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↳ Day 3 [Favorite Dynamic(s)]: In which I can’t really choose. 



ShootWeek: Day 4 ↳ favorite Shaw friendship(s)

poi: *finale has root’s body mysteriously missing and the entire series ends with sameen shaw smiling the biggest smile we’ve ever seen after getting a call from the machine and said call was never heard by the audience while tm!root says ‘and maybe this isn’t the end at all’*


  • Shaw has called Root hot and admires her gun handling skills
  • John has called Root pretty and praised her kidnapping skills
  • Zoe said she was cute and knew the picture of Turing’s husband was fake becase she picked up gay vibes from Root
  • Fusco said she has a big brain
  • Harold thinks she’s brilliant
  • Greer wanted her on his team
  • The Machine chose Root as her analong interface and imagined everyone as Root
  • Samaritan agrees that Root is pretty

I’ve never seen a show where everyone praises a character as much as everyone praises Root

Fanfic recs!

I’ve been wanting to do a fandom fanfic appreciation day for a long time now, but it’s been a little hard to organize it by myself given that I haven’t read every single fic this super talented fandom has to offer. 

And so I thought I’d take a shot at crowdsourcing it! 

Send me your fav POI fanfics (these could be either the fics that you keep coming back to, or you could also send me fics that you feel are unappreciated and deserve some exposure!). 

General rule – self-reccing is absolutely allowed, but I’d like for you to offer up at least one other rec in addition to your own fics.

My submission, ask and messages are all open, so let’s go ahead and show our talented writers how much we love them! <3333

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the other high school au
  • root’s the cool leather jacket lesbian and shaw’s the ap bio nerd
  • very cute, but very focused on school (she’s going to be a doctor) and very not interested in dating
  • root rides her cool gay motorcycle to school. she’s very Dramatic. she does theatre and she’s REAL good at it. everyone’s low-key in love with her
  • does shaw try out for theater bc root is going to be one of the leads in romeo and juliet?
  • root is romeo
  • shaw is staring anxiously at the sign up sheet
  • john stands next to her
  • “the closet you’ve gotten to acting in this play is the report you did on it freshman year”
  • “yeah, so?”
  • “you said it was anti-feminist garbage. you said it romanticized suicide. your rant took up two class periods”
  • “okay, first of,f it is and it does. but I could kiss root. root groves”
  • john is so done
  • he grabs the pen, signs the sheet for her
  • “john. you have to help me run lines. i’ll do you next three chem reports”
  • "five”
  • “four and you don’t mention a word of this to my mother”
  • “FIVE and I don’t mention it to you mother or the rest of our friends”
  • “…fine”
  • (somehow joss and harold and fusco are there opening night)
  • shaw doesn’t get juliet (something about her being too scowly for the director’s vision)
  • she’s cast as tybalt instead
  • but hey, she still gets rehearsals, which means time to hang with root
  • and they still have scenes together
  • she spends a lot of time glaring at whoever gets cast as juliet
  • spoilers: it’s martine
  • that’s the secret behind all the tension in their scenes
  • the director thinks it’s sexual
  • it’s actually pure unfettered rage
  • plus, root’s a really good actress
  • but root refuses to kiss her. absolutely refuses. martine’s not complaining. it’s the one thing they ever agree on–they figure out how to fake a really good stage not-kiss
  • root dips her. her hair covers their faces
  • they just glare at each other with their faces very close
  • shaw huffs. “she’s not even GOOD or anything”
  • john’s heard this speech about ten times a day
  • “she can’t even remember all her lines”
  • “i know, shaw”
  • “and she doesn’t even REALLY kiss root. root GROVES. what’s wrong with her”
  • (as if there’s another root running around the school)
  • “i know shaw”
  • “and another thing–”
  • root takes this time to walk by shaw and wave. “great job today, sam!”
  • shaw chokes
  • grabs john’s arm
  • trips over her backpack
  • john yelps. he gets dragged down with her
  • “john”
  • “shaw, please get off me"
  • “john she knows my name”
  • “shaw, please, people are staring”
  • “john. root groves knows my NAME”
  • he throws her off him
  • she just lays there. dumb smile on her face
  • “where was that smile when you were trying out for juliet, shaw?”
  • “shut the fuck up, martine”
  • okay but how about the day shaw’s walking backstage and runs into root rehearsing lines
  • root looks up, smiles
  • “you busy right now?”
  • shaw shakes her head
  • words are hard
  • “mind helping me run lines? it’s hard to sell some of this romantic garbage with /martine rousseau/ as a scene partner”
  • oh god
  • root groves wants her to read for juliet
  • shaw’s gonna die
  • oh dear sweet gay god
  • shaw sits across from her
  • root hands her the script
  • shaw doesn’t need it though. she just stares at root’s face.
  • root’s got her lines down pat–she’s good at EVERYTHING, it’s annoying–so she’s staring right back
  • jesus
  • those EYES
  • she’s never looked root in the eyes for so long
  • they’re so big and shiny and expressive
  • shaw forgets how much she hates this stupid play. root’s doing things with her eyes that are setting the butterflies in her stomach on fire
  • they’re like five lines away from the kiss
  • root’s looking at her like she’s never wanted anything else in her life
  • and THEN
  • the director calls the start of rehearsal
  • root leans back, and everything snaps back to normal
  • just root and shaw, not the star-crossed lovers
  • root smiles, pats shaw’s knee “thanks for the help. i think i’ve got it”
  • shaw’s like !!!!!!!!!!!!! she TOUCHED me ???????
  • then martine breaks a leg
  • literally
  • zoe morgan may or may not have arranged for such a thing to occur 
  • john, carter, harold and fusco may or may not have all chipped in to pay her
  • the director holds a cast meeting
  • breaks the news
  • says they’ll need to look for a fill-in
  • root’s like “how about sam?”
  • shaw’s gonna cry
  • everyone’s like oh god no. the director’s skeptical
  • root’s like “she’s got it, trust me. we’ve worked together before”
  • winks at shaw
  • all that talent, all that game, and she still can’t wink
  • “trust me! we’ll run a scene together, you’ll see”
  • they run a scene. shaw can’t stop smiling. she’s so smitten
  • the director wonders where the scary grumpy girl went
  • “im glad miss groves has been able to help you reach your true acting potential, sameen!”
  • shaw grimaces. “yep. acting”
  • the director doesn’t want to keep it a period piece. it’s gotta be modern
  • so root’s in a goddamn tuxedo for half the play and her signature leather jacket for the rest
  • leonardo dicaprio style
  • she also tries to ride the motorcycle onstage, but the director vetoes it immediately
  • shaw’s rocking the little black dress
  • then there’s the kiss
  • they never get to rehearse it
  • with martine setting everything back the rehearsal schedule gets weird and they just never get to it. the director assures them it’ll be fine, these things come naturally
  • so it’s opening night
  • the scene is coming
  • but like
  • they get too into it. they forget to stop
  • they just legit make out for like 20 minutes
  • dead silence
  • they finish the scene
  • the play ends
  • thunderous applause
  • everyone’s looking for them. the director’s trying to take a cast picture
  • shaw has barricaded the dressing room closed and is furiously making out with root
  • root pulls back, panting. “hey, this weekend, would you want to–”
  • “yes.” shaw pulls her back for more sloppy makeouts
  • root pulls back again. “you don’t even know what i–”
  • “don’t care. yes”
  • root’s smirking through the kiss
  • shaw is making her way to second base when the door starts rattling
  • root pulls away again. “unless you want an audience in about 30 seconds, you might want to get off my lap, sweetie”
  • shaw is very happily marking the shit out of root’s neck. “don’t care”
  • a voice from the hallway: “sameen?”
  • shaw freezes
  • “your mother might”
  • they try to make themselves presentable. they fail. shaw’s dress has an interesting tear where the slit is
  • root’s dress shirt has lipstick all over the collar