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Much Ado About Nothing - Dance of the Tennant Edition

So, apparently, the girl talked with Jungkook in the hospital and then called Yoongi to let him know but Yoongi was mad because he pushed Jungkook away. He thinks he will only cause pain and bad luck to Kookie, so he fights the girl because he’s pissed that she’s minding his business... fuck
|| protect you ||

fluff with peter? fluff with peter.

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Breathe  [ D.G ]

Pairing: Dick Grayson x Reader

Request: Can you do an imagine where dick meets a new vigilante and they fight along side for multiple missions but neither of them know the real identity of the other and during a mission the girl gets serious hurt and dick realize it’s his fiancé?? Fluff and sadness maybe? Thank you!!

Warnings: Blood-much blood and injury, angst??

Word Count: 1210

A/N: This turned out longer than I expected but hopefully that makes up for what it may lake in terms of writing quality. Also, I totally wrote that reader new that Nightwing was Dick and I didn’t realise until it was too late oops. Anyways, apart from that, hoping this is what the Anon wanted!


This was definitely not your first time fighting alongside Nightwing yet somehow you still felt nervous. You knew that Dick is Nightwing but did he know that you were his fiancé? No. He didn’t. It had been a month since you had bumped into Nightwing even after all of your efforts not to run into him and now it seemed that you were fighting alongside each other every other night.

None of the missions were ever dangerous and there would be little to no chance that Dick would figure out that he was actually fighting with you so you thought it wouldn’t hurt to help each other patrol the streets. Not that either of you needed help; it was nice just having the company.

More often than not you questioned the sanity of yourself and of the man whom you are about to marry. Seriously, you were dressed up in what seemed like they could be children’s halloween costumes and parading around at night with bloody codenames, beating the daylights out of bad guys. Why did you decide to do this again?

It wasn’t as if you weren’t scared that Dick would find out that his fiance was doing the exact same thing as he was right beside him because you were. You had not wanted Dick to find out as he would hands down throw a tantrum about how you were sure to get hurt and how he didn’t want you living a life as dangerous as his. Too late for that.

“Oh god,” Dick mumbles, running a strong hand through his messy hair. He was fully decked up in his Nightwing gear and you were dressed completely in your costume. “Just-just breathe, okay?”

You had made a stupid mistake this time. One that placed you in the situation you happened to be in now. There was a large wound in the side of your stomach, gaping and taunting both you and Nightwing as you lay with your back against the wall of a newly abandoned apartment. The blood that was leaving your body collected together and formed a pool around both your and Dick’s frame. His uniform was stained with your blood, the light blue that crossed his chest was splattered with the crimson substance.

They were simply street thugs, how could this have happened? A teenage girl was being cornered by two fully grown men in an alley, having cleverly screamed out multiple times once she had noticed them approaching. The sight of the disgusting men combined knowing their intentions had angered you beyond words and without thinking you dragged Dick with you to beat the daylights out of them. Unfortunately, the larger of the two had managed to drive his knife into your side twice before you had knocked him out.

“D-Dick.” You whimper, squeezing your eyes shut under your domino mask as you wince. The pain throbbing through your body was like a fire that spread the more you thought about it.

“How do you know my name?” Dick questioned, pressing on the open wound with the palms of both of his hands.

With shaking hands, you pull off the glove that covered your left forearm. Dick flashes you a confused look, shaking his head as he mumbles something about how it doesn’t matter. You mumble something incoherently, placing your hand in front of his face.

“Y/N?” Dick whispers as he stares at the ring that adorned your finger. It was distinctly the ring that he had proposed with; the one that his father had proposed to his mother with. You had forgotten to remove it until it was too late. His eyes well with tears as he moves to remove your mask. Taking his lip between his teeth, Dick caresses your cheek, momentarily distracted from the blood that was seeping from the large gash that was painted across your side. “Wha–Oh my god.”

“Dick, I’m sorry,” You sob, watching salty tears fall from Dick’s eyes. They fall onto your own gear, glistening under the light from the broken window. “I’m so sorry.”

The initial shock had Dick reeling back a couple inches, his eyes wide underneath his domino mask, his jaw clenching and unclenching. There was no time for him to waste and he knew that but he needed a few seconds to put the pieced together. How did he not know before now? How did he never notice the same bruises on your skin and the disappearances that you mirrored?

“Let’s get you home. You’re going to be-” Dick’s voice cracks. “You’re going to be fine.”

He takes you into his arms, your head falling to the crook of his neck, hiding your identity from anyone who may see him swinging through the streets. Walking to the shattered window, he pulls out his grappling gun and within seconds you could feel the cold wind blowing through your hair.

You almost cried out at the feeling of the cold air slapping at your wound, your fingers digging into Dick’s arms as he moved through the city as fast as he could. There was no way Dick will be losing you anytime soon. He’d be damned if anything happened to the one person who meant the most to him.

It felt like years before you had finally reached your shared apartment. Dick had entered the both of you through the window, his jaw hurting from how hard he had been clenching it. His hands and body were all covered in your blood and he tried his hardest not to think about how this may be the moment he feared the most.

You shook in his arms, whimpers of pain falling from your lips as if it were a melody stuck on repeat. Dick put you down gently before racing to find the necessary supplies. There wasn’t much seeing as this was most definitely not a hospital. But it was enough. You kept the house stocked for emergencies, never knowing whether yourself or Dick may come home half dead.

It was enough to stop you from dying.

Dick was by your side once more within minutes, his sturdy hands working at the bandages and medicines. He tried his best to stop his hands from shaking as he nervously stitched you up, silently thanking Alfred for teaching him how to do so.

You had fallen unconscious by the time Dick had done all he could, his shoulders falling and his muscles relaxing. Dick throws his blood drenched uniform to the side, his chest heaving as he shoved his legs into a pair of sweatpants. He quickly changed you into one of his own shirts, carefully tucking you into bed before laying himself down next to you.

Gingerly moving you so that you were in his arms without him hurting you, Dick let out a sigh. It was most definitely a long night for the both of you but he knew in the end things would get better. This would be a bump along the way but you still loved each other more than the moon loved the soon and vice versa. All that mattered to Dick at this given moment was that had the one that he loved the most in his arms, alive and safe.


The show v. Gag Reel

A couple of lines from the Gag Reel makes me convinced that someone on the writing staff is into old Tom Cruise films especially after seeing Lauren German’s dance in the SDCC sizzle reel and Luci talking about “Eyes wide shut” (S1E12). It’s not the first lines about Top Gun but the ones in the third gif that made the actors giggle like lunatics. I believe they are referring to Tom Cruise is ‘Master of the Muffin and Frank T.J. Mackey from Magnolia (1999) .Add to it that Frank T.J. Mackey and his ideas sound very much like the ones of Carver Cruz and his Players Club in  S1E4.

Can’t Be Real Final

Pairing: Eggsy x Reader

Request: @rohanwood Idea for a one shot/ series where eggsy & the reader meet outside of kingsman & neither of them know the other is an agent at kingsman. They start dating & each end up walking out on dates bc of missions, but make it work? The other is suspcious but dont have any idea what they’re hiding. Eventually they discover each other at work & angst ensues? & the reader is a legendary sort of myth at Kingsman & no one knows who she is except for high ranking officials like Merlin & (formerly) Arthur?

Warning: Swearing



Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

Originally posted by angelic-breeze

Y/N stepped up to him, sliding her pistol back into its holster. Eggsy gave her an easy going smile that made her want to melt. Instead she stopped close enough to be a comfortable distance before she spun on her heel and connected her boot to his cheek in a swift roundhouse kick.

It sent him reeling back a couple feet back into the foliage around them. He staggered on his feet before falling to his ass. Y/N followed him, hands clenched into fists. He looked up at her, fixing the very familiar glasses on his face.

“What the fuck, Y/N?!” He cried, not very silently.

“What the fuck are you doing here?” She hissed, standing over him menacingly.

“Well uh…”

“How the fuck did you know where I was? Who sent you?” Y/N continued, hand on the pistol sitting at her thigh. He raised his hands in surrender, not getting up.

“Kingsman. Merlin sent me. Your glasses is how I knew,” Eggsy explained. Y/N stared at him, her tense posture relaxing. She looked down at him confused for a moment before realization dawned on her.

“Holy shit, you’re an agent,” She said, amazed. He nodded, getting up when he saw she was more relaxed. Y/N glared at him as he stood, rubbing his jaw.

Eggsy looked at her, a bit apprehensive. “You’re not going to kick me again, are you?” He asked. Instead of answering him, she crossed her arms and walked away from him.  Eggsy followed after her, gently taking her elbow to stop her.

“Hey, I thought maybe we should talk about this,” He said. Y/N looked back at him, anger clear on her face.

“What? What exactly could you possibly say to me?” She spat.

“I’m sorry I ignored you. I wasn’t thinking. When I found out you were a Kingsman, I panicked and fucked up everything between us. I don’t want to lose that, not with you.” Y/N just kept staring at him. Eggsy let go of her elbow, shifting under the intensity of her gaze.

“You shouldn’t be here. It’s dangerous and you are not dressed to travel as long as we’re going to be,” She said, her features softening enough to show how much him ghosting her affected her.

“I want to be here. I want to be near you,” He said, not sure what she meant by him not being appropriately dressed, but brushed it off for now. Y/N shook her head.

“You ruined that Eggsy. I’m not interested in someone who was only interested in my body,” She said. She wasn’t being intentionally mean, but damn did that hurt.

“Ain’t me being here enough to prove that that ain’t true?” He asked, giving her probably the most heart felt look she had ever seen on his cheeky, handsome face.

Y/N gestured around them, giving him a pained look back. “What do you want me to say?”

“Just tell me you’ll let me stay with you. I want to prove that I want more than just your body,” Eggsy said, taking her hands to hold. She stared up at him before breaking with an aggravated sigh.

“Fine, but seriously, you need to change.”

“I don’t really understand what you mean. I’m in the bulletproof suit,” Eggsy said, looking down at himself.

Y/N shook her head, laughing a bit. “You’ll see.” She gestured towards her tent so she could tend to the bruise she had left on his face.


The next three days were spent trekking through jungles with a group of people who were surprised to see Eggsy there, fully suited and not at all in the kind of attire to be walking through a jungle.

As soon as they had started, Eggsy suddenly understood why Y/N was so adamant about him changing his clothes. He had shed his jacket, tie and the first four buttons to his dress shirt within an hour and yet he was still sweating. The shirt he was wearing would never get the stains out.

Y/N had allowed him to shove his jacket and tie in her backpack, but she told him she didn’t have anything big enough for him to wear. Though there wasn’t anyone in this group of people that was anywhere structured like he was, he was stuck wearing his dress shirt which he would have to throw out at some point and his suit pants.

Eggsy groaned unhappily as his foot sunk into the third hole, muddying his shoe further. The entire group looked back at him before one man, younger than him, but probably around the same size made his way over to him. The young man smiled at him as he took off his backpack and bent to pull some things out.

“Hi, Eggsy right?” The man said. Ah, an American was with them. Eggsy was sure this was the first time he’d heard him talk too.

“Yeah. And you, bruv?” Eggsy asked, watching the man dig through his bag.

“Chris Tanner,” He replied before giving a quiet ‘Ah-Ha!’ at finding what he was looking for. He pulled out an extra pair of cargo pants, socks and a pair of hiking boots. He handed them over to Eggsy with a smile. “Here. These should fit you.”

Eggsy took them gratefully, smiling at the man. “Thanks.” Before he made his way to some bushed to change out of his ruined suit. The pants and boots fit, but they were a bit snug as his hips were a bit bigger, but Eggsy wasn’t about to complain.

“Are you done?” Y/N called, not visible from where Eggsy was hidden.

“Yeah,” He called back, bunching his ruined socks, shoes and dress pants into a ball before walking out of his hiding spot. Y/N walked to him with her backpack open so he could shove his things into them.

They continued on and even though Eggsy was still getting muddy and wet, he felt more comfortable being so in these clothes. It wasn’t until another day or so had past before they found trouble. Y/N had stopped abruptly and gestured everyone to get low. Eggsy followed suit, crouched low and getting closer to Y/N to see what was going on. She looked at him before pulling her backpack towards her front. She opened it up and pulled out a case that didn’t seem like it should fit there. Inside the case sat three pieces and a whole lot of arrows.

Y/N pulled the three pieces out and assembled it rather quickly before knocking an arrow on the bow string and lifting herself up on her knees. Eggsy did the same to watch as she loosed an arrow that soared through the air and embedded itself into the back of a mercenary’s head. Eggsy hissed through his teeth at the sight of the man fall not ten meters away from the group.

The other mercenaries in the area started, looking around for the culprit that took out one of them. Before the other seven armed men were able to move, three more men were taken down by arrows. Eggsy then pulled out his pistol, ready for the remaining four to descend upon them.

One of the four didn’t make it much closer before Y/N was standing straight up and letting loose an arrow that dug through the man’s neck. Eggsy also stood, aiming and firing his pistol in three rapid shots, watching as the two out of three dropped.

The last man hid behind a tree and Eggsy sprinted to where he was hiding, pressing his back to the opposite side of the tree. Y/N kept her bow drawn and ready while Eggsy made his way to the other side before pressing his pistol to the man’s head and firing.

Once it was clear, Y/N handed her backpack off to him and kept her bow on her back. Eggsy kept her backpack with him since he figured he might as well help her out. The group tried their best not to look at the mess they’d made in order to keep them safe, but Jonah did end up vomiting up his breakfast at the sight of one man who had an arrow through his eye.

Eggsy had rubbed Jonah’s back in comfort while the others avoided looking altogether. The journey away from the little squabble was easier, but Y/N was pushing the group to get further away. They eventually had to stop, all of them sitting around a campfire so they could have some form of dinner. Soup wasn’t exactly what Eggsy would consider as the best dinner, but given that they had to ration, it made sense. Once the group of archaeologists set up their tents and retired to them, Eggsy moved closer to Y/N.

“How’d I do?” He asked, giving her a smug look.

“Pretty good. Besides not listening to me about getting changed. You’re lucky Chris had an extra pair.”

“Yeah, I am. I’m also lucky to have you as a partner,” He said, leaning back on his hands. She looked at him, an unreadable expression on her face. “What?” he asked.

“I just… was thinking about what you said when you first came here.” Eggsy raised his brows at her, signalling her to continue. “You came here because you wanted to tell me that you were also a Kingsman. So why the silence afterwards?”

“I don’t know. I saw a picture of Harry Hart on your wall and I sent a picture of it to Merlin and when he told me who your father was, I left. Then when I found out that you were also a Kingsman, I wanted to know everything about you. You’re literally a fucking legend among the others, you know that right?”

Y/N cringed at him, her nose wrinkling in disgust. “A legend?”

“All anyone’s seen of you is the recordings that get uploaded to your file from your glasses.” She sat back as if to absorb that information. After a few minutes, she looked back at him.

“Did you?”

“Did I what?” he asked.

“Did you think I was a legend?” She clarified. Eggsy shook his head.

“Didn’t think you were real, honestly.” Y/N jerked back in mock offense.

“Was I real enough that night?” She asked, a teasing smile on her face. Eggsy smiled back, shaking his head in wonder at her.

“Of course you were. Bedivere was not, but then suddenly you were and you are the same person, so I admit to being wrong.” Y/N rolled her eyes at him.

“Good. I’m still mad at you, but I will give you a third chance, despite being an asshole,” She said. Eggsy looked at her, eyebrows raised in surprise.


“You already had a second chance after leaving me nearly every date we had,” She retorted.

“That’s right… Well, third time’s the charm innit?” Eggsy asked, smirking smugly as he leaned in to kiss her.

“We’ll see, Unwin.” She allowed him to kiss her. Eggsy moved his hand up to caress her cheek gently before pulling her deeper into the kiss. He found, despite hating the heat and the sweating and the constant amount of bugs flying around him, there was nowhere else he’d rather be than with someone who was impossibly real.

Touched by an Angel

Pairing: You x Wonho

Genre: Angst, Fluff

Length: 2,693 words

Summary: When you lose all ability to walk, you are sure that you will never recover, but there is always an angel around to combat the impossible.

a/n: This one took me a while to write. I got the idea while out for a walk this morning, and the song I’m on Fire by AWOLNation came on. Wonho just seemed to fit the idea of the man in my mind, and I think he did an amazing job.

It is human nature to seek answers for unexplained occurrences. We need a rope of understanding when we are sinking in the incomprehensible. It is also human nature to blame anyone and anything but ourselves for our misfortune. There is comfort in having the weight that burdens you placed on someone else.

But as you sped down the road on that slick spring night and glanced down at the “Where R U” text on your phone from your beloved just long enough for you to swerve into the opposite lane and have bright headlights blind you before impact – you realize that you are solely to blame for your actions.

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anonymous asked:

any thoughts about the first time someone calls Neil by Nathaniel either on or off the court?

this may have gotten away from me but enjoy! <3

  • it’s been quite a while since neil was called nathaniel
  • in fact, the last time someone had called him that was when andrew had told him to leave nathaniel behind, to just be neil
  • the team knew that neil as neil, and would never call him nathaniel, so he was safe on that front
  • but other teams didn’t share the same sentiment
  • smack talk is a huge part of exy
    • trying to get a rise out of your mark is just something you do
    • the more distracted they are by you, the less they’re paying attention to the game
  • neil is usually The King of smack talk, but not this time
  • it was a fairly easy game, the foxes were winning by quite a large margin and neil had gotten andrew to shut down the goal (at this point he didn’t have to really even ask)
  • neil’s mark was going hard  against him, if neil had been a millisecond slower he would have ended up pinned between the boards
    • this had been happening the entire game
    • neil is short, he seems like an easy target to slam against the boards
    • but he is the fastest player out there so he doesn’t spend too much time being rough housed
  • it was frustrating, here is this team that used to be nothing and had somehow won the championships and become the best team in class 1 exy

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anonymous asked:

still reeling over that couples therapy video yesterday - sams laugh brings me so much joy i think i've replayed that part like 10 times

I’ll be honest, I had major second hand embarrassment and cringed through it the first time I watched it. I had a request to make some gifs, and seeing it again and hearing the laughs, yup, sold! They really are too cute together. And Cait’s little expressions where she almost loses it and laughs are gold. Made me think about that interview where Sam commented that Cait just starts giggling, turns her back so that they can still use the take, and then Sam has to keep a straight face while delivering his lines.

S6 DVD bonus features.. Rumbelle.......WOW

Ok, there were a couple of Em/Belle bloopers on the blooper reel and a couple of Bobby ones. They were cute, but ……ugh, no Rumbelle.

Deleted scenes:

1) Rumple/Zelena at Granny’s: I’m glad this was cut; it served no purpose. Zelena was having some problems bottle feeding, Rumple snarled at her aout what a mess her life was, she snarled  back. She commented about his hair cut and how his life is a mess and then he said that her sister liked it and continued on about how she takes what she wants (EQ, that is), like she used to do.

I didn’t like this at all. I didn’t like Rumple talking about the EQ that way. It was just a ridiculous scene.

2) I had to rewind this to be sure I heard right. Belle goes to Zelena (it’s 6x11) and she asks for her help. She says that Rumple wants to turn Gideon to the dark side and she has to stop. She wants to STEAL THE SHEARS so she can cut Gideon off from his destiny of being the savior and hurting Emma (something like that). She wants to lead him to the light……..  She also wants break the protection lock on the cabin. Ok, so Rumple has holed up in the cabin with Gideon.   Oh and Zelena freezes Belle because she thinks she’s in fantasy world.

I don’t really get this because Rumbelle had had a good conversation at the end of 6x10……. and yet she’s absolutely certain of what Rumple wants to do? This must have come after Belle’s scene with David and Hook where she says she’s not sure if Rumple intends to help Gideon kill Emma……

3) The cabin scene. God, I’m glad they deleted this; this was some NASTY Rumbelle.

So Belle, Hook, Zelena and David go to the cabin, break the lock…and Rumple says something like “I should have known you’d do something like this”.   He says that she’s a hypocrite for wanting to cut Gideon’s destiny like he did, but she said that the difference is that he wanted to do it so that he would be just like him…….She’s trying to save their son (or some such thing). This ALL explains Belle’s sarcastic comment at the well about how she didn’t try to cut his destiny - something like that…..Gideon says that he wants to bring this family together; Belle says that that is what Rumple always says….. Rumple says “come on, son”……..and Gideon pretty much says no way and poofs out.

So honestly, it’s hard to tell what Rumple was doing with Gideon in the cabin, but they looked sort of DARK, so it’s hard for me to believe that this is the same man who talked to Belle in 6x10 about working together to save him. I don’t really even get Belle….. I’m telling you, I was SHOCKED. That said, it’s NOT canon. I mean, some of the deleted scenes are, but they clearly changed their mind about Belle trying to cut Gideon’s destiny - and thank GOD.

Like I said, though, how do Rumbelle go from 6x10 to this? It’s NASTY …

1 AM thoughts: Do you think the Lynches are ever comfortable enough together that they put together little impromptu concerts at the Barns like

- Ronan on fiddle, Declan on flute and Matthew on drum bless him

- and they cycle through a couple of reels & jigs, and Ronan is tapping his foot in time and he’s ravishing the violin like no offence but he’s won a whole childhood worth of awards he’s a pro

- and lets be honest Adam and Blue are thrivingTM

- and maybe it’s summer and all the firefly lights are out and the windows are open

- mallory is over for the week, and he’s nursing a scotch to dull the pain of Irish music so near his English ass

- and Opal is spinning around with Blue and Henry and Gansey’s heart is on his gd sleeve

- And Ashley’s there clapping along bc she’s actually great and Declan has chilled tf out with his womanizing

- but adam’s watching ronan

- like by this time adam knows he can sing and play fiddle and guitar and harp (ronan will absolutely never live that down thank you so much matthew for taddling)

- but there’s something to be said for the way Irish music is a Niall injection, and the three brothers might as well be pallbearers, only instead of a coffin, they’re hoisting Niall’s legacy in the air, breathing life back into his memory 

- ronan’s a little wet around the eyes, it’s been so long since he touched an instrument, so long since he loved a melody out of something rather than smashing a noise out of it

- he and declan are perfect they’re so in sync, they don’t even count it in they just breathe together and suddenly there’s music (matthew comes in like a bar late, too loud and excited)

- they play this really soft celtic ballad that Niall used to sing to Aurora but Ronan lowkey (highkey) sings it to Adam 

- and Blue and Gansey are slow dancing and it’s overfuckingwhelming all around

- anyway the lynches aren’t just fighters and I want to see them make something beautiful again (like I know they’re capable, Matthew and Aurora speak for themselves tbh)


Z & S ( Muslim Wedding ) || Markham, Ontario ||

A very cute and beautiful Muslim wedding in Toronto filmed by Reel Love. The couple getting married looked great together. I really loved the brides wedding dress and how all the bridesmaids wore matching sarees.