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Costume designer Kym Barrett takes us through her process of creating Keanu Reeves’ Neo suit for “The Matrix Reloaded.”

FFVII Western AU!

A quick one today - Reeve and the Rui sisters.

Reeve designs, makes, and fixes clocks and watches, and is well known as the absolute best in his trade. The rich come from far and wide to purchase his intricate, beautiful time-keeping devices. As a side-business, Reeve also creates toys - whimsical, quirky gadgets with moving parts. Windup creatures that walk, dance, and sing. It is seen as a mark of great wealth and taste to own a piece of Tuesti’s work.

(His favourite toy, a little black and white cat named Cait Sith, is never far from his side. Reeve refers to it affectionately as his ‘son’, which always draws a laugh. The people who don’t laugh remember Reeve’s real son, for whom he made Cait Sith initially. The little boy died about ten years ago at the tender age of two)

Throughout Midgar, Reeve is universally liked… which is much more than can be said for his housemates. Nobody quite knows what to make of Shalua and Shelke Rui, except that they’re quiet, aloof, and altogether strange - different orders of being from easygoing, affable Reeve. Shelke is a spiritual medium - highly sought after for her abilities but otherwise shunned in conservative society. What Shalua does for a living, nobody can tell, and nobody cares to ask…though rumour has it she’s been seen to rob graves. Similarly, how the young woman lost an arm and an eye is also anybody’s guess.

The Rui sisters moved in after tragedy struck the Tuesti house about a decade ago, and - as it is widely believed though never confirmed - drove Reeve’s wife away. Reeve likes to say they’re distant cousins, though his tone always suggests a deliberately poorly-told lie, and the townsfolk are forever left wondering about their actual relationship.

(The truth behind Reeve’s alliance with the Rui sisters involves tricky necromancy, an underground syndicate of lawbreakers, and the outlaw duo Vincent and Lucrecia… but these are stories for another time)


I love posting these little videos, what do you guys think, do you like seeing the painting process? ❤

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I have had a few people ask me about what brands etc. I am using, so I figured it would be easiest if I make a post detailing what I use on a daily basis. What’s featured in the photo is only about 40% of my entire ‘kit’, but is what I use daily.

- Prismacolor
Definitely worth the money. I have the 170 set and they are a dream to work with.

-Art Spectrum
-Winsor & Newton

-Winsor & Newton Cotman
Reeves is a cheaper brand that I purchased from a $2 shop. While they definitely don’t have the level of pigment that my Winsor & Newton set have, I think they are more than fine to use. Sometimes I think it comes down to knowing 'how’ to use your equipment/make it work for your needs- rather than spending top dollar and immediately expecting a better result.

-Art Spectrum
-Designer Gouache

-Sakura Poster Color

-Uni-Ball Signo (in white and silver)

Hope that provides some sort of idea of the gear I am using. More than happy to answer any other questions or go into more detail regarding what brands I prefer, tips on using the equipment etc.


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