reena tolentino

The thought of writing a blog has always crossed my mind, but for some reason something kept holding me back to do so. It would itch on me every now to share my thoughts, poetry, and even things I learned or discovered about life. So here I am New Years day (1.1.11) writing my first blog to everyone and anyone who will find this.

You know the saying, “ Turn that Frown Upside Down.” Right? Well, it is so cliche and can get really repetitive especially when it becomes a stupid pick up line. Tonight I was eating Chinese food with family and there was a fortune cookie that got my attention. It said, “ A FROWN KEEPS OTHERS AWAY, SO SMILE TODAY.” This is so true. Smile so others can come your way, and if you don’t want certain people to come your way either frown or just look down or the other way.




Here’s a short film I worked on last summer for the 48 HR FILM FESTIVAL!