“Ethan! EVAN!”

“Honestly, Rabbit! We didn’t do it-”

“And if we did, you can’t prove it!”

“The Tweedles blew the circuits.”

“…What makes you think we blew them, Han?”

“Stuart House is glowing with webs upon webs of Christmas lights.”


“Stuart House is glowing blue and gold.”


“It’s freaking September!”

“Ethan, Evan. Where are you?”

“Why do you need to know, dear Rabbit?”

“So I can smack you upside the head with Chaz’s bat." 

”…He passed it down to you!?“

"Of cou-”



“Reed. Don’t move…how much have you fallen already?”

“…Does bashing my head into the wall count?”

“Reed! Reed, where are you- whoa!" 



"I’m okay…the oak table totally caught my fall. Ow.”

“What happened to your coordination, man?”

“Well, I can’t see- Wes? Is that you?" 

"Yep. What the hell did the twins do? David and I were in the middle of a Halo tagteam-”

“They blew our power.”

“Doing wha- OUCH! Is that you, Shane?" 


“….Dwight. Put the crossbow down. We’re all human souls here." 


"The demon spawn blew our power again?”


“Blaine? Bla- EEP!" 


"Hello Alice! So nice of you to drop in!”

“What happened to the lights?" 


“Oh. Who was that I just bumped into?”


"Me who?”


“Oh. I knew it was someone tall." 

"Can we try to find the generators? Or steal them from Han?”


"Okay…no stealing them from the Caterpillar, then.”

“Come on. Help me try to find flashlights." 

"Sure thing, Blaine- OOF!”


“What was that, Reed?”

“What’d you fall over.”

“Not a big deal…just…Shane." 

"Alright, let’s go. Flashlights…lightsabers…glowsticks….anything you can find that produces light.”


“You know if we were dealing with the Red Queen-”

“He’d have our heads for this?”

“You read my mind, ‘Dee." 

So iopenattheclose- was trying to be not really subtle and hinting that I should make a Reed papercraft after asking if I’ve read Dalton (I’ve read something around the first half, I think), and I mentioned how I’d personally love to draw Reed sometime. After not much prompting, that sometime became tonight. So, here’s Reed for ya, dear. I swear, curly hair is harder to draw than the Dalton logo.

“Obviously you fancy me.” Shane cast the shorter boy a glance, the corners of his lips lifting just slightly as he gestured towards the whole of him. His tone hadn’t been sarcastic or arrogant…somehow, he seemed genuine, almost amused.

Reed looked back at him, unsure of how to reply to the sudden statement. He opened his mouth slowly, murmuring, “O…Obviously…?”

“Obviously, meaning very evident.” The dark-haired boy answered, laughing. “And, well,” He caught the strawberry-blond’s eye and winked.

“I obviously fancy you.”

“W-What?” Reed’s cheeks flushed almost instantly as he stared at him. “B-But…” He stammered. “You can’t just say that!”

“Ah.” Shane grinned. “But I just did!”

Reed’s eyes flickered away, the blush on his cheeks, if even possible, deepening a little. 

“I-I don’t know how to react to that…” He whispered, pulling his scarf further up his face to hide his red cheeks by an inch.

Shane sighed. “It’s alright.” Straightening his back, he turned to leave. “See you.”

“W-Wait!” Reed’s hand shot out, taking hold of the dancer’s wrist. “Wait…” Startled by his own actions, he squeaked, immediately loosening his grip.

“Hm?” Shane glanced back.

Reed bit his lip. “Umm…” He said timidly. “Don’t leave yet…just because I said I don’t know how to react doesn’t mean…”

He took a deep breath. 

“It doesn’t mean that I don’t want you around.”

Silence hung over the two for a split second, before Shane began smiling again.

“So I’ll be seeing you around, yes?”