reeree rockette


I am not a beauty blog by any stretch of the imagination but I sure do love my makeup! As a red lipstick FANATIC I have constantly been looking for the perfect red for me, and had settled for Mac’s Ruby Woo and Revlon’s Really Red. 

Until now..

I had been hearing a lot of buzz on Twitter surrounding Rockalily London lipsticks and thought, this definitely sounds like my cup of tea (p.s that’s black with 2 sugars if you ever fancy making me one!) So I ordered Rockette Red from the lovely ReeRee Rockette who owns the company and have to say I’m blown away!!

The lipstick goes on like a dream, the shade is divine and unlike any other red lipstick I’ve EVER worn, it’s really moisturising and doesn’t dry out my lips! It also has blue undertones so your teeth look pearly and fab and doesn’t wear off for ages!

So yes I am now a convert and would recommend you all hop to it and try some of the various shades! By the way, ReeRee is also an absolute doll, checking my order on twitter after I’d made an over excited typo and typed the wrong shade! What can i say, I was tres excited!  I can’t wait to try out the other shades!!