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"HO HO FREAKING HO! MERRY CHRISTMAS, YOU HORRIBLE PERSON! NOW, BE A NAUGH-/GOOD/ LITTLE BOY AND TELL SANTA CORE WHAT USELESS JUNK YOU WANT!" (Sorry Santa Core is probably gonna give you coal regardless...just a heads up...)



WWF Australia Showing the View of the Reef from a Turtle’s Point of View.

A GoPro was secured to the back of the Sea Turtle as part of a campaign to raise awareness for the declining health of the Great Barrier Reef.

The reef is UNESCO listed and although passed without the “in danger” title, pollution and human development are steering the reef toward this direction in the next couple of years.

The GoPro was eventually shaken off by the Turtle and was collected by divers.


Hideaway. Chapter 2

Its here! I am feeling a bit icky and the kids were up for 90% of writing this. Its unedited so please forgive any mistakes you see. I will go over it tomorrow and fix any mistakes, but I really wanted to get it up as promised! :) :) I hope you love it! 

Read Chapter 1 HERE

(a/n I used the Waioli Huiia Church as my inspiration for this location. I don’t name it in the story but isn’t it beautiful!? We were driving along the highway and I screamed, “STOP!” And scared the shit out of my hubs. I made him turn around and pull over so I could gawk at this beautiful church and eventually get my camera out and snap a few pictures. This MIGHT be my favorite picture of the whole trip.)

I walked through the sea of vendors at the local Farmer’s Market that I’ve come to love in my time on the island. As everything seems to be here, it’s so much more than just a place to buy food. It has a community feel that is so deeply ingrained in everything these people do. Everyone knows each other. Children run free between the tables, laughing and playing. The adults visit and catch up on the last week’s happenings. I filled a weaved bag with fresh fruits and veggies to last me the week as I absorbed the scene around me.

The market set up every Sunday morning on the grounds of the most beautiful church. The green paint of the Church allowed the stained glass windows to stand out. Behind the church, the mountains of the Halelea Forest Reserve rose up. It was a stunning sight that never failed to take my breath away. This wasn’t a tourist attraction. Vendors didn’t sell expensive souvenirs. It was local farmers coming together to sell fresh food to their community. I hadn’t missed a single Sunday morning here since I came with my landlord the first week I was here. She was a sweet older woman who insisted I needed food for my kitchen. I walked with her to the Market and couldn’t keep a smile off my face the entire time I was there.

The weather was a bit gloomy this week. The clouds were covering the tops of the mountains behind the Church and the threat of rain had vendors putting up large umbrellas.

After paying for the food I picked out, I turned to leave the vendor and head to the next. I looked up to see a familiar set of green eyes fixed on me. He was standing two tables down from me. A soft smile stretched across his face as he nodded at me.

We met at the table between us. I hadn’t even realized I was walking until I was standing right in front of him.

“Hey. Harry, right?” I greet him. His grin grew even wider as he nodded and rubbed the back of his neck. “I didn’t picture you as a farmer’s market type.” I teased him.

“Oh, don’t let the snap back fool you, I’m actually a bit of a health nut.” He joked as he flipped his hat backwards and laughed. I noticed he had a lot of Kale and other organic fruits and veggies in his bag.

“The hat definitely had me fooled. It makes you look more like a frat boy.” He laughed hard at this and shrugged.

“I think I’m a few years past the frat boy stage.”  He chuckled as we walked along together past a few more vendors before I stopped at one selling fresh pineapples. My weakness. I grabbed three and paid before turning to face Harry again. He looked amused. “Pineapples, huh?” He teased.

“They happen to be my favorite fruit and the ones here are the best on the planet.” I stated before laughing a little at myself. He bought two as well.

“For smoothies.” He said when I raised my eyebrow at him.

We walked together making small talk as we both finished up our shopping. We reached the end of the vendors. There were a few food trucks were parked in the grass next to the market.. Food Trucks are the big thing on Kauai. Almost anytime you see a place to eat with tons of great reviews on Yelp, it’s a food truck. Some of the best local meals I’ve had were from the food truck on the corner near my little cottage.  

“Ok, Mr. Health nut, you will love this stuff.” I lead him to one of the food trucks that boasted authentic Hawaii food and smoothies. “It’s all Taro based. Really good for you and super yummy.” I loved all the local treats. I grabbed a Taro cake and added it to our purchase. Before I could get my wallet out, Harry handed a twenty to the cashier and waved me off. “Thanks.” I smiled. I was more than capable of buying my own food, but it was a sweet gesture from him. We took our drinks and shared cake to a picnic table and sat next to each other, looking out over the vendors.

“So why Kauai?” He asks, popping a bit of the cake in his mouth.

“I’ve never been here before. My agent suggested it. I like how it’s quieter than most places. Especially if you avoid the tourists. I just needed to get out of LA for a while.” I didn’t mention that “a while” had turned into two months.

“You’re from LA?” He smirked. I nodded. It was fairly common knowledge where I lived. “I split my time between LA and London.” He confessed.

“Wow. Really? Small World.” It’s true that LA was a huge place but what were the chances the first person I get friendly with on this island lives there as well. He nods in agreement before taking a big bite from the cake and chewing it slowly.

“So you needed an escape?” He questioned. I nodded. “LA can be a bit much.” He said softly. We fell into a comfortable silence as we finished our drinks and the last of the Taro cake.

We parted ways not long after. He waved one last time at me as he got in his car and I turned to walk up the road towards my cottage. I once again found myself thinking of him long after we said goodbye. I sat on my back porch and typed all afternoon as the rain poured down on the mountains around me. I was hoping this was finally the break I needed from my crippling writer’s block. I laughed to myself as I thought I might need to give Harry a cut of my profits for all the inspiration I’m getting from just a few short conversations with him.


I spent the next week bouncing between my back porch or the beach writing furiously. I reworked what I had written already, completely trashing a huge portion of it. The new character changed everything and created a story line that I was excited about. The story had the new life I was looking for. After a long phone meeting with my agent and one of the editors at my publishing house, I emailed the rough draft of the first two chapters to them, not willing to part with more than that yet. I knew those chapters would keep them happy for a while so I could write without having anyone breathing down my back. I felt the last bit of stress I was feeling over my writer’s block lift from my shoulders.

As a reward to myself for finally writing, I decided to give myself a little adventure. I drove around the island for a while before pulling into a quite looking beach. The parking lot was maybe a third full but the park between the lot and the sand was large and the beach was long. I would blend in with my large hat and peach knitted bathing suit cover up.

As I got out of the car, I noticed there was a large meadow across the street from the beach. Small purple flowers were all around and there was a gate along the fence. I walked up and leaned against the gate, letting my eyes wander over the view in front of me. I could never thank my agent enough for suggesting Kauai. This is the most peaceful I’ve felt since before I signed my contract with my publishing company. Before that, writing was a creative outlet for me. It was my passion, my dream, my love. But then it became my job. I wanted to remember what it was like to write because I wanted to, not because I had to. Here, I found that again. I let out a content sigh and smiled to myself.

“We’ve really got to stop meeting this way.” A deep voice spoke into my ear. I jumped slightly and turned to see the Harry smiling back at me.

“Harry.” I exclaimed holding my hand over my rapidly beating heart. “You snuck up on me.”

“Sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you.” He laughed out, holding up his hands. “I wasn’t exactly quiet. I even tripped over a rock by the road. Actually, I’m a bit glad you didn’t see that.”

“I don’t understand this. What are you even doing here?” I gestured towards the beach. “I’m starting to think you are following me.” I joked.

“I would never.” He shook his head, laughing a bit. “I’ve just been checking out every beach I can. One every few days. I was sitting on the bench over there when you pulled up.” He pointed to an area near where I had parked. “If anything, you must be following me since I was here first.” He moved his eyebrows up and down a few times.

“Alright, I’ll let you off this time, but, if this happens again, I’m going to be suspicious.” I like the easy banter we have. I find myself comfortable around him, which is rare for me these days. “Have you walked along the water yet? I was going to walk the beach and watch for sea turtles if you wanted to join me. I read that they are often spotted here.” I invited him, not wanting to part ways just yet.

“That sounds lovely. I’ve only sat on the bench since I got here. I was watching the wind surfers. It looks fun.” He pointed out over the water at a couple of people gliding along the water, holding on to sails. It did look fun, but difficult. “Lead the way.” He did a silly half bow while holding his arm out in front of him, making me giggle. He was charming without even trying and I found myself smiling nonstop when I was around him.

We crossed the grass park and paused to pull off our shoes before walking onto the sand. We quietly walked for a few minutes. Harry stopped every once in awhile to scoop up a shell and inspect it. If he liked it, he put it in his pocket.

“The waves are so small here.” He broke the silence. He walked to the water and let it gently lap over his feet.

“There is a shallow reef out there.” I pointed to where we could see waves far off from shore. “The waves break out there so it makes a calm area between the reef and the beach. I read a lot about it last night. I guess it’s idea for kids who want to snorkel or swim because there isn’t the risk of an undercurrent.” I explained. Harry nodded. We watched a few kids splash around in front of us. There were a lot of families with little children here so the website must have been right.

We walked a little bit more before sitting down on the sand and quietly watched the wind surfers again. I like the comfortable moments of silence that we shared. It’s hard to find someone you can be quiet with. I thought about asking him to meet again, this time on purpose but his phone interrupted the silence between us.

“I’ve got to get this. It’s my manager.” He shot me a sympathetic smile

Before answering the phone and walking a bit away from me. He looked frustrated and gestured with his free hand even though the person on the phone couldn’t see him. He hung up and let out a deep sigh before turning back to me.

“I’ve got to go back to my hotel. I guess I am needed for an important meeting. I’m being allowed to Skype in even though I really should be there in person. But It’s last minute and jumping on a plane would cause me to miss it.” He rambled a bit in his frustration.  

“It’s ok, Harry. Go take care of your stuff. I’m ok here.” I waved away his frustration.

“It was really nice running into you again.” He smiled and ran his hand through his curls. He opened his mouth and closed it a few times as if he wanted to say more but stopped himself. “Well, I’ve really got to go.” He took a step back, hesitating.

“Bye Harry. Good luck with your meeting.” I waved at him and smiled. He nodded before turning to leave, looking over his shoulder at me a few times before reaching his car. I let out a breath I didn’t know I was holding after he opened the door and disappeared from my sight. I wondered if I would see him again or if he would have to fly back home to attend more meetings. He was a mystery to me. One I wanted to unravel but not sure if that was a good idea. It was probably a good thing we didn’t exchange any numbers or where we were staying. I enjoyed our surprise run ins but it was better to keep my distance. I was here to write and I was finally making progress.

The next day, I wrote on my beach for a few hours before needing a break. I left my

Towel and beach bag on the sand under my tree. I took my notebook and walked down the beach. I’m not sure how long I walked before I turned to walk back. My eyes searched for shells in the sand as Harry had done the day before. I smiled softly to myself as my thoughts drifted to him yet again. There was something about him that intrigued me. He was quiet but friendly. His presence was calming but I could tell he also had an adventurous side as well. I bent to pick up a shell. As I stood, my eyes looked down the beach ahead of me. A dozen or so yards ahead of me stood Harry. A smirk across his face as he shrugged his shoulders as if to say, ‘I don’t know how this happened again.’ I just laughed and shook my head before walking towards him.

“There is no way you could convince me we are meeting by chance again.” I narrowed my eyes and pointed at him. He laughed loud. He had a mischievous smile when he simply shrugged again.

“Ok, you caught me. I wanted to ask if we could meet on purpose but I got that phone call and I was rushed and just left. I regretted it after I drove away, but I was already late for that meeting so I couldn’t turn back.” He ran his hands through his curls, a gesture that I decided must be a habit of his. “I remember seeing you here the day before we met at the coffee shop. I don’t know if you saw me.”

“I did.” I said, quietly. Harry nodded.

“I hoped you came here often, so I decided to try and find you. You weren’t at the coffee shop this morning.” He blushed a little and looked almost shy, a side of him I hadn’t seen of him before.

“Here I am.” I held my arms out as if to say ‘ta da’ and smiled at him.

“Here you are.” He agreed and laughed at me.

We moved to sit on my towel, side by side, facing the waves.

“This is a good spot you have here. It’s quiet.” He noted. I could see he was looking down at my from the corner of my eye. After a few moments, I turned to look at him.

“So, meeting on purpose?” I asked.

“Yeah. I really liked discovering that beach with you. I thought that we should do this again.” He stated. “I have been here for a bit now and I don’t actually know anyone here. It was nice at first but I have to admit, I’m getting a bit lonely.”

“Yeah. That would be fun.” I agreed. “I have a confession.” I shot him a shy smile. “I have been here for over two months and I haven’t really done anything beyond sit at that coffee shop or at the beach beating my head into my notebook trying to get the next book to work.” His eyebrows shot up at my confession.

“You mean you have been here that long and haven’t done any exploring?” I shook my head. “That’s just unacceptable!” He declared. “I’m making it my personal mission to get you out at least a few times a week.” He almost shouted. I shushed him and laughed.

“That sounds like a lot of fun. I did a lot of reading before coming here and there are some really great hiking trails. Especially up along the Waimea Canyon, or there is a hike that you actually have to camp a few nights to do along the Na Pali Coast. It’s suppose to be absolutely breathtaking but I was a little worried about going it alone though.”

“I think you just found yourself an adventure buddy.” He stuck out his hand for me to shake, as if we were making a deal. We shook hands, laughing hard. I couldn’t help but to think that things just got a bit more interesting.

Thanks again for reading! I hope you loved reading it as much as I loved writing it!!! I love feedback so tell me what you think!?!? 

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Remember when Holster threw a mini pie at someone who approached Ransom during coral reef mode? At this point I'm 99.99% sure that was Fry Guy. To this day Fry Guy still wonders why he keeps going to the SMH games.

Damn, I never made the connection but it makes total sense!!!


The Great Barrier Reef will reach the point of no return in 16 years

A new report by the Australian Marine Conservation Society shows that the reef is under “unprecedented” threat from Australia’s urban development and proposed expansion in coastal ports. The report estimates that allowing large ships to access these ports would involve dredging 149 million tons of seabed, leading to serious damage to the reef systems and the marine life that depend on them.

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Is Australia Going to Kill the Great Barrier Reef on Friday?

The largest reef network in the world may be half dead, but Queensland, Australia needs jobs and Asia needs coal—and coal jobs trump everything. We’ll be reminded of this again on Friday, when the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority decide whether it’s appropriate to dump about 106 million cubic feet of dredged sand on the reef. This is part of a master plan to turn a smallish coal port named Abbot Point into the world’s largest, enabling it to single handedly process half of Queensland’s current coal output, which is also projected to be a third larger by 2030. With 64.6 percent (194.5 million tons) of Australia’s coal shipped out of Queensland in 2012, upping the state’s export capabilities is a priority, even though a bunch of mega-ports sit right next to the Great Barrier Reef. So do we dredge carefully, or do we dredge like we mean it?

Abbot Point is currently one of the smaller ports, about 15 miles north of Bowen and the most northerly in the state. It’s one of several lined up for expansion, but it was the first approved for dredging by Australian Environment Minister Greg Hunt, back in December. There were a few ideas for disposing of the dredge spoil, including pumping it back to land, before it was decided that dropping it in the deep water amongst the reef was the way to go/cheap. Allegedly the sand will settle within 7-10 days and the coral won’t be affected, but the locals are up in arms, and according to Felicity Wishart from the Australian Marine Conservation Society, it’s for good reason.

Australia To Scrap Plan For Dumping Near Great Barrier Reef

SYDNEY, Sept 2 (Reuters) - Australia will abandon plans to dump 3 million cubic meters of dredged sand into the Great Barrier Reef area in its effort to create the world’s biggest coal port, the Australian Financial Review reported on Tuesday. …

Word of the Day: Jigger

jigger \JIG-er\, noun:

1. a person or thing that jigs.
2. Nautical. a. the lowermost sail set on a jiggermast. b. jiggermast. c. a light tackle, as a gun tackle.
3. any of various mechanical devices, many of which have a jerky or jolting motion.
4. Informal. some contrivance, article, or part that one cannot or does not name more precisely: What is that little jigger on the pistol?
5. Ceramics. a machine for forming plates or the like in a plaster mold rotating beneath a template.
6. Mining. a jig for separating ore.
7. a jig for fishing.
8. Golf. a club with an iron head intermediate between a mashie and a midiron, now rarely used.
9. Billiards, Pool. a bridge.
10. a. a 1½-oz. (45-ml) measure used in cocktail recipes. b. a small whiskey glass holding 1½ ounces (45 ml).

…he poured himself a jigger of whiskey and swallowed it neat…
– Truman Capote, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, 1958

“Now, mates,” I cried, “let’s get upon the fore-top-sail yard and see what we can do there.” And up we went, and in three quarters of an hour, with the help of a jigger, we had hauled out the earrings and tied every blessed reef-point in the sail.
– William Clark Russell, The Wreck of Grosvenor, 1877

The origin of jiggers is unknown, though it likley entered English in the late 1600s.