Aigrette des récifs ou Aigrette à gorge blanche phase sombre (ardoisé foncé avec une gorge blanche).

Egretta gularis (Bosc, 1792) :
- Aigrette à gorge blanche - Aigrette des récifs ;
- Western reef heron - Western reef egret ;
- Gaceta costera occidental ;
- Garça-dos-recifes - Garça-negra ;
- Airone schistaceo ;
- Küstenreiher ;
- Westelijke rifreiger ;
- Revhäger ;
- Riuttahaikara ;
- Береговая цапля ;
- Czapla rafowa ;
- Kıyı balıkçılı ;
- アフリカクロサギ ;
- 黄喉岩鹭

Ordre : Pélécaniformes - Pelecaniformes / Famille : Ardeidés - Ardeidae / Genre : Ardea / Espèce : gularis - Sous-espèces : + 2.

On rencontre principalement l'aigrette des récifs sous deux colorations (dimorphisme) / Two plumage colour forms :
     - 1 - la phase claire / white morph ;
     - 2 - la phase sombre / dark grey morph.
- 1) Dans la phase claire, le plumage est entièrement blanc
et les sujets blancs peuvent être aisément confondus avec des aigrettes garzette.
- 2) Dans la phase sombre, le plumage est ardoisé foncé avec une gorge blanche bien délimitée (d'ou son autre nom d'aigrette à gorge blanche).

Riuttahaikara  -  Western Reef Heron (Egretta gularis), 16.4.2007, Gambia. / Matti Suopajärvi / (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

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This Earth Day (April 22) we must  remain humble and be reminded of the environmental fights we have already lost so that we can learn from our mistakes and fight for a better future for us, our children, and the world.These 5 environmental battles we have sadly already lost, or are very close to losing, serve as a reminder of why we need to keep fighting. Read more

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Dog & Dolphin, Bahamas


Drone view of dolphin pod above coral reefs, off Laguna Beach, California


President Donald Trump could announce his long-awaited final decision on whether or not to pull the U.S. out of the Paris Agreements on climate change any day now.

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It seems the stakes couldn’t be much higher for the global scientific community or the planet. Read more (5/30/17)

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lana in 2017: WE NEED TO KNOW WHAT’S HAPPENING IN THE WORLD AND SPREAD TRUTH & LOVE AND ACTIVISM. It’s a blessing 2 be young and in love and I’m so happy wE need to change the wORLD WE CAN DO IT!!!!! CORAL REEFS R DYING. down w/trump. Love.

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Like many sea creatures that can live in both deep and shallow waters, fuchsia bloods have a special organ for controlling buoyancy. This is done by filling it with gas when they want to float up. Due to the bipedal structure of troll anatomy this organ is housed externally on the chest. What I am saying is Fef has the ability to inflate and deflate her bobos at will. Seadwellers refer to them as "buoyancy bosoms"

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It’s like the coral is waving at you!


okay but seeing ransom discuss his experiences as the son of nigerian immigrants and how that’s affected him was so??? good??? i honestly don’t think i’ve ever seen that type of storyline explored in any media i’ve consumed. i’m glad that it was addressed, and i’m glad that we got to see some of that part of his character.