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Your thoughts on caryl after c@rzekiel spoilers?I always liked your answers because they used to be mostly positive ones but I'm just not sure if there's some positivity left about the whole thing now :/

Hi, Nonny, 

I think more details should and will come out about the spoiler between now and when 9.01 premieres on AMC. (read under the cut) 

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Personally I'm really relaxed when it comes to Caryl (not) going canon... like, I'd love it if they ended up together ofc but I'm also fine with them not being a couple. But that promo picture, man. It's the first official look at S8 and they could have had anyone in that picture (Rick?? The main character??) and yet they chose Daryl and Carol together. Why AMC?? Stop playing with my heart. I'm probably reading too much into this but I can't help but hope they're hinting at Caryl going canon.

i know exactly what you mean because i feel the exact same way. at the moment, i’m really not into the show anymore and of course i want it, BUT it doesn’t make much difference to me if they ever become a couple in canon because to me they already are totally in love and married and together forever. they are also already part of pop culture that cannot be erased from tv history. they just are. plus i’m certain the writers would look back and regret never taking a chance on them after the show is over. but it hasn’t been canceled yet (lol), so there’s hope. 

tbth i think that caryl promo doesn’t mean much at all when it comes to the show, besides tptb knowing what sells, that they want people to tune in and carol and daryl are possibly their most controversial and iconic duo so perfect to promote their 100th episode. 

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Why do you believe Caryl is endgame? I respect your opinion. So I'm curious to learn your reasoning. I'm sorry if you have answered a question like this before. I have read other posts of yours about the ship, but I don't recall you answering this exact question.

HI, Nonny, thanks for the question. 

If you go through my archives, I tend to comment on this, but I don;t think I have ever done a “here’s why I think Caryl is endgame” post.  So here it is, under the cut.

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could you make more older!jon, but alone, and when in NYU please?? :)

sure!! (FC: norman reedus)
so here older!jonathan, around 20/22 years old in new-york, studying art and photography at the NYU –and breaking many hearts ;)

(and of course, even in NY, he still has issues with gouvernment secret plans & monsters from other dimensions ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

i hope you like them anon :D

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There's something that's been bothering me. I think NR loves MMB and admires her as an actress, but I got this weird, sad feeling that maybe NR doesn't like Carol, the character. Did you get that impression? It wasn't the "beautiful monster" comment, or, at least, not that entirely...

Hi there my anonymous friend,

Thank you for your message and for trusting me with your question. I tried my very best to answer this in a way that’s helpful because I know a few other people were a tad bit concerned about this as well.

Now I am absolutely not the best person to ask about anything specific regarding the actor Norman Reedus because I haven’t exactly followed his career all that closely prior to TWD and only know the basic facts about him in general BUT I did do my homework on this so hopefully this will be useful to you.
If anyone else would like to add anything positive or constructive please don’t hesitate to hijack and comment on this.

There is no doubt that Norman Reedus and Melissa McBride are close, long-time friends AND we know that they have a lot of respect and love for each other.
We also know that Norman in particular admires Melissa’s acting skills, as we’ve heard him single out her performance season after season and has gone on record several times to say that she was his favourite actress on TWD. He’s also been very vocal and open about the fact that Melissa makes HIM a better actor and that their off-screen friendship allows him to be more vulnerable and more expressive in their scenes together. He has gone as far as saying that she makes him look good in a scene.
Norman’s accolades of those CARYL scenes have proven to be more than accurate because Carol and Daryl’s chemistry on screen allows them to play off of each other in a way that both elevates their performance and at the same time seems to enhance the emotional impact of the scene in question. 

The critics have obviously noticed too because “Consumed”, an episode starring just the two of them, has been hailed as one of the most resonating in the series. 

Instant award buzz!

The success of the work they’ve done “together” and the sheer number of scenes they’ve been given indicates that Normans sentiments about Daryl and Carol interacting, has to be positive and especially because we hear HIM praising their dynamic together over-and-over again. 

While he isnt pushing the romance angle, I think he likes Carol and Daryl together in any capacity because it really is a dynamic that brings out the best of both characters.
I am not going to debate whether or not Daryl loves Carol because that notion has been repeatedly proven canonically on screen (albeit undefined) so I am assuming your concern is about Norman’s personal opinion on the kind of character Carol has become or grown into.

To answer your question with some degree of accuracy I took a look at a few interviews where Norman discussed the kind of characters he likes playing and likes watching throughout his career in general.
The GQ article from 2014 gave me the most insight.

I’ve really liked having grotesque things and finding beauty in them. I’ve always been a fan of horror films and I like aggressive music and I like aggressive people—they all kind of were interesting to me….
I like dark things. I like reasons why things are dark, you know….
You know, I get quoted a lot for saying “I like it when devils cry and angels stab you in the back.” I really find that more interesting than “I’m a big bad wolf and I’m just gonna be a big bad wolf the whole time.” I think it’s more interesting to see that wolf cub turn into a bad wolf, you know?” (X)

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Hi there anonymous friends,

Thank you for your questions! I hope you guys don’t mind but since both of your messages were relatively the same and asking the same question, I decided to combine my response to avoid clogging people’s dashes with the same information over and over again.
I hope you can understand!

It seems like both of you are maybe “reading” Norman and Melissa’s response to the question a little differently but I can assure you - their reaction was not “reserved” or aloof or uncomfortable or tired.

Us Magazine (March 30, 2015) described it like this;

“Carol and Daryl, to Be or Not to Be?
Could a possible romance be simmering between America’s oddest yet most lovable not-quite-a-couple? 
The people — or at least a very specific group of vocal fans online — want to know! 
We didn’t get a definitive answer to this fan-posed question, but we did get some very cute, touches, nods and winks by McBride and Reedus, who definitely know what you people want.”

When Chris Hardwick asked the CARYL shipping question, I saw both Melissa and Norman first act a tad bashful about it, then they both teasingly tried to pass the question to the other and ultimately ended it with a flirty-teasing, and playful caressing gesture where Norman seemed to gently touch the side of Melissa’s face and/or ear…

Chris Hardwicks comment was: "Did you get that on camera? They were, they were gently touching each other’s faces…I hope you didn’t go full screen on…”

The way I personally saw it as playful way of answering the question by not answering it at the same time. I was glad they did it that way simply because there was so much trolling done in the past that ignited shipping conflicts all over the place and seeing how it’s not like they can actually answer the question truthfully, it’s probably better to be left as is. Norman and Melissa are not allowed to answer questions that deal with romantic interests or death in any sort of concrete way so the question is in essence wasted on them since the only ones that know the full TRUTH would be the writers themselves. Unfortunately they are not talking.

Another factor to consider is that Melissa has expressed concern about the shipping wars and has made a point to avoid questions like that, HOWEVER Norman usually addresses the questions with the a variation of the same thing "against a tree…, no game, never say never”. The fact that he didn’t answer the question can be taken as a sign of respect because he as Melissa’s close friend would know she is sensitive when it comes to negativity that could arise from giving an answer….any answer.

The last to consider is that YES - the CARYL question is literally the one constant that gets brought up in almost every interview they EVER give out….and yes it’s happened for years and years (hence the repetitive quotes, which always amount to the basic ‘never say never’ message). The CARYL questions need to be directed more towards the script writers and not the actors playing them out because unfortunately the negativity that arises from the disappointed parties, is almost always directed at them first and foremost.

With that being said - there’s no real clear cut answer I can give you about what their reaction really meant BUT luckily for us the actors reaction or personal desire for a specific ship or the lack of one is not the thing that matters for the storyline. Neither Norman or Melissa have the final say when it comes to CARYL canon or no canon - Scott Gimple and his writers team are the ones that make decisions like that and seeing how CARYL continues getting closer and continues being relevant season after season, I think the odds just might be in our favour at some point…We have to wait and see!

I hope that helped!

CARYL On My Lovelies - The Best Is Yet To Come!