reeeeeally liking it

today is a significant day. after 6 months of searching high and low for a job in new york, i’ve finally made my way. 

i had my first staff meeting at the nonprofit i work for (as digital media assistant ugh yes best title). the energy i got from everyone there was so incredibly positive. i’m so excited to work for a (queer!!!!!!!!!!!) organization that values my work and opinion as highly as they’ve shown me so far. it’s part time but that leads me to the second part of this *i’m so proud of myself* blog post.

i’m currently waiting on a phone call for a job offer from a marketing agency. another part time position as an account executive. it’s a reeeeeally small team, like literally the entire agency is 5 other people and I think I’m going to gain a lot of experience and mentorship from my hire ups. 

i’m so thrilled and proud of myself. i had some really low days where I had absolutely no idea if i’d find a job, let alone a job(s) that i feel so passionate about. i can’t wait to grow. 

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you're good at writing but a lot of fic readers do only care about porn

i know *sighs*

of course i can’t tell people what to read and i think porn fics can be reeeeeally good and emotional - like my last one, for example, it’s one of the most angst thing i’ve ever written - but at the same time i wish sfw fics were as popular as nsfw one. but this is just me being bitter, because i wrote a couple of stuff that i wish had more kudos lol.

//oh my god I’m trying SO hard to reply to all of my other threads but my Eddie muse is like “fuck you” and it’s reeeeeally distracting. Like I want more people to rp with him but I also wanna be careful not to get the same kinda people as last time and I posted a started but no one wants in on it and I’m just UUGGHHHH//

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the guy i like and i have a 7 year age gap. its would be legal but idk. i reeeeeally like him...

if its legal, try talking to him more and getting to know him??? find your common interests and hang out with him.

so i know it’s the nature of the beast with these choice-based storytelling games… but i have just learned that it is entirely possible to miss the conversation between Rhys and Vaughn in chapter 3 of TFTBL that led to my deep-rooted dislike of Vaughn. and that makes me wonder just how deep the rabbit hole of choices goes.

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Awww Zayns still under Syco. Explains his weirdness with 1D. Everything is a mess.

no he’s RCA (which is part of Sony but NOT Syco). edited to add that single is marked as simco under exclusive licence to RCA…blerg idk

Anonymous said:I reeeeeally don’t like the song because it’s so try too hard sexy the weeknd ripoff.

Anonymous said:zayn’s new song sounds like a 1d one to me like lol bro what was the point of leaving then

I made this like over a year ago but it’s still a favorite. I reeeeeally don’t like how I drew Patamon, but he’s still a cutie and the picture is lovely so here ya go!

I do a lot of bodypositive stuff on Instagram and thought these two would be great for a cute little post one day. Maestromon loves making people happy and greatly encourages people to live their own way despite what others may think–he doesn’t believe in destiny or fate, but rather living life the way you love and seeing where it takes you. 

He has quite the big crush on little Patamon, and since Patamon dreams of becoming one of the Digital World’s greatest protectors, a Seraphimon, Maestromon is always there to encourage him. Patamon sometimes thinks he isn’t strong enough to digivolve or properly protect anyone, but Maestromon is always there to make him smile with the jingling of bells and the sound of music to bring fire back into his heart. 

Just when will they get together though? :P

For more on Maestromon and Patamon:

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Psssssst. Pssssst. Hoi. So I really want to get into drawing object heads, cause like, I reeeeeally like yours. Do you have any tips?

Uhhh I would definitely start with copying from something that you like, like my first one was a tv that I had when I was younger. In fact start with those old Tv’s, you know those bulky curved ones? Cause it’s a bit easier when your object your using can fit a human head in the center to make it easier to get the rest of the body down.

Or just 3D shapes like squares, rectangles, circles, ect cause those can easily be a base for Tv’s, stop lights, glass balls, ect

Murrr…I hate it when I have one of ‘those’ dreams, well hate might be a bit strong but I reeeeeally don’t like them…well I think it might have been a bit different from the usual…no they’re always rather different…it just felt more personal than usual…

Basically I was reminded of a dream I had last night and I’m feeling  sad right now.

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“Lemme tell ya somefin about Veronica…or is it Victoria? Whatever her name is she has reeeeeally nice hair, like damn that shit is soooooo on point…She’s a lil but…heh heh butts…a lil BIT of a beyotch though, I mean she didn’t even get pictures of my good side when I was handcuffed to a pole! I mean if you leave a girl attached to a pole ya gotta make sure she’s photoed nicely…But even though I don’t know much about V-somethinga they seem decent-ish.”


I’m reeeeeally not liking my position at my hardware job.

Today when I came in I found out that they messed up on my schedule AGAIN, and when I brought this up with one of the CSRs they told me the reason why I was given those hours was because the other CSR guy “didn’t like doing closing.”

Um, there’s this thing called “me having other mandatory obligations and I can’t work those hours?” Ever heard of that? Really? No?

Well even after I requested those hours (even put in a good reason too!) my other duties appear to not exist because it’s convenient for the uncompromisable.

I’m a cashier, not a CSR. BIG difference.

But the other CSR dude, ugh, what’s so terrible about doing closing? That’s like the most peaceful time of the day. Customers don’t come in that much, time to doing the audit, etc.

Also today when I went on my break and was ready to enjoy my coffee, I found it POURED OUT and my cup sitting on the counter. When I asked why they poured my coffee they told me “No open containers in the fridge door.”




My coffee had a LID. IT HAD A LID. And they go ahead and POUR IT OUT??

OOoooohh….sssss…you guys just crossed the line.

Sorry, just. Not happy right now.