already choking on my pride

so there’s no use crying about it

Kiiiiss while youuur liips are still reeeed~

There are a lot of kisses in this AU. So so so many. And other very pleasurable things.

Look at my happy children being in love. I just adore them to bits ;A; Also I guess this is one of their first kisses.

((Btw I already made my 4 classmates to draw me things from this AU. I regret nothing. ))

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Reeeed I've got an -awesome- idea for a video game and have a general idea of what I want to do with it some character design to how the game is played al the way to the multiple possible endings. Problem is I can't code or draw for *shit* and I don't know what to do.

Oh baby, if I got a penny for every time I come up with an idea that I want to execute really bad but do not possess all the skills necessary to make it come to fruition single-handedly, then I’d be a rich woman, I can tell you that.

The thing is, you can’t. You can’t make big, awesome projects happen on your own, and very few people master enough skills on their own to create an amazing product by themselves. 

What you do is, you get an artist, and you get a programmer. That’s what you do. People do this for a job. So you get a group of people and you all put your particular skills into the project and voilá, you have something going on.

I mean I’ve got a very close friend who was in your situation and then decided to literally start an indie video game company to make it happen. So it is possible if you’re willing to put effort into it. Just gotta get in contact with the right people.


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Every time I see a Red Robin commercial, I just imagine Tim in his costume in the Batcave working on something and Jason and Stephanie slowly rising behind Tim's shoulder and Jason singing "Reeeed Robin" and Steph saying "Yum!" cause they're little shits like that. And Tim just being all "Are you done? Seriously?"


The sun filters in from behind the curtains, it’s midday and two lovers hold each other into the late hours of the afternoon.

Harley is fascinated by Ivy sleeping, mainly due to the fact that she hardly sleeps. Always busy, always working, her beautiful green gal.

Harley is tucked under her arm, staring up at her with a little wonder in her eyes. Ivy’s plump green lips parted as she snores ever so softly. Her red hair hair drapes over her cheek and Harley reaches out to tuck it behind her ear. She’s freezes as Ivy stirs with her eyes screwing up before gently relaxing again.

Harley hums with relief, tenderly running her thumb along Ivy’s jawline. God she just… she just loves her Ivy. She snuggles further into her skin, trying to cling to that pleasant coolness that Ivy permeates.

She figures it’s to do with her meta-human-plant-dna-thingy, why her skin is always at a cool temperature but she didn’t care about the reasoning much when it was heaven sent during the hot Summer months.

Her cheek presses up against the softness of Ivy’s breasts and honestly, Harley can’t possibly be happier. Tilting her head slightly, she pecks a few kisses on the freckles that dot around them.

“Are you kissing my boobs?”

Of course that wakes her up.

Harley grins, letting out a little puff of air to tickle her. Ivy’s knees curl up in response as she giggles.

“You’ve never complained before.” She quips, burying her face into her cleavage.

“I don’t think I’ll start either.”

Harley can breathe so easy against her, it’s handy that she gives out oxygen from her breath and her skin. The wonders of anatomy and human nature.

“You know, I’m the only one you’ve let get this close.” Harley muses into two mounds of noise blockers.

“I didn’t catch that, you’ll need to find your way out of there.” Ivy pats her head, encouraging her to evacuate.

Harley reluctantly pulls her face away but is no less pleased when she looks up into her green eyes.

“I said that I’m the only one you let get this close to you an’ like, I give off Co2, you give off oxygen.”

Ivy’s eyes glimmer with bemusement.


Harley shakes her head. How can she not get it?

“Well, it’s like we were made for each other! Needin’ each other to breathe an’ all that? Dontcha reckon, Red?”

“Harley, every other human gives off Co2 so that would mean–”


“Fine, fine, we were made for each other, my human darling.”

Ivy turns on her back and brings Harley on top of her, entwining their legs. Harley gleefully nuzzles her face up against hers before they come together in a slow kiss.

“My plant wife.” Harley chimes.

Ivy pokes her nose playfully, making her twitch like a rabbit and begins stroking her hair.

“Every other human gives off Co2, Harl, but you’ve always been the one for me.”

Friend: what are all the woodwind instruments?

Musician: clarinet, saxophone, oboe-

Friend: oh is that the one with the weird mouth thingy

Musician: oboe? well yes but there are two instruments with weird mouth thingies. The oboe is the small weird one and the bassoon is the big weird one

Friend: and don’t the musicians have to wet the weird mouth thingy???

Musician: well yeah and single reeds-


i 1000000 % believe it’s Dr. Edwards

maybe aaaall of this was already pointed out. and if so, take this as a little reminder xD

we all know this famous short flash in the opening credits right?

the one, who reveals it’s Beth (YEP I’M SURE). i mean who else was wearing a yellow polo shirt with a collar in this episode (or in general)?

but let’s take a look at Dr. Edwards shall we?

in Coda (or more in almost every Grady episode) he wears the typical white doctor kittel. we saw him wearing it in his last scene in coda.

the flash shows someone with such a coat. take a look at the pocket.

and let’s return back to the opening flash:

and surprise, surprise he only had this pocket on his left side, just like in the flash.

now the arm.

cooooooooooooincidence? NOPE, definately not.

before some of you go “but his sleeves are rolled up” or “look at the end it’s all red”

do you REALLY think after a 800 herd attack his sleeves are still in the perfect position and have a shiny white?

we saw Team Family running away, so of course his sleeves are messed up, cause he was running, too.

“it’s reeeed?” O_O

that’s blood ladies and gentlemen, which could let me say, MAYBE happen when so many walkers appear and you have to fight them to escape AND you have a person with you that bleeds, because she was shot.

for me it’s absolutely clear that this is our warrior queen and the weird Dr.

- Melina

Two Cent Riffs: Hit the Diamond

SPOILERS #rupphireforever #supporttheshow

Roy: OK, she clearly saw them and didn’t say or do anything about it?
Julien: Then the mamas would have to jump in and we wouldn’t want that, would we? *wink*

Roy: Why does she think Yellow Diamond actually gives a rat’s ass about her?
Julien: The same reason schools give a rat’s ass about standardized tests.

Julien: Ruby and Sapphire are willingly unfusing? This is crunk serious.
Roy: I know. We haven’t finished fangasming over Dominator yet.

Roy: Well, it is nice to see these two moms again.
Julien: Yeah. Where were their child support?!

Julien: When you just popped a bag of Funyuns.
Roy: When Shyamalan announed Last Airbender 2.
Julien: When you support Trump in public.
Roy: When you consider Ruby and Sapphire a friendship.

Roy: I honestly want to see Amethyst take on all those Rubies.
Julien: I want to see Pearl join in.

Roy: She found a human, guys.
Papyrus: *in the distance* SANS! UNDYNE! HOLY FUCK!

Julien: They could’ve just snuck Peridot out of the barn and let them search.

Roy: Sapphire is smol.
Julien: And Lapis has a bullshit detector. What else is new?

Julien: I’m glad Lapis no snitch and ain’t taking any shit.
Roy: You could say she about that crip life?
Julien: You could say you’re watching this in the corner!

Roy: Ooh, I had a joke about this. So Ruby, Sapphire, Pearl, and Steven walk into a talent agency—
Julien: NOPE! You’re the reason my old 4Chan account was terminated.

Julien: Ok, forget Bob. Sophie is my favorite player.
Roy: You chose Sophia the 1st over Bob’s Burgers?
Julien: You lack a keen taste, my young padawan.

Roy: Man, if they pull a POW. 
Julien: Steven will die if they pull a POW.

Julien: Wait, is she upset about the roob touch or getting an out?
Roy: On the inside, she’s enamored and frustrated on how to react.

Roy: Why do I feel a Samurai Champloo vibe right now?
Julien: C’mon, this is too soft to be Champloo.
Roy: Fooly Cooly?
Julien: Hmm. Better.

Julien: Now this is what I love. Can I watch just these two for 11 minutes?
Roy: What about The Answer?
Julien: The Answer wasn’t satisfying to me. 

Julien: I see Gruff Ruby is trying to compensate.
Roy: Thee with glass houses, Mr. Busy w/ Overwatch

Julien: Going for them sloppy seconds.
Roy: Dude. This riff is SFW.
Julien: Everything’s NSFW if you think long, hard, and far enough.
Roy:…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….I GUESS!

Julien: I feel for ya, Iris Ruby, always a bridesmaid.

Roy: Fondling the ball.
Julien: You would know.

Julien: Now that is sweet. I gotta respect Noob Ruby with her sportsmanship.
Roy: Wow. I did not expect this comment from you.
Julien: Not every 4Chan user is critical and evil, dude.

Roy: Steven being a boss to the couple. That’s a first.
Julien: And somewhere in the world, a fanfic idea has sprung. Also, why does Sophie now look like Gloop from the Herculoids?

Roy: To think Sweden would censor their lovely conversation.
Julien: Who do they think they are? The South?




Julien: Ouch. A little too soon on the celebratory coitus, ladies.

Julien: It’s a trap. Not gonna happen.

Roy: Peridot quick, your friends about to get destroyed!
Julien: But what about the human that jumped in the well?
Roy: What about the dumbass kid in a well? Where were his parents then, huh?

Roy: Peridot? The leader? Shiiiit, Garnet’s the obvious leader.
Julien: I thought Garnet and Steven were both the leader?
Roy: You’re right.

Julien: In reality, Steven could’ve just asked what did they want with Earth.
Roy: I’m just surprised they weren’t pissed at the Lapis that crashed their ship.

Roy: Hehe, they’re so oblivious.
Julien: Hehe, they’re so high.

Roy: See? She was a sweetheart that can really give some hell.
Julien: Yet she looks badass and does it so well.

Julien: And in the end; The Ruby Platoon headed off to Neptune, Amethyst got a bitch slap for her “compliment”, and once again the day is saved.
Roy: Well this has been the most romantic SU’s ever gone. Now what?
Julien: Until Connie finally makes the move on Steven, the bar has been set.
Roy: Dude, you just spoiled both season three and four.
Julien: Damn it! Well, they’ll never know. Until next time. Oh, one more thing:

Both: All in favor of a Sgt. Ruby spinoff series reblog “Aye!”