plickly  asked:

Tell me bout cha boy and dead boy ;)

yes!!!! the favs!! taakitz!!

falls asleep on the couch

  • - Taako. Always. He doesnt even need to sleep he’s an elf but he’s so EXTRA

makes friends with the neighbors

  • - absolutely not!! taako hates putting an effort into socializing, and kravitz has hte anxiety. they do a lot of family gatherings instead

is the adventurous eater

  • - if it is edible, taako will find it. the boy ate a reeses cup once and hES gOT A PEANUT ALLERgY

hogs the covers at night

  • - Taako! krav is very cold and doesnt need it, and taako needs to be warm always. they snuggle

forgets to do the dishes

  • - theyll both forget about it until the balanced plates almost crush ango, and then krav’ll get on it if taako doesnt magic it away

tries to surprise their partner more often

  • kravitz. he fails so hard its painful!! he tried the whole “rose petals and candles” thing and almost lit everything on fire. hes trying

leaves dirty laundry on the floor

  • taaaaaaaaako. boy’s room is a mESS

stays up til 2 AM reading

  • Kravitz will read music notes and hear the melody in his head. he sometimes conducts. taako thinks its cute

sings in the shower

  • Kravitz. and when he’s done taako will make cheering noises.

takes the selfies

  • - cha boy taako lives for that selfie LOOk

plans date night

  • - taako knows all the sights!!! many alcohol + crafts nights

jackson would be dereks advisor on how to woo stilinski even though hed snark every time

“get him something he doesnt have, expensive but that doesnt look like it… maybe one of his nerdy books”

“get him curly fries, he vacuums the plate”

“he’s lame, so get him something lame… tons of reeses cups in a cvs bag”

anonymous asked:

Ok but hear me out. UT and UF bros with an S/O who's weirdly hardcore in an unusual way. Like, they'll say "I don't care if I'm allergic to peanuts", then they'll eat a Reese's cup and stab their leg with an epipen. Or like the skele will find them downing 6 caffeine energy shots and they'll just say "I need to study" or like they'll eat six ghost peppers and then they'll say "this is like mayonnaise wtf it isn't spicy"

* Wtf bae


He’s very shook by them. That’s the best description I can give you. He stares in wide-eyed horror as his S/O does something inconceivably and unnecessarily dangerous. He can’t stop them if he tried so he doesn’t try, just always with an ambulance on speed dial. Horror. At least he knows his S/O probably won’t die if they get hit by a truck or something they’re like made of steel wtf.


He expresses his utter disapproval loudly and gapingly. He hates it when they do something like that. They’re putting themselves in harm and danger for no reason other than whims! It’s terrible! He always tries to stop them before they do something, deathly afraid they’ll end up hurting themself. It’s one of the things he’ll argue with his S/O about. He’s pretty open for most things but he refuses to tolerate this self-destructive behaviour.


Keep this up and this boy will get a heart attack without a heart. He always tries to stop them from doing whatever dumb BS they’re gonna pull. There’s a difference between being hardcore when the time calls for it and doing dangerous shit just for kicks. He’s so afraid they’ll hurt themself and tries to sabotage whatever they’re doing. He’ll get pissed, snatch the item or means away from them. Seriously, stop it!


Between the two of them, it’s honestly surprising no one has died. He sees their actions as a challenge to his own hardcoreness and will try to one up them all the time. Look, I know people always see Pap as the responsible one of whatever but the moment he sees it as a challenge, he absolutely will not back down. This whole thing will spiral out of control until the two of them are drinking black coffee brewed in monster energy drinks and transcending space and time. Meanwhile all of this is giving poor Sans an anxiety attack, jeebus crust man.