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Request: [URGENT] I need medicine… please!!
Bring: Medicine (any); preferably not a potion
Reward: Pink Cat x 2
“It seems I’ve made yet another mistake…? This time it’s gotten someone sick, and I don’t have anything on me… and making potions was the problem! Please, I’m getting worried!”

it really hurts when people talk about *immigrants* aka HISPANICS cus u know they’re not talking about europe .. and they say all this donald trump type shit about them… to think that someone could be talking about my mom like that really hurts like… reeeeeally hurts…… why are french and german etc accents hot and cool ?? but spanish accents are funny and something to make fun of…. it gets to me!!!

the only thing that is kinda iffy about my art class is that this is the teachers first year at my school and her first year teaching ap studio art so she doesnt really know what to teach. and theres only 7 of us in the class and the rest are taking regular 2d art so were just doing the assignments theyre doing. and that might not help us successfully create our portfolio???

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22 for Prussia Romano? I just started shipping this, and I reeeeeally like.

Rated uh.. T+ because… I dunno. It’s Romano and Romano is hot.

Lovino wasn’t sure exactly how he had been coerced into teaching Italian in the evenings at the local college in his city. His grandfather had talked him into it – likely with the promise of extra pocket-change for something that would be ‘so easy you’ll hardly even know it’s work!’.

He knew it was work. Oh, he knew.

The good thing about teaching at a college, and in the evenings, was that most of his students wanted to be there. He didn’t have to deal with bratty, snot-nosed teenagers who were taking his course for easy credits and bragging rights. However, he did have to deal with annoying would-be/soon-to-be tourists who thought they’d quick learn a few phrases before traveling to Italy. They had no idea the hell they were signing up for when they enrolled in his class.

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Art theft, boost

Yo does anyone know what’s up with the user drawing-attackontitan? The account has a A LOT of unsourced snk art posted. I reeeeeally don’t like making call out posts without first trying to contact the blog and talk to them, cause a lot of times I think people do it out of ignorance or understanding about why what they’re doing is wrong. But unfortunately their ask box appears to be closed. If anyone knows the original artists for some of the art on the blog, could you let the artists know so they could report it?

Thanks, guys.

if you tell your significant other “we need to talk, our relationship depends on us sorting some things out” within what amount of time should you reasonably expect that conversation to happen? AND if your significant other keeps completely ignoring the fact that you NEED to talk, but will still text you random pictures of baby elephants… what the fuck do you do then?

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When you get this you have to say 5 positive things about yourself publicly, then send this message to ten of your favorite followers (non-negotiable) (positivity is cool)

Omg, Alison, only for you. <3

1. Even though everyone makes fun of my concussion at work, I reeeeeally like my scar. I am actually an anime villain on the inside.

2. Customers tell me that I’m really good at small talk.

3. Even though I’m super insecure about my writing, I think I’m pretty solid when it comes to researching articles.

4. And writing dialogue.

5. Idk, I’m very stubborn which can be a problem in my personal life, but has really helped me, like, achieve stuff and get through things!

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Omg I’m so sorry, I confused you with my tags on that textpost I reblogged!!! Lmao I didn’t even think anyone read them haha, I ramble too much. I was more referring to my gender presentation rather than my gender identity, which I should have specified and I apologize for that. I identifty as female, but recently have gone through a lot of change regarding my gender presentation overall. I was saying how my college friends will probably be very surprised by the way I look this year vs. last year.
Long story short, about 6 months ago I finally got myself out of a 2 year + long controlling relationship, in which I felt entirely uncomfortable being open about both my pansexuality and my body dysphoria. I felt kind of invalid because it was only on some days that I felt like I reeeeeally didn’t want to look feminine at all, even though I really disliked my body and appearance on those days. Also, I was dating a straight-as-a-board military man, who wouldn’t want his woman dressing up like a boy. So I’d kind of just wear sweats and a beanie on those days and hate myself.
Anyway, fast forward to now, months after I dumped his ass. I can’t dress the way I want at home yet, because my parents always bring it up and judge me every time I try to ease into it a little. But I work at a discount clothing store so I’ve been stocking up on tons of “traditionally masculine” clothes all summer that I’m going to break out once I get back to school next week. I can’t wait! 😊 It’s literally the first time in my life when I won’t have anyone controlling how I choose to look 💚
But yeah, I still identify as 100% female, regardless of my presentation (albeit confusing for most people). Idk, like some people have called me he/him or they/them on days when I look especially androgynous, and I don’t get offended at all. Because they’re obviously just trying to play it safe and not hurt my feelings. They’re not sure if I’m trans and trying to pass, or if it’s something else. If I’m understanding towards other people when I correct them, they’re way more likely to be understanding towards me. Once I get back to school, I’m getting myself a binder (can’t have that showing up on my parent’s doorstep lmfao). A friend of mine told me if I’m not trans or genderfluid then I don’t have the right to wear a binder. But I don’t think that’s true. I think I can look however I please and still be a woman. It’s not like on those days when I dress mascusline, I feel like a man on the inside. I’d be lying and totally invalidating the struggles of people on the intersex spectrum if I said I did. I just don’t want to look feminine at all. And then the next day I’ll wear a dress and have my hair down and that’s fine because I look fab either way 😉
P.S. That was not a long story short. That was a long story long. Sorry! I’m just excited about going back to school and getting to not feel like shit about myself for the first time hahahaha 😂

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Nickname: none in rl, unless ‘asshole’ counts. I reeeeeally don’t like people that try to use Meg for me. 

Birthday: March 25

Star Sign: Aires (and like the total opposite of every characteristic for the sign)

Gender: maybe? like ive been trying to figure it out for years now and uh. maybe demigirl? I think is what ive been considering but ,,,,, o^o’’

Height: 5′ even, fuck you all

Favorite Color(s): purple, anything paired with black… honestly anything but that gross mustardy vomit brown color. you know the one.

Current Time: 10:41pm (eastern standard time)

Average Hours Of Sleep: anywhere from 4 to 16… generally 4 during weekdays so that’d average to… 4.5 hrs. welp.

Lucky Number(s): for some reason growing up it was always 12. don’t think I really have one rn really.

Last Google Search: how to have multiple characters in skyrim

Favorite Fictional Character: my bby davesprite

Favorite Famous Person: hm. maybe morgan freeman?

Favorite Book: oh no too many. a good quick read i’d recommend would be Stiff by Mary Roach

Favorite Bands: mother mother, fob, imagine dragons, straight no chaser, pentatonix…

Name A Song Stuck In Your Head Right Now: dread in my heart by mother mother has been going nonstop since last month help.

The Last Movie You Watched: Jurassic World hell yes

Last Show You Watched: Stargate Atlantis (trip down memory road, that.) and the new Face Off episode

Dream Trip: coughs. museum of comparitive anatomy in Paris as a tour through museums of Europe. orrrr just the museum of osteology in Oklahoma.

Dream Job: Working down in the archives of a natural history museum, quietly tending to the old bones and taxidermy of the collection

I am really not doing good today. Like reeeeeally not good. I’ve felt on edge pretty much since I woke up and I feel lonely and I have no motivation to do anything but I keep panicking because I have so much to do and I’ve been on the verge of tears for a while now