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40 Things To Do With Your Plushies

taken from here; a li///tt//le blog

1) Have a tea party with them.
2) Have a plushie Beauty Pageant.
3) Play doctor and take care of your plushies
4) Play school with them.
5) Play circus with them.
6) Make a tent with a sheet and pretend to be camping.
7) Reenact a favorite TV show or movie scene with your plushie.
8) Throw a party for your plushie, complete with gifts and human and/or plushie guests.
9) Play pirate and have plushies as your crew.
10) Go on a vacation and take pics of your plushies at famous landmarks.
11) Make a disguise kit for you and your plush and then pretend to be spies. (In your kit you can both use wigs, costumes, fake glasses, etc., and maybe even use funny accents when talking.)
12) Use a Magic 8 Ball and have your plushie predict your future.
13) Have a dance contest between your plushies and give a prize to the winner.
14) Watch a marathon of your favorite TV show with your plush.
15) Teach your plush your favorite dance moves or make up one with them.
16) Make a Time Capsule with your plushie and bury or hide it together.
17) Make a house out of a box for your plush, complete with a bed to sleep in and toys to play with while you’re gone.
18) Help your plush create and maintain their own webpage or blog, maybe even their own art page at Deviant Art. (
19) Use your plush as a model and draw their picture.
20) Read to your plush.
21) Watch cartoons with your plush.
22) Make clothes and accessories for your plushies. How about friendship bracelets for each of you? Can you sew? How about a cute quilt to keep your plush warm?
23) Tell your plush your deepest, darkest secrets; or maybe even your fears, worries or about your secret crush. You know they’ll never tell. :)
24) Tell your plushies how crappy your day was and cry and cuddle with them until you feel better.
25) Tell your plushies how great your day was and cuddle with them because you’re so happy.
26) Color with your plush.
27) Play a board game together.
28) Play your plush’s favorite music for them, or better still, make them a cd of their favorite songs as a gift.
29) Bounce with your plushies on a trampoline.
30) Cuddle with them for no reason but merely for the fact that it’s nice.
31) Dance with them in your arms.
32) Take pics of them and with them.
33) Pretend your plush is an acrobat and have them do flips in the air.
34) Pretend to be super heroes! Your plush can be your sidekick or vice versa. Maybe your plush could even be the villain!
35) Play house with your plushies.
36) Pretend you and your plush are super models.
37) Web surf together. Perhaps even watch funny cat videos.
38) Make a pillow fort with your plushies and then defend it from attacking plushies.
39) Make a book together or make a book about them.
40) Make a shelter from a sheet and pretend to be stranded on a deserted island.

30 Day Series Art Challenge

Choose a series or singular work of fiction

1: Main Character(s) + Title
2: Your favorite character
3: Your least favorite character
4: Your OTP
5: Draw the Squad
6: Reenacting a Vine
7: OC/OCs of yours
8: Your favorite scene
9: Your favorite fanfiction
10: Favorite place in the series
11: A headcanon
12: In the Spring
13: In the Summer
14: In the Fall
15: In the Winter
16: Character you hate to love
17: Character you love to hate
18: A character in what your wearing right now
19: A character in your favorite outfit
20: As children/a child
21: Inspired by a song/soundtrack
22: Crossover!
23: An AU
24: Character Shaming
25: Alignment Chart
26: OTP kissing
27: OTP date
28: OTP NSFW (Can be implied/censored if you are uncomfortable drawing the actual thing)
29: Something a character has taught you
30: Something the series as a whole has taught you

anonymous asked:

It's 3:56 and I'm still reeling from the fact that arin (space-marauder) not only replied to my weird dream, but literally made a 7 second reenactment of it.

Jes: I’m not really replying to these anymore but this made me laugh. THOSE WERE SO GREAT!