thenoblecraneshinobi  asked:

She's gonna kill and slay Grimm all day, she and her fists will make evil pay, she has a scyyyyythe that's sharp and reeeed, she will send you straight into your deathbeeeed, she's the strongest huntress you've ever heeeeard, she's the awesome silver-eyed neeerd, she's the awesome DBZ neeeerd, she's the crimson, rose dragon NEEERD!

She actually finds this amusing and is giggling now. That and she wrote it down in her notepad, should she ever need to sing it, in an unironic sense.

tinytricksterprince  asked:

"You should let me be the gatekeeper. Reeeed Robin will have to give me a password; that I will change twice a day, in order to get into the apartment.He has the option of bribery of course, but yes...Me; gatekeeper~ Sounds like a perfect idea, yes?"

“Uh-huh, and if I say ‘yes’ that means you’re gonna be in the apartment all night? No more sneaking out?”

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