Down and Dirty with Diego ❤💦💋

A rare Sunday off work pure bliss you thought. Diego was out working in the desert, you had the place to yourself. You put your earphones in, and got stuck into your new book, as you lay on the bed. You were so lost in your own fantasy world you never heard Diego return hours later. Suddenly two hands landed on your book, stopping you from reading. You looked up at a smirking Diego who threw the book to the floor, climbing on top of you. His lips brushed your neck smoothly leaving messy kisses behind. His hands run along your chest pulling your shirt open, his fingers sending shivers down your spine as he moves along your skin. Your top gets thrown to the floor leaving your skin bare. You groan as his lips move to your collar bone, his body pressing against yours slowly squeezing you. Your run your hands through his hair as his teeth graze against your neck slightly sucking; soon moving onto your jaw line. Your lips wrestle with his and you soon grab Diego so your lips meet in a hard passionate kiss. You slide your tongue into his mouth fast and sharp, fighting with his own roughly. You pull off Diego’s shirt running your hands over his toned muscles all the way down to his stomach. As your nails run along his skin Diego moans burying his head in your shoulder. He pulls you up, his strong hands snapping your bra and sending it flying. His hands wonder over your breasts rubbing your nipples slowly making you moan his name under your breath. You unbuckle his belt frantically and pull down his pants to reveal he is naked underneath. You gasp and wink at him, brushing his bulge smiling as you do. As Diego kisses you, your hands stroke him pleasingly making him shiver at your touch. He grips your arms squeezing hard as you circle his bulge slightly grinding. “Hey girl, wanna try something new?” You smile at Diego’s offer and look into his beautiful blue eyes. “I’m listening…” You say curiously biting your lip. Diego winks at you, and mouths into your ear, making you shudder. “Sit on my face you dirty girl” “Sorry? What? ” You giggle at his words blushing. “I’m serious…you’ll love it” he mouths again, this time nibbling on your earlobe. Diego rips off your underwear, before lying down back on the bed. You do as you’re told. You start to feel his warm, moist tongue working you. You groan out his name in sheer pleasure. He takes you by surprise as he sudden pulls you by your arms down on top of him. You are now in a 69 position, something totally exciting and new for you, Diego was your first and only. He takes hold of your legs, as he plunges his tongue deeper inside you. You are about to moan out, but it is caught in the back of your throat as Diego’s hard length pushes into your mouth with one hip thrust. He fills up your mouth; you pull him out gently and lick up and down, pumping with your hands. He flicks his tongue across your clit, before sucking. You almost swallow him whole at the total shock, pleasure sensation it gives you. Your whole body relaxes and tenses as he teases you over and over. You body longing for him to give you your final release. He denies you again and again, and so you decide to play the long game with his hardening erection; teasing his tip. Licking, sucking, almost gagging as you plunge him further, hitting the back of your throat almost making you gag. You carry on pumping him in and out of your mouth, sucking and releasing him. He runs his fingers down your legs as he bites onto your clit, making you groan against his bulging length, it’s throbbing. He is going to blow any moment. He starts to plunge his long fingers inside you whilst he sucks on your clit. You can feel that burning, stomach twisting sensation building up inside you. You feel your body start to tense and then shake as you find your release in his mouth. This explosion sends him into his own climax as you pick up the pace, he stiffens and his length throws pumping his juice into the back of your throat. You collapse onto of him, swallowing it all. He sits up, pushing your legs aside and winks at you. He smiles cheekily as he wipes his mouth on the back of his hand and smirks at you. “Round two?” You say waggling your eyebrows. @youandyourstupidrope @shinydixon @jodiereedus22 @benerchic @purpleswan

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denoryl  asked:

*ding ding ding* It's the Caryl hour! What do you think happened right after the scene where Daryl carried Carol out of the tombs in S3?

(Thanks so much, cookie! And sorry, I can’t believe how late I am with this.)

He carries her back to the cellblock, as she’s drifting in a out of consciousness (and he occasionally glances down at her to meet her exhausted gaze) and gently sets her down on one of the bunks. But by this time, she’s completely unconscious. So, much like this moment…

[.gif not mine - credit to the maker]

Daryl touches her cheek, hoping it’ll wake her. But when it doesn’t work, he starts to worry, so he grasps her arm, shakes her a little, and says, in the firmest voice he can muster, “Hey. HeyCarol.“

That’s what pulls her back into consciousness, and, looking up at him (her eyes clear, but still exhausted) she smiles, mumbling reassuringly, “I’m okay… still here.”

Finding himself ridiculously relieved, he responds with, “Yeah. You made it. Don’t know how you - I mean, we all thought…” Then he shakes his head in disbelief, grinning slightly. “Must have nine lives or somethin’.”

He doesn’t think that she even heard him, because she was so out of it, at the time. 

[.gif by reedustein]

That’s hearing her repeat his words back to him when they’re saying goodbye brings that little smile to his lips. She heard him.

Question & Answer Post Thingy!

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Questions for me to answer:

1. Name a character you love to hate and tell me why. Umm probably the Governor because he is a horrible person and has done so many bad things, but I’m like giddy as a school girl when I hate on him.

2. What’s your favorite fandom on Tumblr? The Walking Dead!

3. Name a show that you’ve been meaning to watch/catch up on but have not have the chance to. Well it was Dexter, but recently I started watching it and I am half way through season 2. OMG ITS FANTASTIC!!

4. What’s a book you wish that never got made into a movie? None! Because every time some directer person decides to make a book into a movie it sucks!! It’s like a curse

5. Who was your first OTP? Ryden omg my 15 year old self is so embaressing

6. Who is your favorite YouTuber and why? I don’t have one

7. Name your least favorite character and tell me why. I have no idea. I think I’ve had so many characters that I don’t like in all kinds of genres and medias.

8. Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings? Ughh no to both, but I guess if I have to choose then Harry Potter

9. Name 5 of your favorite tv shows. The Walking Dead, Dexter, Paranormal Witness, Master Chef, Hell’s Kichen

10. Name 5 of your favorite books. I can’t too many wayyyyy to many

11. What did you love as a child? Barbie and pickles omg

My Questions To You:

  1. Who is you favorite character of all time?
  2. Favorite video game?
  3. Best thing that happened to you today?
  4. Why is your best friend the best of all you friends?
  5. Favorite food?
  6. Favorite season?
  7. What are you most looking forward to?
  8. Do you have a talent?
  9. Favorite Tumblr blog that has nothing to do with what you post?
  10. Favorite color?
  11. Favorite book?

New Year, New people, New everything :D It’s been another amazing year here on Tumblr and I’s never regret joining this website! 

Merry Christmas and I hope you’re doing good, even if we don’t talk that much, know that I love you forever! 









































Happy Holidays YO!

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1. What is your strongest dislike in a potential partner? Being ignorant of other ideas, beliefs, or ways of life. Just accept everyone for who they are.
2. Your idea of a perfect meal? Everything that is unhealthy and bad like chocolate, cheese, bread and not really caring about the consequences of that meal lol
3. Who is your favorite teacher of all time? He was my elementary school teacher and he really helped me through my reading and math issues because I sucked so bad at school back then, and he would even stay after school with me so I could get some more practice I really thank him for all his time and for where I am right now in school: high honor role and honor classes.
4. Dogs or cats? (You can explain why) Dogs and cats. But I guess dogs if I had to choose because they are protective and defiantly more active, I think.
5. Your number one fandom? The Walking Dead
6. OTP and NOTP? (Why for NOTP) OTP: Too many, like way to many. NOTP: Caryl and Beth/Daryl because Daryl just isn’t the kind of man to be in a relationship, especially right now because he just lost Merle. And, also, Norman said that he thinks Daryl is going to be cold this season because he lost Merle.
7. An AU you would like to see? All the charcters from The Walking Dead not in a world over run by zombies, just them before all that happened. OR Andrea and Shane actually leaving the group in Season 2.
8. Last song you listened to? Karmin’s cover to 6ft, 7ft.
9. Somewhere you visited that you would like to be again? New York City
10: Something you are proud of knowing how to cook? Oh I don’t know… chicken.
11. Strawberry or grape jelly? (If there is another, please tell) Both are good in my book.


  1. Favorite thing to do on a rainy day?
  2. Favorite kind of weather?
  3. What you dislike most about people?
  4. Favorite T.V. character?
  5. What is your favorite genera of music?
  6. Have you ever been to another country? If not, where would you like to go?
  7. A song that always makes you happy?
  8. Biggest pet peeve?
  9. Favorite band?
  10. Favorite T.V. show?
  11. What is the last movie you saw? Was it good?


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I need my babies to find each other. I don’t expect some crazy make out session…or any romance at all for that matter! I do expect them to see each other…share a look…and later help each other move on from what has happened…what they have had to do! Becuase that is who they are! He is her lobster!!

Runs off to find some new Caryl fanfiction….my feels need some healing

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