Interview with Reena about her new and upcoming single #SHOPARAZZI!


Kat Iniba interviews Reena Tolentino on Halo Halo TV!

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Red bottoms

She sat there laughing as he whispered sweet nothings in her ear. She was wearing an elegant black dress and crossed her legs to show off her already worn out louis vuitton heels. You know, the one with the red bottoms.  After dinner, she was prancing around doing acrobatic moves as if she was a five year old girl in a princess dress wearing a tiara on her head. “I wrote a book on Natural beauty,” and pranced away happily in a carefree manner still doing her acrobatic moves… But everyone knew she was packing plastic. If Holden Caulfield was here he would call her a phony. But who isn’t insecure and oxymoronic?

s u n k i s s e d by Reena Tolentino

She sat there half naked with her long brown hair and sun kissed skin. She stared into the deep blue green ocean. She felt like she wanted to kiss the Sun, you see- because it was setting into the abyss, saying it’s good bye, its farewell for now… “It’s like what you see in the movies,” she thought. And before she caught it it slipped away into the ocean effortlessly…swiftly. “Now I know what they mean when they say

 U  S  E      Y  O  U  R      T  I  M  E     w i  s  e  l  y.”

 But the Sun kept beaming into the sky, leaving a trey of        peach



it kept beaming, it kept.


I don’t remember doing this at the interview…lol.