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How can one get into voice acting? Like, how could I get my name out there and possibly find a gig?

Kind of a tricky question!

I could always recommend VA forums like BTVA and CastingCallClub but honestly… those kind of suck? My biggest recommendation is to make your own work and audioposts. This way not only are you practicing, but you’re building up a portfolio and, if you’re lucky, an audience.

As far as finding roles the best thing to do is just networking. Get into contact with producers you like who produce quality work. There are a million voice actors out there but only a few thousand quality content producers. Once you actually have some solid acting chops and a demo reel doing some real-life networking is the best way to actually land roles instead of years of auditioning for Abridged Series that go into production for 3 months before never getting made.


1. Chapters & Choices (2x10)

2. Real Life & Reel Life (2x25)

3. Last Dances & Last Chances (3x16)

4. Relationships & Red Carpets (3x22)

5. Wedding Bells & Wacky Birds (4x07)

6.Karaoke & Kalamity (4x08)

‘Cause when it’s real, you can’t walk away.

Raura and auslly, everyone! 


My Views on Social Media.

Social media is whatever you make it. You have the power to choose whether it has a positive or negative impact on your life, and when you think it’s starting to become addictive, you alone have responsibility to switch off your phone and laptop and disengage from technology.

Of course Instagram isn’t real life. Everyone, myself included, choose the highlight reel of their life to present on social media – we all know that and it is all our choice to be apart of it. However, that doesn’t mean I have ever pretended to be someone that I am not on Instagram.

Societal pressure to conform and be liked and accepted affects everyone at some stage of their life, and stems from a variety of factors – school, work, friendship groups, relationships and social media. However in all of these situations if you allow yourself to be pressured into presenting a false version of yourself that is a direct result of your own free will and intent. Part of growing up is taking responsibility for your actions and for any issues that are a direct result of your life decisions.                                                  

I will always consider myself to have been very fortunate to be in a position to take advantage of the opportunity that Instagram has given me, and I want to be clear that my value of self worth has nothing to do with likes or comments. The belief I have in myself stems from a very loving and supporting circle of family and friends who instilled in me the ability to understand that self worth and happiness will never, and can never, be based on other people’s opinions or expectations of you - especially not the number of followers you have on Instagram.

Some people have said that Instagram isn’t real and people on social media aren’t real. But I think the amount of REAL incredible people I’ve met and worked with over the past couple of years would disagree. For the experiences and opportunities social media has given me I will always be incredibly humbled and grateful.

For the first time, we all have the power to show to world who we really are. It gives us the opportunity to speak with our hearts and minds, and define our true selves better then anything or anyone else could.  

It’s important to acknowledge that not everyone will agree with my opinion and that’s totally fine! But social media remains the reality of the society we live in - like it or not. Choosing to use social media as a platform to tell people social media is a lie is hypocritical and contradicts the very same concept. Take responsibility for yourself and your own actions  - the potential create the life you wish to live is completely in each of our hands.

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Hi there! I love your blog!! I'm new to the J2 ship (I was at MinnCon so of course I hurled myself onto that ship real quick like) and am looking for fics based around past cons. If you have some recs or could point me to a specific tag that would be amazing!!

Hi, darlin’!  Thank you so much <333 I’m so glad that you have found my blog and the lovely ship that is J2 and I am extremely envious that you were at MinnCon aka the reason I’ve been having a breakdown for the last few days!

I have found a few fics focused on past conventions, but first I am going to rec to you:

The Courtship of Jensen’s Co-Star by qblackheart 

Somewhere in the time between a handshake and a hug, Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki went from being reel-life brothers to real-life best friends, and complete strangers to cosmic soul mates, no rhyme or reason to it that either of them could ever see. Jared was everything Jensen was not: friendly, funny, and full of life; one in six-point-whatever billion the Earth’s population currently stood at. Life was awesome. Work was amazing. Everything was fine until Jared kissed Jensen. Everything was peachy until Jensen fell in love. With desperate times unexpectedly calling for desperate measures, Jensen called Chad Michael Murray for relationship advice – because being in love led to temporary insanity obviously – so it really didn’t surprise him that he couldn’t seem to win when it came to wooing Jared. Still, Pisces must’ve been in a really good place in the night sky or something because suddenly, right smack dab in the middle of the miserable courtship of his co-star, Jensen discovered that maybe loving Jared was all he needed to do to win his heart. And luckily for Jensen, loving Jared was also the one thing he did best.

This fic is a classic in the J2-world.  It’s a non-au and is perfect for someone just getting into this ship.  This is the fic that has inspired many to ship J2 which is part of the reason I’m reccing it now :)  

Now, onto the convention-based fics!

Real Slow by deirdre_c

The stripteasing on stage at conventions is a joke, until Jensen gets drunk and sends a private video to Jared. Then it’s not so funny anymore.

Based on: PhxCon 2015 and SeaCon 2015

I’m With Stupid by dolavine

At the Aussie Con in 2009 Jensen and Jared auction off signed and designed shirts for charity.. Misha signs Jared’s shirt and Jensen gets jealous at the spectacle Misha makes of it.

Based on: AHBL 2009

Private by Ygrawn

Jared’s always had the power to do that to him, to make him forget anybody else exists.

Based on: AHBL 2009

The Eyelash Effect by runedgirl

First, it is not normal for a guy to reach over and tenderly brush an eyelash from the cheek of his best friend. Second, it is not normal not to have realized this a long time ago.

Based on: a story at a convention, but I’m blanking on that specific rn 

Serendipity by privilegedesire 

Serendipity: the effect by which one accidentally discovers something fortunate, especially while looking for something else entirely. Jared lives and learns.

Based on: a general convention

A Family Reunion by morganaDW

It’s convention time in Las Vegas and Jared’s getting sick. When he over does it on some meds while Jensen’s at Cabaret it’s not just Jensen that helps take care of him as both Jensen and Jared learn that they never outgrow even the concern of TV parents.

Based on: VegasCon 2015

Well Suited by paperstorm

The Payley Convention made for a long day; it drains Jensen. Jared kind of enjoys the opportunity to take care of him.

Based on: PaleyFest 2011

Reality Check by morganaDW

When a joking question at a Supernatural convention about the height difference between Jared and Gen comes up. A mock kiss on stage takes both Jared and Jensen by surprise and both men make some choices that doesn’t come to a surprise to others in their lives.

Based on: a general convention

Meanwhile, Down in the Green Room by Callisto 

By the time Jensen gets to the Green Room, it’s all over. Jared’s had his shoulder reduced right there on the floor next to yesterday’s crab cakes (so much for only his fucking elbow, Daniella), Osric’s looking shell-shocked, and the big guy is up in his suite on “bed rest” for the remainder of the day. Which, yeah, that’ll work.

Based on: JIBCon 2014

The Day Twitter Blew Up by morganaDW

It should’ve been any normal J2 day an VanCon until Jensen decides to do something that not only shocks those closest to him but also his fans. Then it’s a matter of reassuring Jared that it’s a good idea when he worries about how Twitter and their fans will react in the long run.

Based on: VanCon 2014

The Play Nice Proviso by qblackheart

When Jensen Ackles first met Jared Padalecki, it was most definitely not love at first sight. It wasn’t even like at first sight. In fact, Jensen hated him, and he had a few good reasons as to why. So what if his new co-star was oblivious to his one-sided warfare? Jensen could deal. Apart from when he couldn’t. So when it came down to picking between Padalecki and his peace of mind, the choice seemed clear. Except for the fact that The Network had his balls in a vice, leaving him stuck with Supernatural, stuck with his idiot co-star, and worst of all, stuck with a ‘Play Nice’ Proviso added to his contract. Well, he could play nice. He would play so nice that the world was going to think that he and Jared Padalecki were the bestest friends in the history of best friends. It was unfortunate then that no one had ever told Jensen what happened when an immovable object met an irresistible force; no one had ever thought to mention that there was a thin line between hate and love; and nothing, absolutely nothing, could have possibly prepared him for Playing Nice with Jared Padalecki.

Based on: all of Supernatural (there are convention scenes within it)

Sorry this took so long!  It was a lot harder going through my read fics and finding convention-based ones than I thought it was going to be.  I hope these are good for you though!  If you ever need any other fic recs, my inbox is always open and I know so many others would love to help you out as well.  Welcome to the world of J2!  You won’t regret it <3



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