work? Do the executives live in the upper floors? Where are the Turk offices? How many floors does Heidegger actually preside over, since he’s technically in charge of Infantry, Turks, and SOLDIER? What about the Space Program? Is it based in the building or is it based in, like, Rocket Town? Is the Science Department really only two floors? How big are the basement levels actually? How far down would you have to go before you hit Deepground?

This game is so vague and trying to world build while also avoiding doing anything to outright contradict canon is kind of frustrating. You know. Just a little.