Throw back Thursday to when I reenacted as a paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne for a memorial event put on for WWII veterans. I didn’t do it to escape reality… I didn’t do it to fantasize… I didn’t do it to feel cool… I did it to educate my generation, honor the vets, and help friends who hosted the event. And while I was at it, I got a small taste of what it would have been like to operate with old weapons, vintage load-bearing gear, and work alongside WWII halftracks and armored cars. I’ll never forget it. #tbt #throwbackthursday #wwii #m1carbine #paratrooper #reenactor #reenacting #82ndairborne #honorthem

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African-American Re-Enactors Bring History To Life

Luther Johnson, of Joliet, portrays a Union corporal-

Troops in blue and gray square off in South Side park-June 2013- Organizers said those African-American re-enactors, who depicted a real unit from Quincy, Ill., gave the mostly black audience a view of soldiers whom they say are too often forgotten. African-Americans served in segregated units and were paid less than their white counterparts but fought some of the Union’s most important battles. About 10 percent of the Union Army was black.

Too many people today don’t know a thing about those men”, said Carol L. Adams, the DuSable Museum’s president and CEO. Re-enactments are plentiful in suburban and rural areas but rare inside city limits.

“If more young black men knew about the African-Americans who fought for the freedoms they now enjoy”….. Laura Vinyard

Credit Mitch Smith Chicago Tribune.

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Reenactors, man...

So, quite a few of my reenactor friends are up in Boston doing the Boston Massacre event.  In the hours leading up to the event, they generally hang around downtown in local bars and get progressively more and more drunk and rowdy until the eventual fight (and event) breaks out.

Some of my friends portraying colonists just posted this photo to Facebook:

To which some of my friends portraying British soldiers for the event posted this in response with the caption “I see that and raise you this!  I want to fight you all haha”

To which the colonists had this to say:

Just your daily reminder that reenactors have a sense of humor just like the rest of us and are goddamn hilarious at times.