reel romance


Reel Romance: “A crew member falls in love with a films leading lady and imagines himself as the leading man.”

The final result of one of the short film opportunities I’ve had in the past few months! While it might have been mostly just a fun and silly project for everyone to do, it’s these kinds of things that help propel the dream along. I met a lot of really cool people on this set and had an absolute blast, and watching the final result more than anything reminds me that more than half the fun of working on sets is hanging out with awesome people. If you wanna check out a silly story that’s a little overexaggerated, that loves Michael Buble, and that involves a little too much lipstick, this one’s for you.

Thanks for watching and for your neverending support. :)

Reel Romance

This weekend I had the privilege of being on the most fun of a set that I’ve been on thus far. (Before I go on, full disclaimer: this does not mean the ones filled with my friends were less fun or less supportive by any means, but I was in a very different place compared to where I am now mentally.) It seems that since November, that first real set that wasn’t composed of people I already felt close to, my confidence has blossomed in ways that it has never before. The ease at which I’m able to strike up a conversation, to add my voice to one in progress, to open up to people I’d just met that day - it’s getting easier. That’s strange for me. And it gives me feelings I can’t quite explain in words, an almost scared excitement, a swell in my chest that makes me proud and bewildered at the same time. As for the acting in itself it’s feeling more solid, less like a mistake or making me feel unsure as to whether or not I really deserve to be there. All of this is so bizarre to take in, even though it’s hardly much to be as excited as I am about. I still don’t feel like I’ve been doing much, haven’t really had a chance to “shine”, to challenge myself or even have an idea if I’m able to challenge myself. But this is a step in the right direction, I think. And I’m cautiously excited.