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Please? Part Nine

This takes place around season 2, episode 5 when Daryl is taken down by his own arrow. He’s rushed to Hershel, needing help taking the arrow out of his side, but you aren’t able to see Daryl in this shape. Not until he calls for you, begging you to stay by his side.

(A/N; this was originally going to be the end of this story, but a lot of you seem to really like it. Shall I continue into season 3 or keep a season 2 thing?)

  1. Please?
  2. Please?
  3. Please?
  4. Please?
  5. Please?
  6. Please?
  • Daryl Dixon x Reader
  • 2080 words
  • Warnings: Language

Everyone is sitting in the living room, everyone is on edge. With the kid gone and with Shane’s gun, it was a scary thing to move. What if he came back and shot someone? What if he shoots Daryl? What if Shane shoots someone?

The thoughts swarm your mind, taking over as the time ticks by. It’s been almost two hours now since they have gone off into the woods. Not only Daryl, but Glenn and Shane, too. You will be heartbroken if Glenn doesn’t return to Maggie.

The door opens. You and Andrea jump to your feet and look over, seeing Daryl and Glenn hurry inside. They look around the room.

“Where they at?” Daryl asks, his eyes landing on you.

“It’s just you two. We haven’t seen the others.” Andrea says.

“There was a shot.” Daryl insists, still keeping his eyes on you.

You shrug a shoulder. “We haven’t left the house, Daryl. It wasn’t us…” Your heart starts to race and you feel your throat tighten. Rick may not have been your favorite person, but if he had been shot…

Daryl lets out a huff of air and stands in the middle of the room, his crossbow securely at his side. “We got us a problem. That boy? We think…” he pauses long enough to glance over at Glenn, who nods at him to continue. “He’s a walker now. Neck broke…. Somethin’ ‘bout their tracks ain’t right. He ain’t no tracker, neither of ‘em.”

“Please,” Lori walks over to Daryl, her big doe eyes pleading him. “Please go out there and find my husband and Shane, please.” She reaches out and takes Daryl’s shoulder.

For a moment, you see how uncomfortable Daryl is, having someone else touch him. Someone who was so rude to him before, now pleading for his help. The next second, he nods and assures her that he’ll find Rick and Shane.

He takes one more look at you before he and Glenn disappear out the door again, running off toward the gunshot everyone heard moments ago.

Andrea takes off after them, wanting to help. You want to, but you’re afraid of the angry yelling that will come from everyone, even Dale, if he were here. That was the only thing stopping you right now, the thought of Dale.

Lori rubs her face and hurries upstairs to check on Carl. You and Beth share a look of worry. You both feel it, the feeling of dread. It tightens in your stomach, clutching it hard and twisting with fury. You aren’t sure how you knew, how she knew, but something is not right.

“Fuck…” Daryl says from the front porch.

You, along with T-Dog, Carol, Hershel, and Maggie, rush to the door and see that Andrea, Glenn, and Daryl are all frozen in their tracks. This was the feeling. The feeling that everything is about to change.

Looking out into the field, you can hardly see them, but they are there. Shadows marching. At first, it looks like a few dozen bodies trailing toward the house. After staring, letting your eyes adjust, you see that there are not a few dozen, but a few hundred Walkers are heading straight for you.

“He’s gone!” The door flies open and Lori steps out. She looks at everyone’s faces. “Carl… He’s not in his room!” She panics. When she sees it, she’s frozen.

“I’ll get the guns.” Andrea runs off.

You look up at Daryl. He’s just standing there, holding his crossbow, not aiming it yet. You suppose they’re too far out to hit. “Daryl…” You mutter, walking beside him and taking your hand in his.

“Go inside with Lori.” He commands. It throws you off guard to hear him speak to you like that, so flatly, so…dead.

“I want to help.” You insist.


“Here!” Andrea brings over the bag of guns and ammo. She sits it down in the wicker chair and grabs her own, loading it quickly before she runs off again.

Maggie grabs a shotgun and throws one to Glenn. “Hope you’re a good shot.” She looks at him.

Glenn hesitates and looks at Daryl then Maggie. “This is insane…” He mutters.

“Y/N. Take Hershel inside. You two ‘n Lori should lock yourselves in the cellar.” Daryl lets go of your hand and points inside. “Safer.”

Hershel grabs a gun and looks at the man, his head held high. “This is my farm. I will go down with it, die here if that’s what happens.”

Daryl shrugs. “Inside.” He kisses your cheek quickly and hops over the railing, running off into the night, toward the horde of walkers.

They can’t kill all of them, it’s a waste of bullets. The best thing to do would be get in the vehicles and take off, come back when it was safe to get their things. That was all out the door with everyone separated.

You take a look in the bag and pull out a gun. It feels a little too big for you, the weight hurting your hand as you try to aim. It’s already loaded.

“Maggie!” Glenn shouts as he runs over to one of the cars. She grabs the keys and runs over.

“Let me help.” You run over with them. “I can help.”

“Can you shoot that thing?” Maggie pauses while Glenn gets in. “This may not be a good idea…”

“I want to help.” You grab the handle of the car and pull yourself into the back seat, settling in as Maggie and Glenn share a look.

No time to argue. They get in, Maggie driving off beside the RV, Daryl’s Bike, and Hershel’s truck. You all form together, driving in a line down the road to the barn which was now on fire, burning bright and warm. That must be where Rick and Shane were, if they made it out of the woods.

Maggie whips the car around and you and Glenn roll down your windows, aiming your weapons at the walkers that were heading toward whatever sound they could. Between the cars and the fire, they were scattering.

You try to get the feel of the gun before you take the safety off, which takes you an embarrassingly long time to figure out. You aim it and take your first shot, the gun throwing your hands back hard. You wince at the pain but it doesn’t seem to stay long, you don’t pay attention the more you shoot. The bullets just leave the barrel one at a time, hitting whatever stood in their way.

Maggie circles around them, coming to a sudden stop when the wall of bodies appears. She can’t make it through.

You roll your window up quickly before one of them reaches in.

“Go!” Glenn yells.

“I can’t…” Maggie’s breathing picks up and she starts to shake her head.

“Back up!” You look behind and there’s nothing except for the burning barn.

Maggie’s shoulders start to shake and she shifts her eyes over to Glenn’s. “Glenn, I—“

You scream as a walker hits your window. Maggie jumps and throws the car in reverse, hardly looking behind her as she races to get away from all the dead bodies.

It doesn’t take long before Glenn shouts that he’s out of bullets. He pulls himself back in the car and starts to reload, looking around, through the blood that covers the car already.

You’re looking for the others, seeing if you can find anybody, but they all seem to be in their own little world somewhere out there.

The night goes on in nothing but terror. This is a scene right out of one of your old horror movies, the ones you used to watch as a kid. Now, living them, you wonder why you liked them so much, especially those scenes, the big scenes, the scenes where no one makes it out alive.

The barn was almost totally engulfed in the flames, burning whatever or whoever remained inside. Walkers made their way to the house, breaking windows and doors open. There was no possible way to ever return, to call this place home again.

You don’t know if it’s a good or bad thing that you haven’t seen your friends, or Daryl. He was smart, he was brilliant, surely he found a way out and saved himself. A part of you wonders if he even tried to look for you before he left.

Glenn told Maggie to drive away, just drive away and not look back. There was no point in trying to kill the rest of them, there were far too many of them and not enough bullets. He agreed with you, once you told him you wished you all would have packed up and left. At least then you would know where everyone is.

It doesn’t get better as the night turns into morning. The worry of your friends is still there, the worry that none of them made it out alive. Maggie and Glenn remain quiet, probably having the same thoughts you were.


You can’t remember when, but at some point Glenn started driving and ran into Lori, T-Dog, and Beth in their own truck. Nobody stops, but Beth and Maggie wave to each other as Glenn passes and leads the way. It seems you are all in agreement to head to the highway where Sophia was lost.

The highway hasn’t changed since you were last here. It feels like none of that even happened, not the fight, not the loss of anyone. It all feels like some kind of dream…

You lift your head at the sound of a motorbike and spot Daryl just ahead, driving carefully down the stretch of road. Carol spins her head around when she hears the cars, nodding at you. A little pang of jealousy hits you as you watch her on the back of his bike.

As soon as Glenn stops the car, you jump out and fling yourself at Daryl, wrapping your arms around his neck, not wanting to let go of him ever again. He slips his arms around you, holding you to him. He’s a little hesitant on it at first, giving in when you cling onto him.

“You scared me…” He mumbles into your hair.

“Never leave my side.” You pull away with tears in your eyes. This is something good, it’s something that makes you both happy. The events of last night made you realize that it could all be gone in a snap of your fingers.

Daryl studies your face, chewing the inside of his cheek. He nods when Rick stands up and looks around, taking a headcount.


It was decided to keep going. After the loss of everyone, Rick and Daryl wanted to keep going, to keep people safe. It was too dangerous to stay on that highway, especially now.

You’re on the back of Daryl’s bike, holding onto him for dear life. It’s a great feeling to be there, to feel the wind licking your hair back, to have the road rumbling under the tires. This was different than any other vehicle, and you can’t imagine riding in a car ever again.

Daryl doesn’t seem too keen on letting you go, either. Even when Rick honks for him to pull over, he keeps you there, locked at his side with an arm around your shoulders. A few months ago, this would be too clingy for you. Now, you are relieved Daryl is that kind of man.

Rick and Lori walk off from the group while the others take points and watch for Walkers. You and Daryl stay near the cars, ready to hop on and drive off if anything were to happen. You had this talk before you drove off, promising to keep each other safe. You two had a plan.

“What do ya think?” Daryl whispers. “Sleep here?”

“I don’t like it.” You whisper back, looking up at him. “Maybe we should go on and leave.”

Daryl sighs. “Give ‘im a little more time. He’s a good guy.”

“Yeah…” You let your hands fall from Daryl’s neck. “A good guy who leads us into danger.”

Daryl reaches for you and holds you close to him. He shakes his head, his beard tickling your cheek. “Please, trust me.”

Please. The word sounds strange now. Hearing it makes your skin crawl because please was only said in an act of desperation, it was a sign of weakness.

Extra Time- Daryl Dixon

Plot/Request: Anon requested- “Can you do a Daryl x reader where the reader is bit and Daryl just wants to spend time with them before they’re gone so he doesn’t kill them yet. As they wait, the reader realizes nothing’s happening and they discover they’re immune”

Word count: 1680

Warnings: swearing, mentions of death/blood.

Note: honest to god, I fucking love getting messages and questions from you guys.. even if they’re not related to anything in particular. I just love knowing people actually care, uk? 


You walked along the empty street, nothing but a backpack accompanying you.  Even the backpack itself was almost empty, matching your eyes.

A run gone wrong, they would call it. But it was so much more than that. It hadn’t just gone wrong, it had been bitten, beaten and tired down. 

Just like you.

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Giddy- Norman Reedus

Plot/Request: Anon requested- “Can I get an imagine where the reader is part of the cast. She still gets giddy over her character and the fact that she’s on the show. The entire cast makes fun of her reactions to things,in a loving way. Her and Norman continually get asked if their characters will be paired together and how they feel about it. Norman’s continually playing pranks on her etc but the reader doesn’t think he could ever really like her like that?”

Word count:

fyi, your characters name is Leah :)


Originally posted by naichingerurojas

“Wow, that was…” 

“Intense?” You offered a speechless Chris. We motioned to you, nodding and repeating himself.

“Yes! That was intense. Heres your spoiler alert if you’re recording tonights show, time to mute or rewind. Five, four, three, two, one. You’ve been warned.” Chris spoke into the cameras, explaining the events of the episode. You looked to your left seeing Norman sitting with a leg crossed over on his lap. You gave him a soft smile, looking down to your lap and running your hands along your thighs. 

“So Norman, (Y/N), how was filming in such a tight space? Was there a lot of tension?” Chris winked. Your characters were well liked, and most shipped the pair– so the fans were ecstatic to see the two of them be stuck in a closet together. 

“Well it was tight,” Norman laughed, “But (Y/N)’s a great actor so she made it easy for me.” 

“So Leah and Daryl have been close for a while now. They share a lot of characteristics but are also very different. Uhhh, why do you think they work so well together?” Chris asked you both. You nervously laughed, and Norman stayed quiet for you to answer. 

“Umm,” You giggled again, a small blush overcoming your face. “I think that Leah and Daryl are just very complex. They’re so strong but they feel so much. I think that Leah sees a lot of herself in Daryl, but also recognizes that he’s his own person and will make his own decisions. She’s very opinionated, but Daryl seems to understand that and trusts her sense of judgement, which I think is extraordinary because these two characters who are so closed off, have bonded over their feelings.” You paused, sighing before glancing over to Norman who watched you with a large smile. 

“There’s a scene that mean so much to me in the upcoming episode, where we see the resolution of Daryl and Leah’s problem– with hiding in a closet with a herd of walkers just outside their door…” You collected your thoughts, continuing, “I think they work well together because they trust each other. There’s a deep bond between them and it’s really special….” You trailed off, glancing at Norman who was grinning largely right back at you. 

“Awhh, Norman’s a little love struck!” Chris teased, which in return made Norman curl into his own little ball of embarrassment. He blushed, as did you as Chris teased him further. “He’s so cute when he gets embarrassed.” 

The audience laughed and you all did with them. You leaned up against Norman’s side, holding his arm in a loving gesture. 

“Jeez, you’re talking about me when she’s all smiles discussing the apocalypse?” Norman laughed and you faked scoffed, “I’m only kidding.” He whispered, winking at you before turning back to Chris to continue the show.