Tear It Down
  • Tear It Down
  • Army Of The Pharaohs (ft. Reef The Lost Cauze, Planetary & Vinnie Paz)
  • The Torture Papers

It’s hard to deny how sick this beat, and track as a whole, is. 

Tear It Down (ft. Reef the Lost Cauze, Planetary, and Vinnie Paz) - Army of the Pharaohs (The Torture Papers [2006])


“..that’s only part one, ‘cause what really got me,

is he murdered a baby and g'on get off scott free”

-Reef the Lost Cauze

Snowgoons - Iceman (ft. Cymarshall Law)

If you didn’t know, Snowgoons is a DJ duo from Germany.  They consistently make outstanding beats that are on the grittier side, and they always utilize the best underground rappers to spit over their productions. They’ve worked with a plethora of amazing hip-hop artists (all extremely low-key), such as Reef The Lost Cauze, Outerspace, Slaine, Apathy, Eternia, Pacewon, and dozens of others. 

Iceman is a bonus song off of my favorite Snowgoons album Black Snow. It’s also my overall favorite song by Cymarshall Law, which isn’t actually saying much because he’s not all the great…but he randomly kills it in Iceman. The the chilling vocal persistently resonating in the background beautifully reinforces the cold/raw nature of this song.

“The evilness in this track makes the Heaven’s gates close and the tabernacles crack”


My Song Rating: 9.4 out of 10


Reel Wolf Productions presents “The Underworld” single.

Featuring Bizarre and Swifty McVay of D12, Ill Bill and Slaine of La Coka Nostra, Vinnie Paz, Apathy, Celph Titled,  and Reef the Lost Cauze of Army of the Pharaohs, The Goondox, Sid of Slipknot, King Gordy, and Tech N9ne.

This is one of the godliest lineups I’ve ever seen on a track.

Set to be released October 30th

Reef The Lost Cauze - Big Deal

If you’ve never heard of Reef The Lost Cauze before you should definitely give him a listen.  He’s damn good, and his lyrics are always ruggedly sharp…if you know what I mean.  He has a very unique style, which I would deem as “indie gangster”.   This is from his solid album A Vicious Cycle.


My Song Rating: 9.4 out of 10

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Small Professor // Spare Razor ft. Guilty Simpson & Reef The Lost Cauze

Like your hip-hop gully and rugged? Good, because that’s exactly what you’re getting here on producer Small Pro’s “Spare Razor,” which features the uber-gutter team of Guilty Simpson and Reef The Lost Cauze. They fire lyrical shots over the Philadelphia beatsmith’s neck-breaking drums and moody walking guitars, all of which makes for one hell of a reason to check out his Gigantic Vol. 1 compilation. It’s due out Jan. 24, but just go ahead and keep “Spare Razor” on repeat while you wait. Don’t be too shocked if you get the feeling to go out and rob someone, though. Just don’t blame me.

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I love anything with Illadelph’s own Reef the Lost Cauze.

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Here’s a tough guy stomper from Adlib featuring Slaine, Reef the Lost Cauze and DJ Kwestion - Hate My Gutz.

From the album Brass Knuckle Hustle on Ill Roc Records. You might have to track it down over the internet for posting, it doesn’t seem to be in digital format yet.

“You a pig - oink oink - I don’t fuck with ham”



Army Of The Pharaohs - Tear it down


Reef The Lost Cauze -Not That Easy featuring Ethel Cee / Produced by Eyego/Direct / Executive Producer: Luis Valbuena & Reef The Lost Cauze / Directed by Hezekiah of 3Crates Productions. WELL DONE.