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Photo: Ishmael Reed in 2015. (Rommel Demano/Getty Images)

Happy 79th birthday to author, poet and activist Ishmael Reed! Reed is known for his satire and political and social commentary. His 1976 novel Flight to Canada tells the story of three slaves on the run, and his 1972 novel Mumbo Jumbo was a National Book Award finalist. Check him out, you guys!

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gosh i look back at old scenes with allison and lydia and i just think of how allison would be so so so unbelievably happy for lydia that she finally knows what it feels like to actually genuinely be in love she would be the proudest best friend ever and she would probably be the #1 stydia shipper wow i miss their friendship.

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12 Days of Teen Wolf: Day 5 - most memorable cold moment

“You guys were out a long time,“ 

"How long is a long time?”

 "16 hours,“

Lunar Eclipse (3x12)

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Which Marvel hero would thrive best in the DCU? Conversely, which DC hero would achieve their potential best in 616 Marvel? The same goes for villains - a DC put into Marvel and vice-versa.

I don’t know how well any of them would work thematically in each other’s universes, but in terms of personal success? Booster Gold would make a killing in the Marvel Universe, Reed Richards would be delighted and fascinated by all the weird stuff in the DCU, Lex Luthor would basically be god at Marvel, and to the extent he still counts as a villain, Loki might appreciate getting as close as he’d ever have to a fresh start at DC. All of these are pretty much off the top of my head, so I’m sure I’m forgetting plenty of people, but this is as good as I’ve got out of a couple minutes thinking about it.

Behind the Scenes at The Princess Collection Photo Shoot: Part One

Now that The Princess Collection has been released, check out these behind the scenes goodies from the photo shoot!!

Primpin’ and posin!’

Ariana DeBose: “I love this (GGG) community for a couple of reasons because we celebrate the strength of these princesses. They overcome a lot of obstacles, they teach lessons of determination and perseverance, and doing the right thing over doing the easy thing, which are all lessons which I think are really important right now. And everyone’s so warm and lovely in an industry that is filled with rejection, it’s a community that really embraces you, embraces other women.”

SO many selfies!! 

Carrie St. Louis: “I really love Mulan. I think that she’s not your typical princess. She has the best songs, she kicks butt, her sidekick is amazing. She’s just my favorite! What do I love about the Gagged line? I mean, everything! It’s so cute, and it’s so fun to see all of these awesome women that I love and admire and respect all working together on something so cool.”

Stay tuned for MORE behind the scenes content NEXT WEEK! 

Scallisaac: Allison Argent’s Side of the Story

Scott McCall.  My first love, the boy with the puppy dog eyes and the crooked jaw line.  The boy who’s hand fit perfectly in mind, our fingers linking in between each other’s so perfectly.  We’d met at a young age, and fell in love so quickly.  It was scary, but in a way, the entire time I felt safe.  Seeing that we both went through these feelings together for the first time.  Through the obstacles of a new town, supernaturals, my parents, Scott being a werewolf, Jackson, lacrosse, the list went on and on- we never really fell out of love.  In fact, it might have just grown.  

Even when things were tough, and our relationship had to be more secretive than I would’ve liked.  Matt me… yeah that happened.  Jackson becoming a stupid lizard (which I found comically ironic), Lydia low key losing her mind, my grandfather beating the shit out of my friends.  Not to forget that he manipulated me, and turned me against my friends and loved ones.  It means something when your father, who hates your werewolf boyfriend, befriends your werewolf boyfriend.

Breaking up with Scott was single handedly the hardest thing I ever did.  I knew it wouldn’t last, I’d done it in hopes of getting back together with him.  Taking some time off in France, just carefree and having no worries about the town I left behind for the summer was a good choice for me, and gave me time to really think about where I wanted to go with my future.  And I definitely saw being with Scott in my future.

That first day back at school junior year hit me like a brick to the head.  As soon as I’d slumped next to Lydia’s locker, tightly holding onto my books, I’d wished I’d taken up on my father’s idea of staying home.  Maybe I’d needed more time.  See, the longer I listened to hearing Lydia’s plans for her high school career, and then further, even listing off colleges she’d started applications too, the bigger the knot in my stomach became.  All I’d done was think about Scott.  When I was supposed to just be thinking about my future.  Like my genius strawberry blonde headed friend had done.  Though soon enough, as we realized out days of fighting the supernatural weren’t as over as we’d thought, new problems began to occur.

Not that falling for the curly blonde haired boy by the name Isaac Lahey was really a problem.  Not until you factored in the fact that he was becoming closer friends with Scott by the days at least.  Lydia told me to go for it, well actually she’d said a piece of meat is a piece of meat Allison.  Which in the human language, meant that it shouldn’t matter.  But it did.  Scott wasn’t just a boyfriend, he wasn’t a fling, he was a lover.  We’d lost our virginity to each other, that’s not really ‘no big deal’ (as Lydia had also said).  But it’s not like Isaac and I were having sex (Lydia: eye sex Allison.  Penetrates just as good as- me: i get it!) there was really just low key flirting here and there.  It was mindless and easy.

But the day that I got locked in that stupid closet with him, was a make or break moment.  It ended up being both.  Starting as make, having a feeling of forgiveness and friendliness in the air.  This was pre door lock.  Post door lock was when the real shit happened.  I hadn’t missed the short look of fury on Scott’s face when he’d gotten us out.  He’d replaced it just as quickly as I noticed it, to one of concern.

Concern for both Isaac and I.  Both.

Yes, I was well aware of the way the boys looked at each other.  Oblivious to my own feelings, yes I try to be.  But oblivious to the world around me? Hell no! Especially when my whole world was this makeshift pack that we’d seemed to find ourselves in.  And the second Isaac began taking seats next to Scott at the lunch table, and vice versa, my interest was peaked.  Of course I wanted what was best for Scott, even if that wasn’t me.  I mean, he’d said himself that he knew we’d be together, that didn’t mean right away.  These things take time.  More time than I’d originally been thinking…perhaps.  Isaac moving in with with Scott definitely had caught my ear the second Isaac had complained about the McCall guest bed.  I’d asked right away what that was all about, and the pale boy gave me a somewhat guilty.  He stuttered an apology, but I’d shook my head, simply saying that he could stay at my father and I’s apartment as well.

Though staying at the McCall house with the both of them was an idea in the back of my mind that didn’t seem to go away.  Cooking in the kitchen with them, the three of us cuddling up on the couch to watch a movie, passing the bowl of popcorn around.  And for some unknown reason, the idea of laying in Scott’s bed, pressed into Scott’s back with Isaac’s arms wrapped around me, had been plaguing my thoughts.  When I’d gone to Lydia about this, (after much consideration, her past advice ended in winks that made me shudder and regret my life’s decisions) she actually hesitated before giving me an answer.  Her lips pursed, eyes thoughtful as she stopped typing on her laptop to look at me.  Immediately indicating that I was in deep shit.  A problem that the Lydia Martin couldn’t solve in a snap?

Man was I screwed.

Maybe if I hadn’t started to have sexy dreams about Isaac.  Maybe then I wouldn’t be thinking about what the three of us could have.  And somewhere along the lines, on a late night working on this Nogitsune problem we’d had, I had hastily decided to just pull my shirt over my head.  Maybe there were events leading up to my action, but it happened without regrets.  Even seeing him in school the next day, things went on as normal.  Even though in that moment the previous night, I easily would’ve jumped on him.  Pretty sure I could say the same for Isaac too.  I mean, he was the first one to take off his shirt.

But after that, the development stayed at it’s normal pace.  Simple flirting with Isaac, building up my best friendship with Scott.  Nothing ever went any further, though there were nights when I would think, Allison, it’s time.  But I was actually quite content with how things were.  Especially with the stressful and hectic conflicts that Beacon Hills was facing.  Thousand year old Japanese spirits were sort of taking up all of my attention, so a boyfriend(s) wasn’t really my top priority.  It was a close second.  But again, I was pretty happy.  I was in an honest to Deaton good place.  I had great friendships around me, which only grew.  Though Stiles’ smartass comments, and Lydia’s… whatever you called her relationship with Aiden, it was manageable.  I’d even made the high honor roll twice throughout the year, while still getting target practice on the heads of Onis by night (Lydia called me her everyday superhero).  Kira, our new pixie looking kitsune friend, was a lovely addition to our pack.  She worried me at first, seeing how she knew so much about our… situation.  But she turned out to be a super badass, yet sweet girl.  I kind of wish I could’ve gotten to know her better without the jealousy biased view I had towards Scott.

But again, I was pretty happy.  I had my boys, Scott, Isaac, Stiles, (Derek here and there, but I still don’t believe he ever forgave me for that one thing..).  And my girls, my bestie Lydia, who I would go into war for if someone merely looked at her wrong.  And now Kira.  I had to admire the way she’d swing around that katana, an image of of pure grace, and quite frankly beauty.  I’m especially happy with where my dad and I were at.  One point in our lives, we’d been nothing but secretive liars, his paternal relationship with me seemingly toxic, and there was a time where I thought I’d never fix that.  But there we were, utterly proud of each other, through everything our family had endured.  We were at our strongest.  We all were.

In the end, I was happy with the way that the events of my time with my friends, my family, had played out.

collab with my best gals @taegdcl1018, who wrote Scott’s part of the fic
and @skylars-little-world, who wrote Isaac’s part of the fic.


tried something different, but it was a smack to the face of inspriration so I sat and did it all for ye.
xoxo ~ jordie

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Siempre que veo a los Guardas caminar de aquí para allá.. no sé, me siento un poco más segura. Sisi, aparte que algunos son dulces a la mirada, jaja —mujeres en DownTown.

La Guarda da todo de sí para mantenernos tan a salvo como sus facultades se los permiten.

¿Dulces a la mirada? De forma bastante curiosa podemos decir que el club de fans de estos caballeros y dama, tiene bastante opciones.

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This little mummy (also known as Aaron Reed) turns into a toddler! 

This is always the point when I zoom in very close to the child’s face to see whose features they’ve inherited. Aaron, just like his older brother, looks to have gotten their mother’s eyes. Which are, maxis townie eyes, aka HUGE. I hope it won’t turn out too bad! Also the nose is definitely from their mother!