The song came to an end. And the Warblers burst into the loudest applause of the day yet, with Blaine, Kurt and even Logan, applauding along with everyone else. They cheered and threw music sheets. “Damn, Reed, good job! Yeah! Way to go, Reed! Encore, encore!”

Reed stood in the middle of it all, looking as though he were about to cry, smiling up at them. The Windsor boys descended on him, grabbing him into hugs and patting his shoulders heavily. Reed just laughed, shaking his head.

—  Dalton, Episode 10; CP Coulter

Logan: You can address me as “Eagle One”.

Logan: Blaine! Codename is: “Been there, done that”.

Logan: Julian is “Currently doing that”.

Logan: Reed is “It happened once in a dream”.

Logan: Merril is “If I had to pick a chick”.

Logan: And Derek is…..“Eagle Two”.

Derek: Oh, thank god.

inspired by this.

No!” Reed glared at him—and failed, to emotionally shaken. He felt tears sting his eyes as he glared up at the boy in the glasses. “He chose me, Micah! I barely—I barely had a say in this! I didn’t expect this to happen to me ever. I’ve never ever had anything like this in my life and I never ever thought I even deserved it. But it’s different now. I can’t let you be in the way and I don’t care if you were there first! I don't—I don’t want to lose Shane. I can’t. I can’t lose Shane. I just…can’t.

Reed Van Kamp


Title- Rainstorm

Characters- Reed Van Kamp, Shane Anderson

Summery- Reed and Shane get caught in the rain

Warnings- Sheer amounts of fluff. And my inability to write.

Reed left the library, and walked down the path back to Windsor. He’d gotten so caught up in his research of Monet for his art history essay; he hadn’t noticed the sky growing darker as thick storm clouds rolled in quickly. After another glance at the sky, Reed picked up his pace, hurrying faster than he really knew he should. He was too focused on getting back before the rain; he was not really paying much attention till he felt his feet start to slide out from underneath him. He braced himself for impact, but he never hit the ground.

Instead, he found himself in a pair of strong, familiar arms, inches from the ground. “Hey! You okay?” Shane asked, his grey green eyes filled with concern.

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Dwight, carrying a massive rucksack full of “weapons” and ingredients, came down the hall. He said to Reed, “Shane’s waiting for you downstairs, trying to get people to get you to talk to him. I swear to Castiel, he’s morphosed into some kind of sex demon and it’s not boding well for the team when it’s working even for me.”
—  CP MOTHERFUCKING COULTER (I’m rereading Dalton and I just love everything)

See I’d assume that one of the reasons why Shane loves to make out with Reed is the size difference. Because although Shane isn’t really broad shouldered and bulky, he is pretty ripped because of his dancing. Especially compared to Reed, who’s this tiny, petite, pixie of a boy.

So Shane loves it when he can just press Reed into a wall, pull his legs around his waist and hitch him up the wall. He loves the way his body completely covers Reed’s and how he can feel Reed’s fingers clutching his shirt and Reed’s heels pressing into the small of his back.

And when Shane stumbles backwards and lands on the bed, he can pull Reed on top of him, one hand wound around his waist and one curled around his thigh. And he can pull Reed so close that there’s no space in between them and he can grind his hips up into Reed’s and revel in the way that Reed trembles and rests his head on Shane’s shoulder.

And Shone loves the way he can nibble the sensitive skin just below Reed’s ear and how Reed squeaks at first but then it turns into a moan. Then he suddenly has a lapful of squirming Reed that he doesn’t know what to do with but he figures getting them both naked is a pretty good start.