161220 VIXX- Desperate (Ravi Fancam)

video cr: Spinel CAM

Kiiiiss while youuur liips are still reeeed~

There are a lot of kisses in this AU. So so so many. And other very pleasurable things.

Look at my happy children being in love. I just adore them to bits ;A; Also I guess this is one of their first kisses.

((Btw I already made my 4 classmates to draw me things from this AU. I regret nothing. ))


already choking on my pride

so there’s no use crying about it

redtomatofan  asked:

19, 76 and 150 ;D

Do you like bubble baths?

Ohhh yes! I also love getting those bath bombs! They make my skin feel super soft and I just love playing the bubbles. I always try to make myself look like a vicious lion! rawr!!!

What color is your underwear?

o//////o ack!!1 reeeed!!! nuuu!!! why you so curious huh!?? Well if you must know… its…..NOTHING! bahaha. (but nah really its pink and blue ><)

Get the closest book next to you, open it to page 42, what’s the first line on that page?

“…origin and has a special affinity with nature. The role of ancestors is-”

Friend: what are all the woodwind instruments?

Musician: clarinet, saxophone, oboe-

Friend: oh is that the one with the weird mouth thingy

Musician: oboe? well yes but there are two instruments with weird mouth thingies. The oboe is the small weird one and the bassoon is the big weird one

Friend: and don’t the musicians have to wet the weird mouth thingy???

Musician: well yeah and single reeds-