reedus i hate you

Isn't there a reason why Daryl hasn't "settled down" yet?

Beth is dead.

Carol is (now) taken.

Jesus looks at him like he is his whole world.

Daryl stares at Jesus like he finally found his home.

willichl2015  asked:

Someone just messaged me on Instagram saying "sorry but I think I hate Norman Reedus now." I didn't even ask. I just declined the message. I don't know how you could hate Norman Reedus he's better than any other freaking actor. No offense to the ones you like.

I don’t get hating Norman at ALL! Dude legit doesn’t do anything to anybody! Whatever hate they have it’s some part of weird, gross crap and they got their own issues they need to work out.

Norman goes all out for fans! From the cons he does, sitting in his Jeep for hours on the side of the road after filming to sign fans stuff and meet them (for FREE!) being just a good dude all around. He has no ego, he isn’t mean… he’s a good man.

Also! People who go out of their way to say mean stuff like “I hate him now” are pathetic and simply looking for attention. Because you don’t have to like Norman! Fine! Then move along! Why try to make a scene?

Anyway… he’s awesome and he doesn’t need anyone like that being a “fan” anyway!