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unrivaledpower7  asked:

What exactly is the build mods for Carrie's Vampiric Reegar Carbine? It sounds awesome!

It’s a Reegar Carbine augmented with the Bio-Converter (researchable with 50 Heleus Research Data): “When the current ammo clip is empty, drain 5% of health and refill the clip.” This basically lets fire a continuous stream of lightning indefinitely (well, until the clip empties a 20th time and kills her, but practically speaking, anything on the other end is long, long dead by that point).

The other augments are a lot more flexible. I use a double mod extension (so I can cram in all the mods except the Smart Choke, the Reegar is already very accurate out to its maximum range of Not Much) and two kinetic coils for even more excessive damage, but anything that supports your playstyle would work!

MEA Party Week Meme!

Mass Effect Andromeda Appreciation WEEK!

Rules: Answer the questions and tag 10 people. [Optional: post any MEA screenshot you’d like to share!]

I was tagged by @valleniel. @susurrusilous, I’ll tag you.

I don’t think I follow/am followed by 10 people who have played Andromeda (joys of starting off in the MTG fandom)

  • What is your favorite scene in MEA?
    “How will I contact you if things go south?” Reyes slow wink. Ryder starts screaming internally. And maybe a little bit externally.
  • What is your favorite quest?
    Liam’s loyalty mission had me in stitches. Cora’s loyalty mission was very intense.
  • What is your favorite weapon?
    I don’t often have to use a weapon with my typical build as a combo heavy Sentinel, but my typical go to weapon to use when my abilities are on cooldown is the M-25 Hornet. If I have something in my face trying to eat it, I bring out the Reegar Carbine.
  • What is your favorite armor?
    I really like the N7 armor. It looks sexy. 
  • What is your favorite power ability?
    Hhmmm, probably Energy Drain. I get the best of all worlds. It restores my shields, detonates combos, and I have it specced to prime combos too. I am sad though that my only cryo ability is short ranged.
  • What is your favorite planet?
    Havarl. By far Havarl. It is absolutely stunning. 
  • What is your favorite addition to MEA that wasn’t in the original trilogy?
    Party banter outside of your ship. I love hearing my companions talk to each other.
  • Who is your favorite non-romanced (one you didn’t romance but could be) character? (can be NPC or squadmate)
    I think this might go to Grandpa Drack. I did really like Avela too. It was so cute hearing how excited she got about history (I can relate).

  • Favorite squad/party combo?
    I don’t really have a favorite.  I usually rotate squad mates a lot and try to keep a tankier squad mate paired with someone not as hearty. I’m sad I can’t control my squad mates power usage because in ME3 I lined up our abilities to either combo out or rip through an enemies defenses which I can’t do in Andromeda.  Having Cora, Drack, or Vetra in the party with their ammo abilities does help a little bit.

  • Favorite non-bipedal animal on Andromeda?
    I love the Rylkor! It looks like a dilophosaurus with some elements of ankylosaurus!!!!!! 
  • What surprised you most when you first played MEA?
    Honestly, it was the fact that Bioware still didn’t learn from ME1 that it helps to have a more interactive tutorial on how to use the damn Mako/Nomad. It took me forever to realize that I had to manually put the thing in 6 wheel drive since the game never prompted me. There were/are a lot more bugs in the game than I expected. I also REALLY hate that I can’t manually save on priority missions. Bioware, do you realize how much this hurts me? I am such a compulsive saver.
  • What is your favorite quote?
    I need to play the game a few more times before I can answer this. I spread out my play time so I wouldn’t burn myself out like I did with Inquisition, so I really don’t remember too many quotes that I may have liked. But I tend to like the more serious quotes. Like my favorite Inquisition quote is from Cassandra, “I want to respect tradition, but not fear change. I want to right past wrongs, but not avenge them. And I have no idea if wanting these things makes them right.”