This is fairly primitive, but I wanted to whip together a height chart for everyone!

This is just a compilation of previous pieces, so they’re not quite in the same style, which is noticeable in the Reese and Vivian, since they’re an older drawings.

When drawn, heights may vary slightly, and focus more on displaying which characters are taller, and by roughly how much. However, these are the “canon” heights that I have been working with.

Sugar and Toony are shown at their default size, since their physiology can change. Toony can be stretched or squashed to be larger or smaller, while Sugar can only get larger.


I was going through some old VHS tapes and found this.


“He’s gonna have to fight these five women. He doesn’t realize that he is fighting the ultimate force of nature because they become one and they become as strong as this violent, angry ocean. Don’t fuck with us, motherfucker! That was the idea — that this guy is fighting against these women who represent the ocean, and that’s what they become and he’s gonna lose. There is no way you can fight this.”  Jean-Marc Vallée


Hey guys! Looking to do some commissions! Message me if you’re interested! Im interested in video games, anime, cartoons and basically anything you’d like! So just hit me up if you want to discuss anything! Thankyou!


ShootWeek: Day 4 ↳ favorite Shaw friendship(s)