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the red lion is like super protective of Keith as of late and won't let any of the paladins near him which frustrates everyone, especially lance. So lance loses it in group text and the red lion just tells him that Keith is her precious child and she felt someone had a lot of hormones towards him and was protecting him from anybody with ill intentions. Lance realizes it's him since he's been pining hard and can't stop staring at Keith. Lance is embarrassed and red lion is having lots of fun😡👽

i reeeeeally liked this request dude!! thanks for sending it in!! :)

red, just now: lance is pining. it’s SCIENCE

lance: wtf no

keith: wtf yes

the signs as The Hunger Games characters
  • Aries - Cato: Impulsive, thinks he's the boss, the most competitive one out there, bossy as fuck, thinks he's the best and people should obey him, fights for himself till the end no matter what, only wants to win
  • Taurus - Prim: Very caring, endures too much shit through their life, came here to help, would sacrifice their own life for an animal's life, very innocent-looking, soft, kind, emotional as fuck, doesn't like war, loves peace, really thoughtful, not an asshole
  • Gemini - Peeta Melark: Has really messed up thoughts but is very intelligent, knows how to manipulate people by charming them, great communication skills, shines on the outside but has a literal chaos going on inside them, changes their opinion in a millisecond, very good and humble but likes to behave bitchy, a sly cunt
  • Cancer - President Snow: Introverted and very emotional but doesn't show it no matter what, very family-oriented, loves roses duh, is weird but bossy at the same time, sly cunt, doesn't want to show himself in front of people very often - does it only on special occasions
  • Leo - Seneca Crane: Has that lionish look in his eyes, a very stylish person, egotistic and self-centered, thinks he's the best thinker out there while he's not, very stubborn and doesn't want to give up which might kill him in the end, a hottie
  • Virgo - Haymitch: Has issues, intolerant and doesn't know how to forgive, strictly follows order but is actually neutral evil, thinks they're doing justice while they're actually fixing their own complex mental problems, doesn't show what they're feeling on the inside, has immense potential for things but hates humanity and hates everyone and everything
  • Libra - Plutarch: Always smiles and looks innocent, while is actually a very good organizer and a manipulator because everyone thinks they're good, knows a lot about people but doesn't tell anyone a shit and acts stupid, nobody (including themselves) knows what they want from life but they still follow some abstract plans of theirs
  • Scorpio - Katniss Everdeen: Introverted, doesn't know how to communicate with people, good at killing but hates to kill people, doesn't know a shit about herself because she is afraid of introspecting, knows how to love hard, very afraid most of the time but fights it
  • Sagittarius - Gale: Hard-working as hell, knows how to take care of people and how to support them but nobody takes him seriously, feels bad about people doing mistakes, wants to save everyone, a really caring person but doesn't show it, a really jealous and a possessive person but doesn't show it and in the end actually understands everyone's reasons for wronging him and forgives everyone, a hottie
  • Capricorn - President Alma Coin: Loves grey, her entire world is literally grey, hates make up but is still elegant as fuck, loves minimalism, bossy as hell but still manipulative and does everything only because she wants to be the number one ruler, wants to rule the world
  • Aquarius - Finnick: Has that boi sass, eccentric, likes to joke around and diss people but is actually a very responsible person, doesn't look (and isn't) very trusting but they can actually take things seriously when it's wanted from them, a competitive person, only falls in love once and would die for their loved one but they fall in love reeeeeally really hard, doesn't like to pay much attention to their feelings
  • Pisces - Effie Trinket: Lives in her own world, is irreplaceable, majestic in her own ways, otherworldy, eccentric as hell, weird, impulsive, sensitive and emotional, will cut anyone who crosses her, a classy, styilish hottie

Happy weekend! Here’s some hella punk Nerdanel.

Re: elves and tattoos, my headcanon is that it’s not super common, but students of Aulë can be pretty avid about their tattoos, regardless of race. The tengwar on her left knuckles are the initials of her first four kids (the others are on her other hand but facing the opposite direction). The letter on her neck is her initial N, and the tengwar on her right arm spell AULE. She’s also got the Two Trees, some roses, the star of the house of Fëanor, some cool designs, some hammers, and seven diamonds representing her kids. Plus probably some more you can’t see here.

Basically what I’m saying is HELLA PUNK NERDANEL and ELVES WITH TATTOOS

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Headcanons for Present Mic/ Eraserhead/ All Might with a kid their students' age, but they're a total cry baby? They get teased and bullied at school because they cry so much, and are such a whimp, but they reeeeeally want to be like their dad, telling him that they can still fight crime, even with tears streaming down their face, because they want to help!


Yamada Hizashi

  • He’s very considerate of his kid’s feelings but does try to push them to become stronger! He’ll encourage them but not take away any obstacles they might face!
  • As for his kid’s bullies and his kid’s desire to still be a hero, he tells them that they’ll surely be a great hero once they can steel their nerves and fight on! He’d deal with his kid’s bullies himself, possibly making sure he’s around if they try anything!

Aizawa Shouta

  • He’s very soft around his kid, since he hates seeing them cry! But he encourages them to stand up for themselves if they’re being bullied. He steps in if it escalates though! 
  • He’s rather flattered about how much his kid looks up to him and totally supports their dream of being a hero! 

Yagi Toshinori

  • First Izuku and now his kid is a crybaby? This man has a lot on his plate! Still, that means he knows how best to deal with them! He’ll comfort them when they’re upset, letting them know that even heroes cry sometimes! 
  • He’ll ask some of the other teachers to help out with the bullying problem, especially if it escalates!

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Okay after seeing your most recent post where you mistakenly thought the person said that the s/o turns into an actual teddy bear, I reeeeeally would like to request something along those lines. So how would MTMTE Tailgate, MTMTE Rung, MTMTE Swerve, and MTMTE Rodimus react if they found out their s/o can turn into a cat whenever they want?? It's so cliche I know but I gotta ask. 😂❤

Magical cat s/o!!!!! O.O

-He keeps telling you about this cat he has been finding wandering the Lost Light and how it really likes him
-When he learns you’re able to turn into a cat, he is in awe by you
-He thinks it’s so cool that shows you off to everyone on the ship

-He tells you about this cat that comes in sometimes and will sit on his lap and purr, he remarks how calming it is and that his patients like it too
-He chuckles when you tell him, you do seem very cat like and no wonder the cat shows up in his office a lot
-He asks if you want to still show up during the therapy sessions to help the others, but remember not to share anything said in that room

-He tells you about this cat that somehow got on the Lost Light and keeps trying to enter his bar, he is worried the poor kitty will be stepped on
-When you tell him, he compares you to some movie he saw and thinks it’s awesome that his s/o is also a cat
-He asks you to help him with pranks

-He is determined to catch that cat, he tells you it’s because he wants you to see the cute little creature and maybe help take care of it
-When you tell him you’re the cat, he feels kind of stupid and hurt that you didn’t tell him sooner, it would’ve saved him from this embarrassment he’s feeling
-He likes playing with you while you’re a cat with cat toys, but don’t tell anyone else about you because someone might try to catch you or something worse


make me choose → trystal-haven asked: Norman in Bates Motel or AND Norman in Psycho?

So this isn’t a selfie but the beach was beautiful on Saturday (even if my dad doesn’t know how to take a picture lol).

Happy BFSN!!!!! I’ve got a good feeling about this one guys. Like, reeeeeally good. and if nothing happens and all my optimism backfires on me then so be it because BELLARKE IS HAPPENING TONIGHT BITCHES!!!!!!

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