TC Imagery Goes Back 2 School!

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This Sunday, we will be taking a summer excursion to Reepham, where the town’s award-winning high school, celebrates it’s 50th anniversary.

To mark this momentous occasion, the school has organised a special event that aims to not only commemorate half a century of educating lives but also to showcase an eclectic mix of thought-provoking exhibits that will hopefully unleash the current generation of students own individual working aspirations and inspire others alike. 

A Brief History 

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Reepham High School is recognised for being a pillar of the local community and has received many accolades for it’s adult education and A-S level courses. The School was also awarded with an ‘Outstanding’ ranking by Ofsted for three consecutive years running between (2006-2008), acquiring the highest overall grade possible and outperforming all of their regional counterparts. More recently the school has procured substantial financial investment to improve the existing infrastructure as well as an additional subsidy of £2,000,000 to build a sixth form, complete with state-of-the-art computer equipment to boot.

Back in April of this year, the schools vice chair of governors, Richard Madle made an impromptu visit to the studio at Alby Crafts and showed such enormous admiration for our work, that soon after we were asked to attend this prestigious gathering ourselves, an invitation we gladly accepted.  

After lengthy logistical discussions with Richard of where best to position our pitch, the school have provided us with two sizeable tables in the main sports hall, where we aim to expose the art of professional photography to the masses whilst selling over 40 of our own eye catching images in the process. 

What Will Go On Show?
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The demand for architectural images is somewhat non-existent in North Norfolk, not least of all at Alby, where by an large most are more inclined to purchase local scenes and very little else. This isn’t necessarily a negative state of affairs, after all it’s these types of sales that are very much an integral part of the business model. 

However, as the demographic of visitors at Reepham will inevitably cross every age range imaginable and given the academic nature of the venue it seems fitting to display the picturesque shots of Holkham beach along side pieces with more historical importance, such as our vast set of iconic London Landmarks and the colourful remains of the Berlin Wall, which are almost always overlooked by passing trade. 

In addition to this we will also have an assortment of ex-display items (mounted) and sold unframed between £15-25 each, some vibrant graphics pieces available for £30.00 including a frame and from our beloved range of souvenirs, a handpicked collection of cards and postcards, plus Wall Calendars and a disc containing 50 of our very best sellers resized as iPhone Wallpapers. 

At The Cutting Edge

Taking into account the school’s longstanding commitment to pioneering vocational studies, TC Imagery will encourage visitors to embrace the use of a growing technology trend which is set to revolutionise the retail industry over the coming months. Quick Response (or QR for short) are two dimensional barcodes that can be scanned and read at high speed with any standalone QR barcode reader or QR compatible smart-phones. 

Inherently, the QR itself contains black modules arranged in a square formation on a white background, however the codes appearance is predetermined by the type of data that is embedded. QR codes can display a whole plethora of custom data including text, web URL’s, phone numbers, SMS messages, VCards for storing contact information and VCalendars to display upcoming events. 

It is even possible to integrate advanced capabilities into a codes algorithm such as rendering Google Maps with accurate geo-tags to pinpoint your current location, creating temporary Wifi logins (at present this feature only works with mobile phones on the Android Operation system), plus direct links to iTunes or YouTube.

The technology is very much in it’s infancy, but we believe that it has the potential to open doors 'quite literally’ in the future. QR codes are already frequently used in Japan, Netherlands and South Korea, however it’s taken a while for the rest of the world to wholeheartedly embrace this newfangled concept. However, some UK retailers have already jumped on board the 'QR bandwagon’ most notably supermarket giants, Waitrose and Tesco, although it will be a while before this is regarded as a standardised form of conveying information digitally. 

We will post a comprehensive blog entry on how to get the best out of QR codes, what you will need to generate your own custom code and the advantages and disadvantages of incorporating each data type into your own business very soon. 

Below are some examples of the QR Codes we intend to use at Reepham High. Pretty cool huh?

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On a personal note, TC Imagery is truly honoured to be affiliated with what is clearly an evident milestone in the schools recent history. This short but hopefully mutually beneficial tie up will no doubt seem a surprise to many, but as a small business becoming ever more prosperous, this is without doubt a worthwhile networking exercise and who knows this experience may enable us to broaden our horizons in the future, or maybe not, either way it will be a lesson well learned.

The Reepham High School 50th Anniversary Celebration is taking place this Sunday from 1pm to 5pm (Admission is Free) 

For more information, click here

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After emailing around a few florists in the area - these two got back to me. I arranged with them times and dates of the shoots and they were more than happy to allow me to photograph in their florists.

The Flower House in Costessey is a relatively new florist and has only been open about a year. Shelley Newton - the business owner was more than happy to allow me access to her shop. The shop was very modern and it was full of flowers, vases and very modern arrangements.

The second florist was in Reepham which is very near to where I live. The owner Hillary is a local lady who prides herself on vintage type arrangements but is happy just being around flowers as they bring her comfort and happiness. Hillary’s daughter died tragically in a car accident and Hillary uses the florist as a way of bringing herself and others happiness. The feel of the shop is very traditional and it smelt incredible but I got the sense of homeliness and I think this is something Hillary has aimed for.

After my shoots there - both Hillary and Shelley asked if they could have some of the images i’d take so they both gave me business cards and asked me to email some of the best photos over to them. I feel this has really boosted my confidence when it comes to still life photography as I have actively gone out to a business and put myself out there. Shelley also asked if she could use the images I send on her website possibly as the images on there now were all taken by her on her iPhone. This is a possible professional context for my images and web use for florists could be one.

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Angelica’ is a florist and gift shop in Reepham, Norfolk. Hilary Angelica’s owner is proud to serve the local residential and business community and beyond with innovative and classical floral arrangements.

 Her seasonal flowers and foliage are imported from Holland and are always fresh and fragrant. They deliver nationwide and locally. View there collection of hand tied aqua bouquets and arrangements and buy online for same and next day deliveries.

Hilary also stock’s Rococo chocolates from London and an assortment of glass bud vases, tea lights and porcelain bowls from Serax, an innovative Belgian company. She also have a selection of hand - thrown Kew pots in stunning pastel shades. Just the thing for your elegant garden.

When looking for Reepham Florists for all occassions, weddings, funerals and special events and celebrations, look no further than Angelica.