reel rewind


In side us all is a movie house,
a cinema at our beck and call
filled with reels upon reels of memories
to project upon our inner wall.

A movie house of special memories,
of magic moments caught in time,
dreary thoughts of dark winter days
and warm memories filled with bright sunshine.

Tearful memories of parents,
of brothers and sisters no longer here,
of birthdays and parties and holidays,
of happy times that we hold dear.

Childhood memories of friends long gone,
a longing for the years gone by,
a yearning to see them all again,
playing beneath a summer sky.

Memories of happiness and joy,
pangs of sorrow and regret,
memories we will cherish forever
and some that we would like to forget.

Memories are all I have,
clacking reels of film in the hallways of my mind,
and as one reel nears its end,
the other reels rewind.

Ambrose Harte = Scattered Thoughts