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Day 211


I find so much inspiration and connection to my injury on-line. Today I read an article from the Reeve Foundation about grief. It was written by a man accounting his experience telling him and his wife’s story about his injury and their recovery. The website was doing a story about grief and wanted to interview both people to get a take on grief as a couple and individually. What his story told was something I can relate to and have to be aware of. I can get so wrapped up in my problems that I can trivialize the problems of others related to my injury. It so easy to fall into that attitude. Ex: I am sorry that is happening to you but I can’t walk. I need help going to the bathroom etc. and not listening or understanding their problems. I sometimes fall short in acknowledging the grief and trials my injury causes to others. It is also easy for others not to acknowledge their difficulties surronding my injuries ex: what am I complaining about you can’t walk. There is no doubt this injury is a monumental change for everyone in my life. I can’t even imagine being in that waiting room and having to process what the doctors were telling them. For my part I was so drugged I only have fleeting memories of it. It breaks my heart when I think about the shock and fear of that moment. This injury as so many others creates a feeling of helplessness from that moment on and everybody close to me and including me is doing everything they can to combat that feeling. Everyone of us has grief related to my injury that we have to work through. Just know that for my part I appreciate and respect your efforts and feelings even though I may not show it all the time. It is through not only my efforts but the efforts of those around me that I can only hope of continuing to be bettereveryday.

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