FROM THE ARCHIVES// Bellows’ third album in chronicling the duo’s hardware-centric practices and most likely their best yet, “Reelin’” captures Giuseppe Ielasi and Nicola Ratti half way between tape-led abstraction and direct sonic documentation.  Very little information clings to this Entr'acte release, but that makes the sounds all the more glorious and it comes out sounding like processing dub in a scientific laboratory or programming a drum machine with field recordings.  Ielasi and Ratti use a Sony Walkman, Revox A77, and Memory Man to make “Reelin’” into something as physical as sanding a piece of wood and as tactile as fraying edges of a worn rug, which results in the music coming alive and filling a room like little else.  – Ryan Potts, Experimedia

mun-of-mdh  asked:

I need Vinny to complain about the younger generations please!

“Kids these days
Don’t know the first
thing about running
an empire, lemme
tell ya.

Maybe it’s just the
Roman parta my
Sicilian ancestry,
But I’m the Emperor
that makes this an empire.

But this-
This whole operation
would be just like a
bride in a torn
weddin’ dress
without me;
That is to say,

These kids act like
cowboys with somethin’
ta prove, tryin’ ta be
the next Capone. As
someone who worked
unda him, my friends,
lemme say, there was and
will only ever be, one Capone.

Still. After 155 sumthin’ years on
the job, and singlehandedly
reelin’ in a golden age better'n
prohibition, safe ta say I mighta
surpassed my mentor.”