reedus and weep

“Brother let me be your shelter
Never leave you all alone
I can be the one you call
When you’re feeling low
Brother let me be your fortress
When the night winds are driving on
Be the one to light the way
Bring you home”


A thrice weekly spotlight of a Reeduslut member! We will pick at random and send you a short questionnaire, you need to reply asap to be put up as our spotlighted slut! A way to say thank you back to our followers!



What would you say is your favorite Norman Reedus film and why?

My favorite Norman film is The Boondock Saints. I love it because of his Irish accent, it’s everything I want in a film, I love that it’s about two brothers that kill criminals.

How does it feel to be one of the foremost gif-makers in the Reedus fandom?

First I made the gifs for fun but then I saw how many people love my gifs and I kept making them for my followers and for the fandom. I’m very happy with how my gif skills have gotten better.

How long have you been a fan of Mr. Reedus?

I have been a fan since The Walking Dead. Not many of his films are popular to everyone, I’m glad that I watch The Walking Dead and discovered this wonderful man. Ever since season 1 of The Walking Dead I’ve been trying to watch most of his movies.

What is your favorite image/gif of Norman?

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So today is the 2nd anniversary of reedusgif (former nonormynolife) and a good day to express my appreciation to you all. Two years ago I was all alone, no friends, no followers, and now I’m so blessed and thankful to have my precious pals that I can fangirl with, share my feelings with, talk about anything and nothing with. Here’s my follow forever. Some of them are my old buddies who have brightened my everyday with posts and their sweetness for almost two years, some are my new friends who have brought fresh excitement, and every single one of them is an amazing and unforgettable treasure. Thank you for being awesome and with me! (my extra thanks and love to the friends/blogs in bold)

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Daryl never understood how anyone could love him this much. She was patient, caring and generous with her time and kisses. She even liked to verbally remind him of her affection every night, though Daryl had yet to reply to her declarations of love. He had hoped that his actions would speak louder than words. But after seeing the disappointment and fear in her eyes grow every time he left her voiced affection unanswered, he realised that sometimes certain words needed to be said.  

Truth be told, Daryl also never thought he could love anyone this much but no one had ever made him feel as she did. Though Daryl knew exactly what he wanted to say, he somehow found himself unable to put it into words. 
“I …,” The Hunter struggled, wishing he was better at telling her how he felt. "You mean the world to me, ya know that right?“ He finally spoke up after a minute of thinking. 
She smiled at him, happy with the alternative he offered. "I love you too.”

[Gifcredit to reedus-and-weep]

Tale ‘Dumb Bitch’

“I need him just as much as he needs me,” she reasoned with Daryl, biting her bottom lip in self-doubt and confusion as she herself did not even believe what she was saying.
The Hunter sighed in frustration, hearing her cling onto such an abusive man. “No, ya don’t. Ya really don’t need him. I don’t know what bullshit he has imprinted in that pretty little head of yours. But you don’t need him,” Daryl took in a deep breath before continuing, “You need someone who wants to take care of you for once,” he said, placing his hand next to her head. She immediately felt ten inches smaller with him mounting over her.
“But he’s the only one who likes me for me,” she muttered, standing there motionless as she struggled to take in the man leaning over her. Her hands grabbing the bottom of his T-shirt to keep her balance. 
“Ya dumb bitch,” he mumbled, his eyes flicking to her lips. “Ya really are a dumb bitch if you think that’s true,” Daryl said, the mole above his lip dancing with the movement of his tongue. Not put off by the look of shock on her face, he leaned in even closer up to the point she could feel his uneven breath tickling her cheek. “I can’t see anything I don’t like about ya.” 

[Gifcredit to reedus-and-weep]