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My new favorite part of the Ghostbusters blooper reel

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Like OMYGOD this is so crazy to me..ya’ll don’t understand ..cassette tapes are the WORST LOL…and the fact that i actually spent money on a cassette in 2016 BAWHHAHAHAH..but i had to have it T_T i hate myself

These analog tape and record players look gorgeous, but are only for the fabulously wealthy
Ballfinger is a German-based design group best known for its wristwatches and desk lamps, but at the Norddeutsche Hifi-Tage 2017 audio show, the company showed off a pair of analog audio products that should make any serious audio gear fan sick with envy. The star of the show is definitely the Tonbandmaschine M 063 reel-to-reel tape player, which looks like it was transplanted from another era to the modern day. It’s hard to figure out exact details on the M 063 — most of Ballfinger’s site is in German, so I’m basing some of this off Google Translate — but apparently the player can take up to 30cm reels, with a dynamic three-motor drive and a digital display. Read more
Jamie improves every game and every year. I’ve only been with him for two years, but as a player and as a person it seems like every week he’s getting stronger and better, and becoming a better leader and better captain. He wants the team to be so successful that he’s making himself better as a player.
—  Tyler Seguin on Jamie Benn