‘There were certain scripts in the beginning that had me taking drugs and saying racist lines. I fought not to say them. I wanted to have this kid grow up in a world of racism and drugs - the whole hillbilly-redneck thing - but have a slight chip on his shoulder about it, so he chooses not to say those things and not to take drugs. I wanted him to grow up and hate drugs. If he didn’t, he would have been just like his brother Merle. Instead I’m little brother Daryl, a kid who wants to stand on his own two feet. In terms of the fewer lines, I don’t think more necessarily equals a more popular, interesting character - there are certain people in the show who are the ‘storytellers’ as a result of the lines they speak. For others, their actions speak louder than words. Daryl is a man of few words.’


‘Even with photography and artwork, I’ve really liked having grotesque things and finding beauty in them. I’ve always been a fan of horror films and I like aggressive music and I like aggressive people—they all kind of were interesting to me. ‘

Happy 47th Birthday, Norman Mark Reedus [January 6, 1969]