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Okay so Team RNJR have reached Mistral, which is as best we can tell the capital of Anima.
Even if Pyrrha came from one of the outlying villages and not the city itself, it’s a safe bet that a lot of the tournaments she fought in were held there.
It’s also a safe bet that Pyrrha Nikos merch is a thing.
It’s also a safe bet that some of the students at Haven went to Sanctum at the same time as Pyrrha.

Do not think about Reese Chloris showing Ruby how her board/pistols work and making an offhanded remark about part of it using a similar mechanism to Milo.

Do not think about Arslan talking to Nora after a sparring match and showing her a cool scar she actually got in a tournament match against Pyrrha.

Do not think about Scarlet telling Jaune that he looked up to Pyrrha for years and even dyed his hair red to be more like her.

Do not think about Neptune still having notes from a group project they worked on together at Sanctum

Do not think about Reese having the same Pumpkin Petes hoodie as Jaune and several Tshirts with Pyrrhas’ emblem

Do not think about everyone in Team RNJR trying to keep it together when they see old peeling posters or Pyrrha Nikos merch in a clearence aisle somewhere

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Answer them all (:

This is one of my favorite way to answer asks doing them all! thank you, I’m not going to answer the ones I already did though.

2. favorite fall song?  Allison Miranda By Garth Brooks is the only fall song I can really think of and I love it.

3. favourite halloween song? I Put a Spell On You or The Monster Mash

4. favorite fall drink? I’m gonna be real and say pumpkin spice coffee

5. favourite fall food? Pie

6. Favourite halloween/fall movie? Coraline or The Adams Family

7. favourite fall colour? Orange

8. favourite halloween candy? Reeses Pumpkins they are better then the original

9. leggings or jeans?  Leggings

10. favorite fall blogs? I actually have a favorites page check it out!

11. 10 mini pumpkins or 1 big pumpkin? I big pumpkin

13. favorite candle scent(s)? Pumpkin, and Trick Or Treat

14. coffee or tea? Coffee

15. favourite fall activity? crunching leaves and carving pumpkins

16. caramel apple or candy apple? Caramel

17. favourite fall outfit? jeans, boots scarves and a nice sweater. or leggings with a long top.

18. sweaters of jackets? sweaters

19. mittens or gloves? I have mittens

20. favourite tree? Oak?

21. halloween or thanksgiving? Halloween

22. sweet treats or salty treats? sweat

23. what do you have for thanksgiving? nothing or last year I had classic stuff like turkey, and  mashed potatoes that sort of stuff.

24. corn maze or haunted house? Corn Maze

25. would you have a fall themed wedding? I would have a Halloween wedding

26. traditional jack-o-lanterns or artistic jack-o-lanterns? Traditional

28. scarves or hats? Both29. do you like baking? yes I do but I make a mess and its exhausting


I’m giggling because I told Zach today (or yesterday? I can’t remember) that I would wait another week until it was at least September to start truly freaking out about fall.

Sometimes you’re a liar. Ain’t no thang.

EDIT: nobody ever ever ever pay stupid amounts of money for pumpkin spice candles. these ones from walmart smell AWESOME and that huge one is only $5 as opposed to like $25 for yankee candles. the second largest is like $3.50.

Things I need to do
  • Put away my laundry
  • Finish reading “The Things They Carried”
  • Start my 8 page paper about an imaginary, arboreal giraffe for Evolution
  • Study for my Evolution exam
  • Study for my Mythology exam
  • Fantasize about playing Skyrim
  • Fantasize about playing Skyward Sword
  • Make realization that the 2 best games of the year have the word “sky” in the title
  • Sleep
  • Watch more Mad Men
  • Eat more Reese’s Pumpkins
  • Play Skyrim
  • Play Skyward Sword

#teamnocheats progress photos and info! YAY! WE DID IT!

The pics on the left are from Sept 28th - the one’s on the right, Oct 30th!

I honestly don’t see that much of a difference, visually speaking. But the shorts fit a lot more comfortably than they did the day on the left. My progress is probably better measured by the below information, haha.

Starting weight: 141.6

This morning’s weigh-in! (Oct. 31st): 133.6!!!!

Total #teamnocheats loss: 8 lbs!!!!

Starting Measurements:
Bust: 34’
Waist: 27’
Hips: 37’

Ending Measurements:
Bust: 32’
Waist: 27’
Hips: 35’ !!!

I lost a lot…in my boobs. Maybe my starting measurement wasn’t right. But er, go figure, haha. Kinda sad. BUT HEY! I went down a pants size from an 8 to a 6 at The Limited, and lost two inches from my hips! WOW! Technical sizing says I might be a 4! I totally doubt that, but say wahhhat!

My UGW is 130 - I’m so close! I think I might be able to make it in Nov! 


  • I ran 80 miles this month. The most I’ve ever run in my life. I broke 3 running PRs - my longest mile being almost 8 miles, my fastest 5k at 28:17, and my fastest mile at 8:31. 
  • I went 2 weeks without drinking. It was my goal to only have 1 drink a week or not at all - the fact that I went 2 weeks without having 1 is pretty amazing to me, now that I think about it, haha.
  • I cut out refined sugar. Before this month, I was using brown sugar in my breakfasts every morning (in oatmeal, etc.)
  • I cut out milk and opted for almond milk. Though I did come to the realization that I don’t think I could ever cut out dairy. I love cheese and yogurts way too much! 
  • I did not eat fast food - my biggest weakness is Taco Johns (like a Taco Bell) and I didn’t have any of it! I also didn’t eat Jimmy Johns. I hate Subway ONCE, but my mom paid and I fit it in my points for the day, so I call that a success.
  • The only candy I ate was candy corn on 1 night with my family when my grandma offered it. I didn’t eat anything else - no Reeses pumpkins! Amazing! (I’m eating two of those today though as my reward, haha). 
  • While I did eat out a few times, I only ate out twice I can remember when I actually paid for it (the other times were with family). I’m pretty proud of this. While I didn’t save a lot of money on not eating out as often (because I spent the money on things like Modcloth treats anyway, haha), I still did a great job not eating out at the places that trigger me not-tracking, like the Mexican restaurant I’m rewarding myself with tonight! ;D

Overall, SUCCESS! While I broke my goals / bent them in some ways throughout the month, there are still NSV that I can feel proud of. This is the first time I’ve ever done a challenge like this, and while there was a low point around last week, I think I got back on track this week and kicked ass all together! Tried a TON of new recipes this month too.

Can’t wait to make my #happyhealthyholidays updates, etc. tomorrow! After today’s indulgences - I’m ready to take on the next two months! :D

I’m also considering switching my WW weigh-in to Fridays because I’d love to log this in my weight tracker, and I HIGHLY DOUBT I will be back at such a low for Sunday’s weigh-in after today’s not-tracking and mega indulgences. STILL - at least I know this low is obtainable! :D