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The Strectum

We’re watching The Supersizers and Sue Perkins at one point says “YOU STUCK YOUR ANUS INTO MY FORCEFIELD.”

copperbadge: I love Sue Perkins
Snowytumble: please keep your anus out of my forcefield
KnottaHooker: new blog title!
ladyshadowdrake: Someone needs to sneak that into a fic
scifigrl47: Tony would say that to Reed. No question.
copperbadge: Tony wouldn’t bother with the politeness of anus. "YOU STUCK YOUR STRETCHY RECTUM INTO MY FORCEFIELD"
copperbadge: YOUR STRECTUM
KnottaHooker: SAM NO
copperbadge: When Reed wants to really freak Tony out he stretches his butt way out and uses it to type with
lexrhetoricae: sam.
scifigrl47: Okay.
Snowytumble: ack Sam
artzbots: sam
lem0ncakes: sam why
copperbadge: Remember I am the one who thinks Reed Richards is the best lover in the Marvel universe. Because why else on earth would Sue stay with him? He’s a MONSTER in the sack.
artzbots: he can stretch to fit?
copperbadge: Reed gets 45wpm with his butt cheeks


Greater Painted-snipe (Rostratula benghalensis)

…a species of Painted-snipe (Rostraulidae) that occurs in parts of Africa, India, Pakistan and Southeast Asia. Like most waders greater painted-snipe are typically found close to marshes, ponds, swamps, reed beds, streams, and other wet areas. They feed mainly on aquatic insects, crustaceans, molluscs and occasionally seeds which are obtained by probing through mud. Greater painted-snipe are fairly shy and secretive, typically seen close to/in vegetation either solitary or in small groups.


Animalia-Chordata-Aves-Charadriiformes-Rostratulidae-Rostratula-R. benghalensis

Images: Charles Lam and J.M. Garg


The above are my five favourite photographs of 2015, selected for the Gray-Card end of year extravaganza

They may not be the most popular shots I’ve taken and posted, but they each conjure a pleasant memory for me and that feels like as good a selection criteria as any.

1. Stanpit Marsh, Mudeford, June 2015 – the marshes make up 65 hectares of reeds, streams and grasses at the entrance to the natural harbour at Christchurch. Often flooded, the marshes have wooden walkways dotted amongst the overgrowth. It was here, jumper wrapped around my head in lieu of a sun-hat, that I spent a heady afternoon taking snap-shots of passing boats, dodging ponies and helping fishermen pass the time (mostly by retrieving their unattended gear from said ponies).  

2. River Stour, Christchurch, March 2015 – I was incredibly lucky to happen across the river at low tide, the light just starting to drift westwards, and these three clustered together in the black waters.  I grew up in the area and it is only through taking up photography that I feel like I’ve really got to know it properly. It is for moments like this I keep returning.

3. Barrington Court, Illminster, October 2015 – I joined the National Trust this year, a cause and organisation I care more and more about each time I visit a different site. I have ended up on secluded beaches and ageing estates that would have entirely passed me by without it and I have it to thank for some incredibly fun photographic adventures over the past few months. The statues dotting the gardens at Barrington Court were great subjects to linger over, but I could have chosen a dozen shots from the day.

4. The Solent, Bournemouth, December 2015 – regular visitors may have noticed I take a lot of shots of the seascapes along the Dorset coast. What can I say? I’m incredibly lucky to have these vistas on my doorstep and am just annoyed work precludes me from making the dawn sunrise a daily photo. The winter is always great for conjuring almost unreal palettes in the sky and it sometimes feels like I’m cheating a little when photographing it – it being almost impossible to take a poor shot. 

5. Millhams Street, Christchurch, October 2015 – this last one I’ve chosen simply because I’m rather proud of it. It was entirely spur of the moment and is testament to what photography has done to my walking patterns – it has been a while since I could walk down a street in a straight line with camera in hand, instead meandering left and right as my eye takes me. Autumn is a wonderful season and this year has been the first in four that I’ve been able to enjoy it fully, having finished off the last of my professional exams – the colours were great to take shots of and I can only apologise for the number of leaf/leaf-on-ground variants I posted between October and November.

Where else can I be found?: for more in this vein I can be found on tumblr in two places – my own photography blog, and my personal/reblogging blog which predates the first (so don’t be surprised if you get a follow from there) and is home to a huge array of photo journalism, original photography and selected mutterings from yours truly. Flickr is also a thing and I welcome all correspondents on that site too.  

I love this hobby of mine; it takes me places I would never have dreamed of visiting and little by little, as the archives continue to grow, I can feel myself getting tugged deeper into it.

Thanks for reading, thanks for following and thanks again to @gray-card for putting this together.