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FX: Thanks for your time today… It was an awesome event last night at Popcorn Taxi. After it wrapped up there were a plethora of gifts thrown your way and we guess that happens a lot. What do you do with all the fan art?
Norman Reedus: I keep a lot of it- sometimes if it is stuffed animals and stuff, like in Georgia, the day that we wrapped they put out a huge box, for an orphanage, so I like quadrupled their box with stuffed squirrels and stuff. But a lot of times with gifts, I will take a picture of them and put them up on a blog as a thank you, and tweet the blog so people can see their stuff. I figure if someone paints a picture, the least I can do is put it on a blog. But yeah I keep it.


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Norman Reedus: Saturday Night Live is the funniest show ever

Walking Dead star Norman Reedus reveals his favourite TV shows to Metro – with South Park and Saturday Night Live high on the list.

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South Park

I loved this right from the beginning because there was no limit to what the writers would do, they’d take anything on. They got away with saying stuff that human actors could never have got away with. And Cartman is dope.

Saturday Night Live

This is the funniest show ever. Growing up in the US, it was the show everybody watched. It’s good now but it was best when it had John Belushi as the Samurai Chef. He didn’t need any lines to be hilarious, he’d just chop the s*** out of stuff. It cut me up.

Mad Men

I love the old silver fox Roger Sterling (played by John Slattery). He just thinks something and says it, and it comes out exactly right. Great clothes, too. Mad Men and Breaking Bad are really cool shows.

My favourite TV character

That has to be Billy Jack (played by Tom Laughlin). He was a film character, but the films were on TV all the time in America when I was a kid. He was this loner guy that wandered from town to town and never said a word – just did his thing, shooting those who deserved shooting. And he wore a really cool denim jacket. I had to get a jacket just like his.

February 7, 2013