reeses pumpkins


I’m giggling because I told Zach today (or yesterday? I can’t remember) that I would wait another week until it was at least September to start truly freaking out about fall.

Sometimes you’re a liar. Ain’t no thang.

EDIT: nobody ever ever ever pay stupid amounts of money for pumpkin spice candles. these ones from walmart smell AWESOME and that huge one is only $5 as opposed to like $25 for yankee candles. the second largest is like $3.50.

Things I need to do
  • Put away my laundry
  • Finish reading “The Things They Carried”
  • Start my 8 page paper about an imaginary, arboreal giraffe for Evolution
  • Study for my Evolution exam
  • Study for my Mythology exam
  • Fantasize about playing Skyrim
  • Fantasize about playing Skyward Sword
  • Make realization that the 2 best games of the year have the word “sky” in the title
  • Sleep
  • Watch more Mad Men
  • Eat more Reese’s Pumpkins
  • Play Skyrim
  • Play Skyward Sword