Reese/Scarface: When Reese left Rikers there was already someone waiting to pick him up. - ifitsnotlovethenitsthebomb

so i love you and this is the most self-serving fill i’ve had in a… you know that sounds awful. Thank you for the prompt, may I have another.

The car is glossy black from another era, slung low to the road and waiting at the end of the prison drive, pulling Reese’s eyes to it because he can’t help but notice that it looks like it crawled out of an old mafia movie. The man leaning against it is from a slightly newer vintage of crime movie, a dark leather jacket and light jeans and making exactly the sort of impression he knew he would make because he intended every second of it.

Reese can’t even wipe the grin off his face when he shoves the man down in his own back seat and the leather creaks under his knees as he undoes Marconi’s jeans around the sharp protests - “Christ, don’t fuck up the seats,” - and he wonders if maybe it’s Elias’ car he’s about to fuck his lackey in.